To create a cozy and comfortable room is very important to think about the heating system. Previously, very often they used natural gas, but because of the huge increase in prices for this fuel, people begin to look for other heating equipment. Read our new article, when you want to know how to control humidity with air conditioning.

How to choose the right electric boiler

An excellent alternative for many would be the use of electric boiler, which combines all the necessary innovations and modifications. Remember that in this case, you need complete control over the operation of this system. In other words, during the operation of the heating boiler you must be in close proximity to the unit.

Unlike solid fuel boilers, for which you need to install high-performance ventilation, as well as engage in the regular procurement of fuel, the electrode boiler has several advantages. Thanks to these advantages, this means of heating the room is becoming very popular among the population. So what are these virtues?

How To Choose The Right Electric Boiler

This unit has a simple working draft and has a compact design. Due to this, the installation of the device will not require from you great efforts or any serious knowledge. Everyone will cope with it.

You do not need to install an additional ventilation system for the operation of the electric heating boiler. This equipment works silently and does not emit harmful waste into the atmosphere.

It should be understood that the operation of such a device implies serious loads on the power grid and high power consumption. Buy electric boilers for heating a room of 100 square meters. m is irrational, because it is very important to know the size of their own homes and according to this value to acquire a heating tool.

In addition to this indicator, you should also pay attention to its power, appearance and cost. Moreover, when choosing – a great appearance or high power, it is better to make a choice in favor of the latter.

Choose the right power level

  1. The fuel
    You can base your choice on the purchase price of the fuel. It is difficult to predict the development of the price of heating oil but everything suggests that it will be more expensive than natural gas in both the medium and long terms. The choice of supplier can also be a determining factor; there are already some who no longer base the price of gas on the price of crude oil.
  2. The efficiency
    A highly efficient boiler will enable you to save on your energy costs and will reduce CO2 emissions. This is true of low temperature gas boilers (carrying the label HR+) and even more of condensation boilers (with the label HR Top).
  3. The combustion system
    There are two systems: open or “atmospheric” boilers take the oxygen necessary for combustion from the room in which they are installed; it is therefore essential that this be well ventilated. They are equipped with a chimney through which the waste gases escape. Closed or air-tight (“room-sealed, balanced-flue”) boilers do not use room air. They take it from the outside through a double-walled pipe, which also allows the waste gases to escape. An access to the outside is therefore indispensable (through the wall or roof).
  4. The space available
    Low-temperature and condensation boilers come in two versions.
  5. Hot-water requirements
    For your hot water, you can also choose between several solutions. Factor in your habits, the quantity of water you need (according to whether you generally take baths or showers, whether you live alone or not etc.).

How to choose the right electric boiler
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