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One of the most frequent questions on the forums these days is how to improve the light output of standard headlights. This is especially true for older motorcycle models.

Do you want your bike’s headlights to be much brighter and lighter? In this guide, we’ll tell you how to choose H7 bulbs for your bike. The most common light bulbs for motorcycles are H1, H4, and H7 bulbs. These are high-intensity bulbs that emit very bright light.

If you’re not sure which bulbs fit your headlights, it’s best to consult your motorcycle manual. This way, you can avoid installing the wrong assortment, which may have the wrong power level.

Best Bike H7 Bulbs

H7 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulb

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MZS H7 LED Headlight Bulb Single for Motorcycle

5,0 Rating

  • 6 500 K Cool White
  • 10 000 Lm
  • Voltage 12 Volts
  • Wattage 30 watts

How do I choose an H7 bulb for my motorcycle?

Understanding what types of bulbs exist may seem like a trivial matter, but they are an important safety feature of your bike and should always be in full working order. Your headlights not only help you see the road ahead in the dark but also allow other road users to see you. Keep in mind that there are 4 main types of headlight bulbs:

Halogen H7 headlight bulbs for motorcycle headlights

Most bikes are equipped with halogen bulbs at the time of production. You might read that halogen bulbs are not bright enough, but that’s not true. Halogen H7 bulbs can be bright enough, you need to choose the right brightness for that. In this review, we have chosen the brightest H7 halogen bulbs for you.

Xenon H7 bulbs for motorcycle headlights

Very similar to the halogen bulbs above, but xenon bulbs use a mixture of xenon and halogen gases. The xenon H7 bulb helps the headlight emit a clearer, brighter, and slightly bluer light. Manufacturers use different ratios of gases in the bulb to give headlights a distinctive light.

LED H7 bulbs for motorcycle headlights

You probably know that LED bulbs use less energy and have an exceptionally long life compared to halogen bulbs. LED bulbs emit a much brighter beam than standard halogen bulbs due to their ability to use more power. LED lights are usually rarely used for motorcycle headlights, which makes them difficult to store. We have selected for you the best H7 motorcycle headlight bulbs on the market.

H7 Halogen Headlight Bulbs for Bikes


Osram Night Racer 110 H7 Halogen Bulbs

  • Up to 110% brighter
  • Up to 40 m further light
  • Voltage 12 Volts
  • Wattage 55 watts

4,9 Rating

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Philips H7 MotoVision Motorcycle and Powersport Replacement Headlight Bulb

  • Get 40% more vision
  • Voltage 12 Volts
  • Wattage 55 watts

4,9 Rating

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H7 LED Headlight Bulbs for Bikes

H7 LED bulbs shine much brighter than halogen. The angle of illumination has increased significantly. At a low level of light you can see a wide band with a blurred shadow border. The light shines like a spotlight, all over the place. You can partially solve this problem by simply adjusting the headlights by lowering the reflector down. This way, the low beam will be even clearer, and the high beam will not dazzle oncoming drivers as much.


Easy Eagle H7 LED Motorcycle Headlight Bulbs

  • 6500 K White Light
  • 6000 LM
  • Wattage 30 watts
  • 30,000 hours

4,9 Rating

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Mega Racer Motorcycle H7 LED Headlight Bulb

  • 6000 K White Light
  • 8000 LM
  • Wattage 40 watts

4,9 Rating

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The Best H4 Motorcycle Bulbs

Why is it so important to have good lighting on a motorcycle?

Poor motorcycle lighting is a serious problem, especially when riding at night. In that case, all the little obstacles in the way with poor lighting pose a big threat to the motorcycle driver. Therefore, to ensure safety on the road, it is worth considering the purchase of quality motorcycle head lamps.

Original bulbs should be bought from reliable and trusted big stores where there are exchange and return options. However, in the case of motorcycle lights, there are several important parameters to pay attention to when buying.

There are basic indicators, and only by these can you pick a lamp without vermicelli and noodles on your ears.

  1. For the bulb socket (e.g., H7) you should use the bulbs recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer.
  2. Bulb shock resistance is also an important property for bulbs, which is especially important for motorcycle owners. The inevitable vibrations and oscillations while riding, when using high-quality lighting, do not affect the life of the lamps, so they can burn much longer.
  3. The brightness of light is the main parameter not only for incandescent and motorcycle bulbs but also for cars, although in the first case the choice should be more reasonable. Good light quality, giving several tens of percent more light than standard halogen lamps, is a longer beam of light, which naturally affects the improvement of visibility, increasing driving safety at night and in bad weather conditions.
  4. Type of light source – when choosing lamps for a motorcycle, you should remember that such vehicles have a fairly low power system.

Therefore, when buying this product, it is worth checking what type of lighting is intended for your motorcycle. It is best to buy LED products, as they consume less current.

Brighter Bulb

H7 Lamps for motorcycles popular models

Philips H7 Motorcycle Bulbs

Of motorcycle lighting, Philips has in its offer such popular bulbs as:

  • Philips Vision Moto: this bulb emits 30% more light, making the light path 10 meters longer than conventional halogen bulbs. All this leads to better visibility of motorcyclists on the road, they are able to spot obstacles faster and react to them immediately. The model is suitable for both motorcycle and scooter headlights.
  • Philips CityVision Moto: the bulb is designed for city driving, used for motorcycle headlights. The incandescent bulb produces 40% more light and the light path lengthens up to 10-20 meters. The bulb creates a slightly orange effect in the headlight, making the vehicle more visible in city traffic, especially with high intensity and in traffic jams. In addition, this model is characterized by high resistance to vibration.
  • Philips X-tremeVision Moto: this model was developed with the most active bikers in mind, works best on long routes and during everyday riding, as well as at night and in bad weather conditions. The incandescent lamp gives up to 100% more light than traditional lighting, with a 35m longer beam of light, so the light provides maximum visibility to the motorcycle rider. The lamp emits white bright light, and the modern filament design, optimized lamp design, and the use of a special mixture of gases effect to extend the operating time of the light and increase its life and performance.

Osram H7 Motorcycle Bulbs

Just like Philips, Osram has developed motorcycle bulbs that are tailored to the individual requirements of motorcyclists. Among the motorcycle bulbs, the following models deserve attention:

  • Osram Night Racer: depending on your needs there are 2 types to choose from: Night Racer 50 and Night Racer 110. The first one produces 50% more light, the light beam is 20 meters longer compared to traditional halogen lamps. The second produces up to 40% more light, a beam similarly 40m longer, and 20% whiter light than standard motorcycle lighting. Both models provide good visibility on the road.
  • Osram X-RACER: this is the counterpart of the BlueVision Moto model from Philips. It stands out with its characteristic blue-white light for xenon lighting with all safety standards. The emitted light with a color temperature of 4200K is pleasant for the driver. The pluses include high resistance to impact, produce more light (20% more than traditional halogen lamps), as well as a modern appearance.

h7 bulb motorcycle

How do I install an H7 bulb?

Installing a lamp in a motorcycle headlight is not a difficult task. First put the o-ring on the slots. You need to select the right adapter, press it lightly against the ring and turn it sideways. Thus, you have secured the adapter to the lamp, and now it can be inserted into the headlight.

There is also a simpler way to install the lamp: first you can screw the adapter to the headlight itself, and then already insert the lamp into it. If you choose a stiffer gasket, you will have to force the bulb onto it, fit into the grooves and you can screw it in. The most important thing when installing is not to damage the reflector housing.

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