There is another product on the market, which can be very helpful in your workshop and does its job well comparing with its price. Due to specific features of each air compressor like rate of compression and power they allow you to finish numerous tasks like (but not limited to) tire inflation, airbrushing, staple gun and so on. A good designed and manufactured air compressor is a serious tools in hands both of a professional and a DIYer when carrying out tasks in cleaning, spray-painting, woodworking or craft activities.

Just for inflating from time to time tires, toys, sport equipment there is no need for high pressure rates. You will have a certain bunch of needs before you decide to purchase such a 110v air compressor. This air compressor works well with high powered tools like a staple or a nail gun, where is required a higher value PSI or CFM. In this listing you some of the available air compressors on the market these days. These air compressors will definitely provide you with enough air across a range of uses.
Please keep in mind when looking for an 110V air compressor you can take a look at models featuring 115V and 120V. These machines comply with the same standards and can be considered like very similar ones.

Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

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This is a great multi-function inflator to have in case of emergency. It will inflate anything from car and truck tires to balls for any sport. There is a 24 feet air hose and power cord in the set with a bunch of adapters to inflate many different products. The gauge is easy to read and is designed for the maximum pressure of 150PSI.
The main features of the machine are: air hose with quick connect valve and 6 foot power cord are for a quite easy and trouble-free reach of all vehicle tires; mighty direct drive motor is very quiet and nearly vibration free; 120 volt direct drive inflator with Whisper Soft technology is extremely quiet and efficient; inflation adaptors for all sporting equipment and rafts; plugs into any standard 120-volt wall outlet; Inflates P185/R14 from 0 – 28 PSI in approximately 2 1/2 minutes or less; 1-feet rubber air hose, 17-feet PVC air hose with quick connect valve and 6-feet power cord for a total of 24 feet, makes it extremely easy and hassle-free to reach all vehicle tires.

EPAuto AC 110V / DC 12V Dual Power Portable Air Compressor Pump

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This powerful machine runs quietly and considering its power, it is quite lightweight. It perfectly matches to such tools like nail guns, as good as hobbyists, but there is not enough power for an airbrush. The pump has an emergency cut-off and recovers in just thirty-five seconds. Drawing only 4 amps at its top output, you should not have any problem with tripped breakers. This air compressor supports both home (AC 110V) and automotive (DC 12V) power source. It doesn’t support LT, HT, or truck tires, it does not support 24V; Keep the voltage, the air compressor is designed only 110V AC / 12V DC, do not use other voltage.

Wagan Digital Display Dual AC/DC 110V/12V Air Compressor

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The Wagan digital display air compressor is a powerful machine that can carry out many jobs. It gives you maximum 100 PSI of output. This ensures that it is powerful enough for roof and floor-nailers, staplers, brad guns as well as airbrushing. This portable compressor runs quietly and will start in any weather thanks to the low amp motor. This should be on anyone’s list of the best 110V air compressors. It’s a machine that you can rely for years of maintenance-free service.
The main features of the air compressor: both AC (wall outlet) and DC (car accessory socket) power cords are built-in to the air compressor; use the DC cord to power the compressor while servicing your car, then plug in the AC cord at home to fill up sports balls and pool toys; digital display: easy to read display modes: PSI/bar/kPa & kgf/cm2; set desire pressure and auto shut off – When the set pressure is reached, it will automatically turn off; pressure: 100 PSI Max, flow rate: 15 liter/minute, AC cord length: 6 feet, DC cord length: 10 feet.

Potek Portable Tire Inflator/Air Compressor

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This compressor runs very quietly and for this power 100 PSI, it is quite portable. the compressor is perfectly suited to power tools such nail guns, as well as hobbyists. It is not strong enough to power an airbrush though. The pump has an emergency cut-off and recovers in just thirty-five seconds. This great compressor is well design, even featuring rubberized feet and it carries a sleek overall look. It has been praised as a portable compressor that requires little-to-no maintenance. This is one of the best 110v air compressors for the money.
The main features of the air compressor: Inflates a standard size car tire from 0~35PSI in several minutes,transcends the function of regular air compressors by being adaptable to both AC and DC use; bulit-in fuse to protect the tire inflator; portable tire inflator with two storage compartments makes it easy to storage the AC power cord inflation adaptors and DC power cord air hose,easy to carry around,with this compact tire inflator in your car,you won’t bother your neighbors or passers-by when tires went flat; equipped power switch for easy to turn on/off compressor,with the built-in pressure gauge,you can get an estimate reading during inflation; perfect for motorcycle, RV, racing car, bike, truck and other vehicles up to 100 psi,what’ more,with the 3 high air-flow nozzles provided, you can also inflate basketball, volleyball,airbed and other Inflatables.

Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor

Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air CompressorBuy Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor

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You have to maintain the correct tire pressure in order not to lose gas mileage, not to quicker wear away your tires and not to sacrifice traction and control over your vehicle. These consequences can be potentially hazardous in crucial moments on the road. The right solution is to have a small air compressor in your trunk. Reliable and portable, with advanced functionality you will benefit a lot of it.
The main features of the air compressor: adaptable to both home (AC – wall socket) and car (DC – cigarette lighter socket) use; digital presets and additional attachment nozzles you would be hard pressed to find something that this compressor cannot inflate, from the heavy-duty, like car tires, to the delicate, such as a beach ball, it is perfectly equipped to achieve the perfect pressure for any situation, outdoors or indoors; inflate anything with an extension nozzle and pin needle. From bike, stroller and car wheels, to air beds, balls, beach toys, tires; advanced functions: AC/DC adaptable. digital pressure gauge with LCD display and unit conversion; digital presets function for easily delivering the ideal pressure where it is needed. Range of pressure measure: 90psi. Accuracy of measure: 35psi +/-1psi.

Usage tips for air compressors

First of all – you need to look through the manual to the device. It should give you all the advices what to do and what not to do in order to for the compressor to last longer. The general rule here is the air compressor may not run more than twenty or thirty minutes. The longer work without stops can cause overheat and more wear. These sorts of compressors need time to cool down. You can keep the stable efficiency of your compressor by checking its technical condition and the condition of hoses with fasteners. A possible leak can lead to a longer inflating duration and thus to more intense work of the compressor and higher consumption of electricity.
New air compressors need to be broken in before use. Without breaking in a new 110v air compressor it can be put at risk of damage and possibly of complete failure. By a simple “dry run” you can ensure the safe, fully functionality of your new air compressor:

• Plug in your compressor but leave it off.
• Turn the drain valve counter-clockwise, releasing air (if no air is released, turn it the other way).
• Turn on your air compressor and let it run with the valve open for fifteen minutes.
• After fifteen minutes close the drain valve and allow the compressor to run to its “cut-off” pressure.

This small and easy procedure can ensure to trouble free running of the air compressor.

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