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The fog light and the rear fog light

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The fog lights improve visibility in poor visibility conditions. They shine forward.
It is different from the rear fog light. It shines bright red toward the rear.

When may I switch on the fog lights?

You should switch on the fog lights not only in fog but generally in poor visibility conditions. This means also during the day when it is snowing or raining and on dark narrow or winding country roads in order to better illuminate the edge of the road.

You may use the fog lights in combination with the parking lights or low beam. However, you are not allowed to use them as an alternative to daytime running lights, as you can dazzle other drivers.

what is a fog lightsWhen am I allowed to switch on the rear fog light?

  • If the visibility is only 50 meters, you may drive at a maximum of 32 miles per hour
  • The rear fog light can be very blinding if you switch it on in good visibility conditions.

How do I switch on fog lights or rear fog lights?

The light switch for the fog lights and the rear fog light is usually two-stage.

Turn the light switch to the sign for the low beam. If you then pull the switch out one step, the fog lights come on. The sign lights up green. If you pull the switch out a second step, the rear fog light also comes on. The yellow symbol appears.

Fog lamps for your car:

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