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When it comes to driving at night, the headlights you use are by far the most important safety aspect of your vehicle. Regardless of whether you can see where you are going or whether other road users can see you, a clear view is important and not negotiable.

On the geometry of the lamp, the location of the filament in it and its design light quality depends very much. H4 bulbs can work differently for low and high beam. In this article we have selected the best H4 bulbs for you.

Best H4 Bulbs Buying Guides

H4 bulbs contain two filaments, giving them the option of being either high- or low-beam lights. The bulb has a three-pronged attachment to the wiring harness. Originally developed for European race cars, these bulbs are very bright and can give off white, blue, violet, or yellow light.H4 bulbs contain two filaments, giving them the option of being either high- or low-beam lights. The bulb has a three-pronged attachment to the wiring harness. Originally developed for European race cars, these bulbs are very bright and can give off white, blue, violet, or yellow light.

Best h4 led bulbs for cars

While many drivers can simply replace their headlights with simple, cheap conventional headlights, investing a little more in a professional, high-quality set of H4 headlight lamps can bring so many benefits to your life.

Whether you drive a truck or a car, with the right headlamp kit you can dramatically improve your safety level when driving in low light conditions. Of course, when it comes to actually make the right choice of light bulbs, there are so many options that it gets a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, we did the hard work for you. We have searched the entire market and optimized the range to only the best light bulbs available. We have considered everything you need to think about so you can make the right decision for yourself.

This includes the quality of the lamp, its performance, its life, and of course its price. Therefore, if you are looking for new headlights for your car, these are the light bulbs you need to think about.

Best h4 bulb for headlight

It is never a good idea to neglect the headlights. If you are looking for a serious upgrade of invisibility, you have come to the right place. By investing in one of these H4 (9003, HB2) light bulbs, you can improve the visibility of your car or truck during night driving, making things both easier and safer on night trips.

The choices are varied and it can be difficult to find the perfect combination for what you want. We have dug out the skylights for you to make this important decision so much easier. If you are looking for the best and brightest H4 bulbs, you have come to the right place.

The H4 bulb, invented in Europe in the 1970s, was the first halogen bulb designed for use as a headlight (often referred to as a headlight at the time). The innovative element of the H4 bulbs was that they contained two filaments that allowed dipped and main beam light to be emitted in the same bulb. Other types of light bulbs make one or the other.

H4 lamps have been used regularly in the USA and other western countries since the mid-1980s. There was much back and forth with the US Department of Transportation to ensure that replacement lamps did not change the angle of the two beams – something that could have potentially dangerous effects.

Best H4 Bulb For Headlight

best xenonpro bulbs

1. XenonPro Super Bright H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

Check Price
Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb review

2. Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb, 400% Brightness

Check Price

3. BEAMTECH H4 9003 LED Bulb

Check Price

Best H4 (9003 HB2) Bulbs

best h4 led bulb

Best LED H4 (9003) Bulbs

led headlights kit

1. XenonPro Super Bright H4 (9003 / HB2) LED Headlight Bulbs

Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb review

2. Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb, 400% Brightness




4. NINEO H4 LED Bulbs

5. HIKARI H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

6. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit – H4

7. BeamTech H4 LED Headlight Bulb (Pack of 2)

8. CAR ROVER 50W H4 9003 HB2 LED Headlight Bulb

9. SEALIGHT H4 (9003 / HB2) LED Headlight Bulbs

Best Halogen H4 (9003) Bulbs

1. Hella H4 100/80-Watt High Wattage Bulb (12V)

2. SYLVANIA – 9003 XtraVision – High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

3. Hella HLA H4 12V 60/55W Halogen Bulb

4. Philips X-treme Vision H4 60/55W +130% Headlight Bulbs

5. OSRAM – Night Breaker Unlimited Super White Halogen

H4 headlight bulb

Top Rated H4 bulbs

1. XenonPro Super Bright H4 (9003 / HB2) LED Headlight Bulbs

led headlights kit

Buy XenonPro Super Bright H4 (9003 / HB2) LED Headlight Bulbs

View on XenonPro

Our editor’s top pick for replacement H4 bulbs is the XenonPro H4 LED headlight bulbs. These bulbs will easily fit right into your existing halogen housing and completely revolutionize your nighttime driving experience.

XenonPro is the number one brand for LED headlights, making the best and brightest bulbs on the market covered by their legendary lifetime warranty.

With bright XenonPro H4 LED headlight bulbs, your low beam and high beam will be comparable to those luxury vehicles with the fancy stock LED headlights.


  • Very bright LED bulb (up to 9000 lm)
  • Low and high beam in one bulb
  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • LEDs may not fit cars/trucks with very small assemblies

Best H4 LED Bulb

2. Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb, 400% BrightnessTorchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb review

Buy Torchbeam T2 H4 LED Bulb, 400% Brightness

View on Amazon

With this package, you will find two light bulbs to upgrade your current headlight system. This is about 12 000 lumens, which is more than enough to help you see while driving at night. Non-polarity plug-and-play design.

This means that the total life of the bulbs is an incredible 50,000 hours, far longer than any other bulb set we have ever seen. High-tech turbofan that works at 10,000RPM provides effective and efficient heat dissipation. This provides up to 50% better cooling compared to those without fans.

The durable non-polarity plug-and-play design is compact and typically installs in just minutes, no tools needed, just directly plug into your vehicle’s housing and connect.


  • Optimized light output for enhanced visibility
  • Eliminates flickering and radio interference
  • Daylight optics of the 6500K white light gives your vehicle a sleek cool look
  • 10,000 RPM Turbao fan
  • Up to 50% better cooling


  • None

3. BEAMTECH H4 LED Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely BrighBEAMTECH H4 LED Bulb


View on Amazon

Newest Korean CSP LED chips (Double-sided) Producing 8000 lumens output per set,with output 4000lm per light for safety driving at night, 6500K xenon white, far more than the halogen lamp.


  • Super long lifespan: 30,000hrs
  • 50W Per set
  • The power of each lamp only 25W
  • Greatly extend the serving life


  • None

H4 Halogen Bulb

3. Hella H4 100/80-Watt High Wattage Bulb (12V)

Buy Hella H4 100/80-Watt High Wattage Bulb (12V)

View on Amazon

At the beginning of our list, we chose these super-strong H4 headlamps from Hella. We chose these bulbs for so many reasons, and you can rely on them to do the job.

The special thing about Hella lamps is the fact that they are equipped with such a high wattage capacity. Since they are able to handle so much power, they shine brighter and last much longer than your conventional headlamps.

Thanks to this long life, these light bulbs are considered incredibly environmentally friendly, but do not fluctuate when it comes to providing you with the excellent amount of light you need in low light conditions.

In fact, these light bulbs are so bright that they can illuminate any road you are on and are even ideal for off-road experiences or nighttime racing activities. You can keep them on for hours without damaging the lamp itself. The average total life is around 25,000 hours.

With each purchase, you only get one bulb, so you need two for a full upgrade, but the bulbs are relatively inexpensive, so this should not cause major problems. In short, if you are looking for a light bulb designed to withstand the test of time, you may not have to look any further!


  • An incredibly bright light bulb
  • An average service life of around 25,000 hours
  • Simple installation without triggering motor codes
  • Is considered a very environmentally friendly light bulb.


  • Mainly designed for off-road use
  • Slow dimming over time (common for halogen lamps)

3. SYLVANIA – 9003 XtraVision – High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

Buy SYLVANIA – 9003 XtraVision – High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb

View on Amazon

From the trusted and time-honored Sylvania brand, the 9003 is an affordable and high quality H4 lamp.

Sylvania 9003 is a great all-purpose H4 lamp that offers the perfect blend of value and quality. This light bulb fits into most vehicles of the latest generation and offers a better light quality compared to series headlights.

This is one of the most popular brands and types of H4 bulbs on the market because they are versatile and offer good life and bright, clear and long-range light. It is not the brightest available, and there are higher quality options available, but for the average driver this is an excellent option.

One of the biggest complaints about H4 light bulbs is that they do not have the same longevity as other LED lights. However, when it comes to cost, many are still behind the H4 as one of the more economical options.


  • Own filament design
  • Offers high performance
  • Durable
  • Approved for road traffic
  • Affordable


  • Possibly not compatible with all vehicles.
  • Some problems with durability
  • Flat packaging

4. Hella HLA H4 12V 60/55W Halogen Bulb

Buy Hella HLA H4 12V 60/55W Halogen Bulb

View on Amazon

With the return to the Hella brand, we have decided on another extremely inexpensive light bulb that is perfect for drivers who shop with a small budget.

These packages are available in single packs or in packs of four, depending on which is best for you.

What we love about this light bulb is the fact that it is designed for a universal fit. This means you can use it in your car, truck, jeep or even motorcycle. No matter what vehicle you need to change the bulbs, you can bet that this bulb will fit perfectly.

Otherwise, there really is not much to say about these light bulbs. Each one is produced under Hella’s strict manufacturing requirements, a process that has been consistent for almost 100 years, and the bulb angle allows you to enjoy a very accurate light image.

Thanks to their universal connection, the bulbs are easy to install and have an output of around 50 watts, which produces more than enough lumens to illuminate the road. The only real disadvantage of these light bulbs is their durability.

Of course, this is what you pay the price for, but they are not designed for extreme weather conditions. These include most of the off-road activities you may be planning, and there are even reports of minor failures in below-average cold winters.

However, if you are looking for a cheap runabout light bulb that will not destroy the bank and will safely take you from A to B, Hella is the ideal choice.


  • Ideal for price-conscious buyers
  • Easy to install
  • Universal connection for best fit in most cars


  • The shelf life is much shorter than other light bulbs on this list.
  • Not suitable for extreme environments or driving.

5. Philips X-treme Vision H4 60/55W +130% Headlight Bulbs

Buy Philips X-treme Vision H4 60/55W +130% Headlight Bulbs

View on Amazon

Philips is another very trusted manufacturer of Headlight Lamps. They offer a range of different lighting options, but the X-treme Vision is one of the most popular and recommended models.

The Philips X-treme Vision bulb is a powerful bulb that offers improved range and whiter light than comparable models, making it easier to see even in the darkest conditions.

One of the biggest complaints about the X-treme Vision bulb is that it does not have the life of other H4 bulbs, especially LED bulbs. Therefore, while they are much brighter than other types, you need to replace them more often.


  • Up to 45 meters of light output
  • Brightness increases response time
  • Supplied with a high precision coating.
  • Provides a safe driving experience
  • Affordable


  • Probably not very durable.
  • Some authenticity issues

H4 9003 HB2 LED Headlight Bulb

6. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit – H4

Buy Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit – H4

View on Amazon

This is by far the most expensive H4 bulb on our list, but if you are looking for the complete conversion experience, it will not be much better than this high quality kit from Cougar.

With this package, you will find two light bulbs to upgrade your current 80-watt headlight system. This is about 7,200 lumens, which is more than enough to help you see while driving at night.

However, it is the details of this set that really set it apart. Each bulb comes with its own built-in TurboFan system.

This is able to rotate at a truly amazing speed of 10,000 rpm, which helps keep the bulbs cool even in excessive use.

This means that the total life of the bulbs is an incredible 50,000 hours, far longer than any other bulb set we have ever seen. In addition, each lamp comes with its own integrated waterproof housing, making it a great set for use on and off the road.

With plug-and-play technology that reduces installation time to 20 minutes, a 360° beam angle and a temperature of 6000K (white), headlight lamps do not get much better. The only thing you need to make sure, before you buy is that it matches your car!


  • Excellent service life of 50,000 hours
  • Built-in fan to keep the bulbs cool.
  • Canbus technology to avoid vehicle error codes
  • Simple plug-and-play technology


  • Not suitable for all vehicles
  • An expensive price tag

7. BeamTech H4 LED Headlight Bulb (Pack of 2)

Buy BeamTech H4 LED Headlight Bulb (Pack of 2)

View on Amazon

Next, we decided on another outstanding light bulb set, this time for the H4 LED version. These lamps are distinguished by the fact that they are manufactured using CPS chip technology. This is known in the light bulb industry as one of the brightest.

As these are supplied in a double pack, you can upgrade both headlamps at the same time, which is highly recommended for best results. If you do, you can enjoy up to 8,000 lumens of light, which is really impressive for a lamp of this size.

The light itself registers a temperature of 6,500 K, which means it produces a xenon white light instead of the typical blue you see outside and everywhere. This is ideal for you because you have a good view and ideal for other drivers because you do not distract or dazzle them.

We also love the fact that this light bulb produces far less heat than your typical halogen headlight bulb. This not only protects your car or truck from damage, but also helps extend the life of the bulb. Overall, the average life expectancy of each bulb is around 30,000 hours.

Thanks to plug-and-play technology, the installation of this lamp is extremely simple and safe. There are no high-voltage components to get used to, nor are there any zero switching or electromagnetic interference.
In short, it is easy to understand why these are some of the most popular lamps on the market. There is nothing bad to say about them. The price may be higher than you would normally pay for a pair of light bulbs, but that is quality you have never experienced before.


  • Generates a light temperature of 6,500K (xenon white)
  • An impressive average life of 30,000 hours
  • Incredibly simple installation with plug-and-play technology
  • Generates up to 8,000 lumens of light.


  • The premium price tag per pack of two

8. OSRAM – Night Breaker Unlimited Super White Halogen

Buy OSRAM – Night Breaker Unlimited Super White Halogen

View on Amazon

OSRAM is an up-and-coming name when it comes to high-quality vehicle lighting. From Germany, this company manufactures a range of H4 lamps that are of great value and versatile – meaning they work on a wide range of makes and models of cars. The OSRAM – Night Breaker Unlimited Super White Halogen costs about $20 for a pair of high quality light bulbs.

OSRAM stands out for its “robust coil design”, which allows the bulbs to stay bright and effective for longer. Again, the biggest complaints about this model compared to LED are the life span, and that the light is not as white as some competing options.


  • Provides up to 40 meters of visibility.
  • Supplied with rugged coil design.
  • Provides up to 110% more light than other light bulbs.
  • Up to 3600K lighting
  • Affordable


  • Not as bright as they say.

H4 LED Bulb 9003

9. NINEO H4 LED Bulbs

NINEO H4 LED BulbsBuy NINEO LED Headlight H4

View on Amazon

NINEO is a very prestigious brand known for producing high-performance products that are among the best. The NINEO LED Headlight H4 is a high-end headlight that offers some of the best of the LED and halogen world.

It should be noted that NINEO LED headlights H4 bulbs as a performance product have a much higher price than the other models considered here. In addition to the higher cost, the light bulbs have a 3-year warranty, which helps to compensate for the higher cost.

These are incredibly light bulbs, and the biggest negative is the associated price tag. These light bulbs are about $77 for a pair, almost twice as much as halogen bulbs.


  • Supplied with heat dissipation capability.
  • Supplied with an intelligent control chip.
  • Vacuum liquid cold conduction system
  • Easy to install


  • Costly

10. HIKARI H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

Buy HIKARI H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs

View on Amazon

HIKARI introduced HIKARI Thunder to capture the vast C-grade market. Its brightness and beam pattern are much superior to that of other brands launched in 2016 at the same cost.

HIKARI was the first to adopt copper for heat dissipation. We have conducted a test, in which we removed the bulb fan in a high-temperature environment of 300℉ Two weeks later, HIKARI Thunder could still work generally without any light decay, HIKARI CREE burnt out four days, HIKARI PHILIPS showed light decay after one week of persistence and “black cat” only survived for two days.

Just like HIKARI PHILIPS, HIKARI Thunder adopts adjustable buckles to enable some Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, GMC, Honda vehicles to finally obtain the best light beam pattern.


  • High cost-efficiency
  • Adjustable beam
  • Amazing stability

11. SEALIGHT H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

Buy SEALIGHT H4/9003/HB2 LED Headlight Bulbs

View on Amazon

Enhanced beam pattern: although brighter than standard halogen bulbs, the light is focused down road so oncoming traffic will not be blinded, and there are no dark spots or shadow areas. See more clearly: ditch your dim yellow halogen bulbs and make way for super-focused bright 6000K LED headlights. The daylight optics give superior visibility, as well as giving your car added style. Compact fanless design: the latest non-integrated fanless design is compact and silent, utilizes an advanced heat sink measuring just 1.48 inches, and features a driver for increased performance. The X1 LED headlight bulb has been rigorously tested for durability and boasts an incredible extended lifespan of over 50,000 hours for longer-lasting illumination.


  • Plug and play
  • No need extra wiring
  • 6000K crisp white light
  • Generous coverage area
  • Excellent Beam pattern
  • Better vision at night
  • No warm-up time
  • Longer lifespan
  • No battery drain

12. CAR ROVER 50W H4 9003 HB2 LED Headlight Bulb

Buy CAR ROVER 50W H4 9003 HB2 LED Headlight Bulb

View on Amazon

Using the newest Korean CSP LED chips(12 SMD and double-sided), each h4/9003/HB2 led headlight bulb can light up to 5000 Lumens@6000K extremely bright xenon white light with perfect low beam pattern, and 200% brighter than the stock halogen bulb, no dark spots or shadowed areas, don’t dazzle oncoming traffic, no glare to other drivers.

Besides the ultra-high brightness, this h4/9003/HB2 LED headlight can be 360 degree adjusted and comes with removable adapter, which means that you can easily mount this car LED headlight bulbs in the reflector or projector headlight. Also, the LED aluminum adapter can be rotated seamlessly for adjustment of the beam pattern.

The h4/9003/HB2 LED bulb was built-in cooling fan and made of aviation aluminum lamp body, which keep the light get a better protection and performance in heat dissipation.

Plug and play! The heatsink part only has 20.2 mm length, fit for 95% vehicles. After installation, there’s enough space for the headlight breathing. Can be installed in 15-20 minutes by yourself.

Last more than 30,000 hours. Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations.



The benefits of the H4 (HB2) bulbs

While LED headlamps have recently been used, halogen light is still the most commonly used type of bulb for car headlamps. There are many reasons for the continuing popularity of the halogen lamp, but one of the biggest advantages of the lamp is that it has a very long life.

Most halogen lamps last about 1,000 hours and are much cheaper than other types of lights, which is another advantage of this type of light. With H4 bulbs you get high-quality, clear headlights without breaking the bank.
Many argue that there is more variety when it comes to the size and dimensions of H4 incandescent lamps compared to other, newer, more niche types of incandescent lamps. They are also known for their uniform, bright and clear luminous properties.

In short, the advantages of the H4 bulb are that it is durable and affordable and has more choices in the market.

Select the best HB2 headlight lamps

While some people are still in love with the old halogen lamps that have always existed, most people who seriously want to improve their street lighting potential are better off making sure they work with an LED conversion kit for their H4 (9003, HB2) lamps.

Don’t get us wrong: much brighter halogen lights as standard are better than no upgrade at all and they are a cheaper option at first, but LEDs offer such a wide range of advantages that it’s hard to understand why not upgrade to them.

Light output

Due to their energy efficiency, LEDs have broken through the old rating scale for light bulbs. While older light bulbs are evaluated in their performance, LEDs are evaluated in their pure light output. The unit of measurement for the comparison is the lumen.

Of course, higher lumens mean more light, and energy efficiency means getting the most out of every watt of energy. The light will usually be brighter than a conventional light bulb, but does not require any additional energy to achieve its performance.


It may seem like a good idea to go with a cheap pair of brighter halogen lamps, but the truth is that you will end up spending more money if you do this in the end. LEDs are rated in tens of thousands of hours of life. If you have an older vehicle, then your lights can outlast the car itself very well.

While they may cost a little more in advance, switching means getting the most out of every dollar you invest in them.

However, there is one thing to look for here: LEDs can get hot enough to damage themselves indoors. This means that a good cooling system is necessary to ensure the longevity of your new H4 (9003, HB2) lamps.

Easy installation of the brightest H4 bulbs

One of the least mentioned disadvantages of halogen lamps is actually a big one: You cannot touch a halogen lamp with your bare hands. The small amount of oil released can affect the integrity of the thin glass when the bulb is illuminated due to the high temperature it will inevitably reach.

This means that you must install it with a cloth or something else that covers your hand.

In contrast, LED conversion kits have no such problem, and virtually every modern kit will be a plug-and-play model that allows you to install them in about the same way. Since you can handle them with your bare hands without worrying about damaging the bulb, their installation is also easier than that of the old halogen bulbs.

Advantages of halogen headlight lamps

  • They are usually cheaper than any other headlamp solution on the market.
  • Halogen headlights are easy to install, as they do not require any modifications to the original factory housing.
  • Modern halogen headlamps are designed to mimic HID brightness with a simple profile that provides a stylish lighting solution at a low cost.
  • They are the universal lighting solutions for most cars. You will find them everywhere for every car model.
  • Halogen headlight lamps are safe to use in the car. They produce very little glare that does not dazzle oncoming drivers to ensure a safe driving experience.
  • They provide a better side view than most HID and LED headlight lamps and help you respond better to roadside threats.

H4 Bulbs

Comparison of halogen headlamps with LEDs and HID headlamps

Halogen headlight lamps use a combination of gases and a tungsten filament to ignite and glow at very high temperatures. The gas reacts with the filament and forms a slight black residue, which causes the bulb to dim over time, usually within 600 to 1000 hours, depending on power. HID headlight lamps are designed to illuminate xenon gas, which converts more energy into light than heat and gives them a life of 30000 to 50000 hours. LED headlights are the most durable on the market because they are smaller, have better heat distribution, and can last the life of your car.

Since most of the energy pumped in halogen headlight lamps is converted into heat, which is necessary for the light of the lamp, they produce a weak light with a maximum of 1300lm. LED headlights are designed to produce a stronger beam of light with different functionality between different manufacturers; some combined LED bulbs can produce up to 100,000 lm of light. HID headlight lamps produce the brightest light when they produce an ignited illumination of up to 50,000 lm, while HIDs in projection style produces the brightest rays.
Direct integration into your car’s original wiring means less strain on the battery for longer service via your car’s electrical connection.

Halogen headlamps are designed to fit directly into the body of your car, so you can easily buy a single bulb without ballast or body extensions. This makes them the cheapest lighting solutions on the market. Some LED headlight lamps are designed to fit almost any model design, but you may need to buy new housing to accommodate the LED headlights or rods. HID headlight lamps are more expensive despite better housings because you need to buy a new ballast kit and replace your factory halogen housing before use.

Power and Voltage
All headlight lamps are designed to work with the wiring of a car without overheating it, and this applies to both halogen, LED, and HID headlight lamps. Most lamps use 12V at high power, but HID lamps require more power to ignite than LED and halogen lamps. Halogen lamps are also less efficient due to the lower power conversion as they generate more heat than light to produce their rays.


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