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How to Wear Glasses With a Motorcycle Helmet?

Riding with a helmet is a good habit for motorcycle riders. But it could be challenging when you use prescription glasses. Besides, wearing glass will be crucial to prevent poor eyesight, flying insects, dust, or debris.

In that situation, you may think about whether I can wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet. Typically, regular helmets will not be suitable for wearing spectacles, as those are not designed for that purpose.

Basically, you will find some motorcycle helmets that are specially designed for wearing glasses. This type of helmet allows you to wear your glasses comfortably. As a result, you can prevent a severe accident and a close one. Keep reading this context to discover how to wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet.

Is it Really Possible to Wear Glasses With a Motorcycle Helmet?

Finding the best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers can be challenging, especially if you wear prescription glasses. Wearing a normal helmet with glasses will not only be uncomfortable but also challenging to concentrate on riding your bike. This may lead to severe accidents and cause serious injuries.

Fortunately, modern technology brings the solution by changing the helmet design. Now you will easily find several helmets that are specially designed for that purpose. This type of helmet provides sufficient space for your glasses so that you can comfortably wear both.

Why Wearing Glasses With a Motorcycle Helmet Is Challenging 

Typically, there are two classes of spectacles that most people like to wear with a motorcycle helmet. The first and most essential are the prescribed spectacles that are used to correct vision. Those who have eye problems cannot do without these glasses. On the other hand, transition glasses or sunglasses are used to protect from sunlight and to obstruct vision.

Most riders wear prescribed glasses first and then wear the helmet over them. For that, the glasses are prone to move whenever the helmet moves. This is because the glasses bridge rests on your nose, and the temples rest on the back of your ear. As a result, the glasses will move automatically if the helmet is moved. This is very dangerous for a motorcycle as it disrupts your vision momentarily.

Therefore, sometimes riders are willing to draw the padding in the helmet to make free room for glasses. Removing padding from the helmet, in fact, could be uncomfortable while riding. In addition, sunglasses could be difficult to get inside your helmet and cause headaches for a long time.

Some Precautions That Should Be Followed While Helmet With Glasses

Wearing glasses with a motorcycle helmet is not so tough and entirely possible. But you should keep in mind some precautions. Below, we have demonstrated some of those safety precautions.

  • Avoid using spectacles with thick hinges and temples, as they bind some peripheral vision during the ride.
  • While riding a motorcycle, your glasses may get dirt and fog up, which can lead to dangerous situations. Using a full-face helmet will help to prevent your glasses from being dirt and fogging up.
  • You will find some anti-fog glasses on the market that help you keep your glasses fogged up free while riding.
  • Always ensure the helmet and glasses adjust properly before starting any ride. Otherwise, your spectacles can be slipping off and lead to damage.

How to Wear Glasses With a Motorcycle Helmet

After reading the above discussion, you may understand why wearing glasses with a motorcycle helmet is challenging. Don’t worry; here, we have outlined how you can easily wear glasses with a motorcycle helmet.

Choose a Glass Friendly Helmet

If you use prescription spectacles, you should select a glass-friendly helmet with groves and cutouts in the temples. This type of helmet assists you in piling up your glasses. Besides, your spectacle arms will keep you from touching the back of your ears or hitting the templates. You can also choose an open-faced helmet that offers more comfort when wearing glasses with a helmet.

On the contrary, if you wish to wear goggles to prevent your eyes from particles like dust, debris, wind, and insects, choose an open-face helmet. This type of helmet only protects your head from a crash but may leave an injury to your face.

Wear Motorcycle-Friendly Glasses

In addition, you also have to choose glasses that are motorcycle-friendly. Choosing glasses with straight and thin arms will be suitable for adjusting under a motorcycle helmet. Besides, make sure your worn glasses don’t bend because that can make you feel irritated and painful. Experts suggest wearing spectacles with padded rims and arms will be good for glasses wearers. These types of glasses provide comfort and an easy experience while wearing a helmet.

Check the Fitment of the Motorcycle Helmet and Glasses

After choosing the right helmet and glasses, you need to make sure that they are fitted correctly. Avoid putting much pressure on your glasses when your nose bridges. This is because extreme pressure can damage your glasses worn inside the helmet. So, it is good to examine whether the glasses have been snuggled in properly. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable and interrupted while riding.

Why Choosing the Right Helmet Is Important for Glass Wearers?

You will find numerous helmets for your head protection, but a few helmets offer convenience for spectacle wearers. This is why choosing a suitable helmet that provides both spaces for your glasses, and head protection is crucial, especially for glass wearers. The helmet you choose should fit comfortably enough so that it does not fall off your head while riding.

In addition, you will need enough space on the helmet as you have to wear glasses. For that, you should choose a helmet that contains all the necessary features to suit your spectacles and you. This way, you can ensure that the helmet is not loose on your head as well as prevent unwanted incidents. Besides, with a lightweight helmet, you can also prevent wind noise.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet for a Spectacle Wearer?

As we have said earlier, several motorcycle helmets are available on the internet, but not all of them offer enough space for glasses. For that, choosing the right helmet will positively impact your riding. For your help, here we have demonstrated some factors that will assist you in selecting the right helmet.

Shell Size and Shape

It is crucial to keep in mind while choosing any motorcycle helmet. This is because different people have different head shapes. This way, you can pick a suitable helmet for your head. After that, determine the right size helmet by placing the full part of your head. Make sure you have about ½ inch above your eyebrows and ears.

Type and Fit of Strap

The padding of your chosen helmet should not be too loose or tight on your face. It should fit well enough that the helmet exerts pressure evenly over your entire face. In addition, make sure your helmet’s interior is made of fabric that can resist germs and doesn’t trouble your skin. It is good to have a chin curtain and breath guard to protect from dust and smites.

Type of View and Ventilation

The type of view completely depends on the rider. Most riders need a basic peripheral view when the helmet is on their head. On the other hand, track riders require a wider view to see better. In addition, make sure your helmet has ventilation points to release air in the right direction. This will help you to prevent fog and flush out humidity.


Safety is another crucial thing you should consider while buying a helmet, especially for glasses wearers. For that, while purchasing a helmet, make sure your chosen helmet meets safety standards. The safety standards are DOT (US standard), SNELL, ECE (Europe), or SHARP. Among these standards, SNELL is the gold one for helmet safety.


Motorcycle helmets are probably the most crucial gear that works as a lifesaver. But wearing glasses with a regular motorcycle helmet could be challenging, especially for prescribed glasses wearers. For this reason, most riders fall into problems and leave them disappointed.

That’s why in this context we have tried to present a complete solution in this regard. If you read this context, you might have figured out how to wear glasses with a helmet. Typically, several motorcycle helmets you will find are specially designed to wear with glasses. This type of helmet contains sufficient space to wear sunglasses or prescription spectacles.

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