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Motocross, also known as MX, is gaining immense popularity among racers and adventure enthusiasts. This dirt bike racing sport is where the riders compete on all kinds of off-road courses like mud, gravel, and grassy roads and take their biking experience to the next level.

Motocross is not about competing with other players as the road throws huge obstacles for us to beat. 

This adventure biking sport involves speed and thrill. Thus, when you participate in it, the risks of getting injured double. You will need to be fast at every stage, whether a sharp turn, curve, bumps, or hills. While careful riding can minimise the chance of a crash, you will need essential motocross gear to remain safe in the event of one. 

Motocross gear includes all the riding accessories you may wear while riding your bike. As the culture of this sport is increasing manifold, many enthusiasts want to get into it but unfortunately compromise on quality for the lower cost. We urge you to always go with high-quality gear over an inferior one. 

Here are a few reasons why choosing good-quality motocross gear can be a life-saving idea. 

Motocross Saftety

Best Safety Standards 

Choosing motocross gear of superior quality provides the best safety standards. The manufacturers produce essentials such as helmets, jackets, knee and elbow pads, etc., keeping in mind the kind of terrain you ride on. No wonder you may expect all the safety features and standards to offer you extra protection against all the odds. 

Durability to Vouch for 

When you buy your motocross gear from a reputed brand or manufacturer like MXstore, you may rest assured about its durability. These brands use a strong material in creating all kinds of accessories. These accessories outlive the other generic ones available in the market. The material’s durability makes it possible to go anywhere on rough terrains without tearing or damaging the gear. 

Value For Money Prices 

Who says you will have to spend a fortune to buy your favourite motocross gear? That’s untrue! Although the price of good-quality gear might be a little higher than the generic ones, it does not cost you too much. The accessories such as helmets, jackets, sunglasses, boots, elbow, and knee guards are a one-time investment. All you need to do is buy them once and use them for the longest time. 

Extensive Availability 

Good-quality motocross gear is not hard to find. They are widely available almost everywhere. Another good news – you can buy the best-quality motocross gear on the online platforms as well. Easy availability, home delivery, and amazing discounts are some perks of buying your gear online. 

What Essential Gear Should I Buy For Motocross Biking? 

You must put on all the essential gear before setting out on the road. Your dirt-biking kit should include the following accessories: 


A full-face helmet is the most important gear to offer extreme protection while riding. According to the World Health Organisation, head injuries are a leading cause of disability and death among motorcyclists, and 75 percent of these injuries lead to fatalities.

It is essential to choose the right helmet. A full-face helmet is the best choice for dirty biking as it protects your full face and comes with a jaw protector. Always check the helmet’s fit and buy the one that fits you snugly.

Motocross Boots

After motocross helmets, motocross boots are an essential protective gear to invest in. Racing boots are different from regular boots and are essential to offer protection to your ankles, shin, feet, and calves. When it comes to motocross, your legs are often exposed to injuries. Racing boots protect your feet from the impacts of crashing and save them from getting twisted or sprained.


Dirt bike gloves offer extreme protection against bruises, cuts, and abrasions. They also offer a better grip while riding your bike. The padding on the gloves lessens the vibration you feel in your hands, thus increasing your endurance and efficiency.

While buying gloves for dirt biking, ensure that they are made in stretchy and breathable fabric. You can pick any fabric – thick or thin, depending upon your preference. If you want extra protection while biking, choose gloves with additional padding. Ensure that the gloves are made using strong and abrasion-resistant material.


Motocross goggles offer ample protection to your eyes against the odds of the environment, such as dust, rain, wind, and debris, thus increasing your visibility. When you look for goggles, ensure that they fit snugly inside your helmet. Consider the right size of the goggles. Many manufacturers offer them large lenses to increase peripheral vision.

Always invest your money in good-quality goggles. The generic ones do not have enough ventilation, making the lenses fog. Check for the anti-fogging ventilation feature.

Nowadays, tinted goggles are very much in fashion. These goggles look good, but they also protect your eyes in the hot sun.

Neck Brace

Neck braces weren’t a popular choice among bikers in the past, but they have become a common sight at present. They help prevent multiple spinal cord injuries in case of falls and crashes. Many brands and manufacturers have started designing low-profile and comfortable neck braces to fit your neck to perfection.

Chest and Roost Protector

Chest protectors are made using sturdy materials. Although you may experience a little discomfort, in the beginning, you get used to wearing chest and roost protectors after a while. Chest protector offers you the much-needed peace of mind against any crash damage. It also acts as a roost deflector and shields your body from flying debris. Ensure that the armour provides proper ventilation and absorbs sweat.

 On the other hand, a roost protector is a light deflector that protects you from rocks and other debris present on the track. Many riders prefer roost protectors over the former because they are easy to wear and do not make you feel hot. But if your track is extremely dangerous, we suggest wearing a chest protector over the latter.


High-quality motocross gear not only protects you from injuries but also makes you look stylish when you ride on the road. Ensure that you include all the above-listed items in your motocross kit while buying from a reputed brand. Happy biking. 

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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