Many people say the utility knives are one of the handiest tools to have home, in a workshop, or in a office. When looking for a new utility knife you have always ensure that the blades are easy to replace and affordable, the quality grade is also to be considered. Make sure that the replacement blades have good strength and flexibility, as both are needed for a long service life. Most good sets of utility knife blades come with tough blade holders, these holders are good for organization and for safe handling.

Below we have compiled an overview of the five best utility knife blades on the market.

WORKPRO Utility Knife Blades

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The quality level of WORKPRO utility blades is very high which makes it a reliable choice. The sole intention by the manufacturer was to build high quality tools at an incredible low price. So the manufacturer brings affordable dependability to the world of tools.

The main features of blades: ideal for cutting thick, dense sheet materials, general-purpose cutting; fits all standard & fixed utility knife; includes 100 blades; ideal for cutting cardboard, leather, linoleum, rope, soft metal, etc, fit most standard & fixed utility knife; comes with storage container for safe storage and disposal; made from SK5 steel.

OCM -100 Pack Utility Knife Blades

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OCM is a good supplier of tools for many of DIY applications. These OCM Utility Knife Blades are made of high carbon spring steel and have a hardness rating of Rc65 and are the perfect general-purpose blades for cutting paper, cardboard, plastic sheeting, vinyl, rope and drywall, wood. The convenient and compact dispenser keeps blades organized and protected until you need them. The standard-duty, universal replacement blades fit most utility razor knives and box cutters so you can always have a sharp, new cutting edge when needed.

The main features of the blades: fit most standard utility knives and box cutter handles; gives a knife the ability to cut through practically anything, compact and convenient storage holder.

Goldblatt 100-Pack Heavy Duty Utility Blades

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Goldblatt heavy duty utility blades are premier quality utility knife blades made of superior materials. The overall construction of the blade is good for most other products thanks to the bi-metal composition allowing for bend and flex without the risk of breaking. They also carry a specialized four notched design, giving you the ability to make deeper cuts.

The main features of the blades are: High end alloy steel plus precision double honed edges make this blade up to 3X long lasting and durability than other traditional carbon steel blade; ideal for cutting cardboard, leather, linoleum, rope, soft metal, pipe, paper, suitable for most DIY Projects.

Elitexion Heavy Duty Utility Knife Blades

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The Elitexion heavy duty utility knife blades are manufactured from the highest quality steel, offering customers a set of replacement blades that will last through the toughest cuts and hardest practical applications, utility knife blades are sharp, precise, and rugged. The blades are perfectly suited to professional use and are some of the toughest blades available. They fit all standard sized utility knives. These blades are good to cut: boxes, paper, ropes, cables and plastic. The package includes 2 x 100 blades with storage dispenser.

The main features are: strong steel blade to sustain heavy duty jobs; cutting boxes, paper, plastic, ropes and cables; suitable for most standard utility knives and box cutter handles.

IRWIN Bi-Metal Blue Utility Knife Blades

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The IRWIN Bi-Metal Utility Blade, Multi-Pack, features 100 blades constructed with a sharp steel edge and flexible backing to create a shatterproof blade that retains its cutting edge three times longer than traditional carbide blades. The blades feature great performance and shatter-resistant ruggedness. The spring steel body has good flexibility to resist breakage under stress, and the high speed steel cutting edge resists dulling.
The main features are: these utility knife blades have a welded, bi-metal design for a sharp edge and flexible body; stays sharper than traditional utility blades; a shatter-resistant design adds safety.

Purchasing blades

It is good idea to get a durable and convenient knife, with exchangeable blades. The blades in sets showed here are of high quality and will last for long time. So it is hard to make here a bad choice.

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