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D1S (D1R, D1C) Headlight Bulb

D1S belongs to a family of artificial light sources that rely on electrons to emit light. These are gas-discharge bulbs, and they use one or a few noble gases.

How to choose the right lamp size?

Check the user manual, the part number of your original lamps or search online for “auto lamp search”.

Select your car model in the filter system on the product detail page to check the fit. See “Notes”.

For example: “Notes: Dipped beam (with halogen capsule headlights)” means that our bulb is only suitable as a low beam for your car if your car is equipped with halogen capsule headlights.

Warm tips:

The filter system may not be 100% accurate or up to date. If you are not sure about the size, please confirm this with us before purchasing. Our lamps can function as low beams. High beam or fog light as long as the lamp size is the same. Most vehicles use separate lamps for high and low beam function (4 lamps in total).

This can be the different lamp sizes, which must be purchased separately.

Please note:

Please make sure that your original lamp is D1S. If your original is D3S, but the D1S lamp is installed, it will flicker.

D1S Bulb Best Choice

Best choice

Philips D1S Standard Authentic Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

4,9 Rating

Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance DOT compliant. Every authentic Philips Xenon HID headlight bulb features a Certificate of Authentication (CoA) on its packaging. You can verify the authenticity through the QR code on the CoA or through our website.

  • Life time – B3/Tc = 2000/3000
  • Color temperature – 4200

Best D1S HID Xenon Bulb

Top choice

Best D2S D2R LED Headlight Conversion Kit

VehiCode D1S D1R LED Headlight Conversion Kit

  • 4,9 Rating
  • 6000K White, 4200lms Per bulb
  • Plug-N-Play, 35W Per Bulb, Xenon HID Ballast Compatible
Check Price

Best Pick

Best D1S Bulbs

RCP D1S/ D1R 6000K Xenon HID Replacement Bulb

  • 4, 9 Rating
  • Service life more 2500 hours
  • About 3200 lumens, the halogen lamp about 1000 lumens
Check Price


Best D1S Bulbs

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense D1S Xenon HID Car Bulb

  • 4,7 Rating
  • COOL BLUE effect through even higher colour temperature (up to 6,000 Kelvin)
  • Xenon Extra Blue. Up to 20% more light.
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Best D1S D1R D1C LED Bulb

Best D1S Bulbs

Best D1S LED Conversion Kit

Best D2S D2R LED Headlight Conversion Kit

1. VehiCode D1S D1R LED Headlight Conversion Kit

35W and super bright 4200lms per bulb and 6000K white color. 90% HID beam accuracy

Best D1S Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

Best D1S Bulbs

1. Philips D1S Standard Authentic Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

Philips Original quality Xenon technology. Consumes less energy and enhances visibility on the road. Xenon HID lights deliver better light but consume less power. This offers drivers enhanced visibility while allowing the vehicle to save electrical power for other functions.

Best D1S Bulbs

2. Osram Intense Xenarc Cool Blue D1S Xenon Headlight Lamps

Compatible replacement for all HID/Xenon headlights accepting “D1S” bulbs. 2000 hour lifespan lasts 6-10 years under average daily use. 5500K color produces a pure white light. Meets and exceeds OE specifications for measured luminosity and reliability.

Best D1S Bulbs

3. RCP D1S/D1R 6000K Xenon HID Replacement Bulb

Three Times Brightness. Five Times the Product Lifetime. Environmental Protection. Precise Focal Length. Safety: oil-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant.

Best D1S Bulbs

4. OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense D1S Xenon HID Car Bulb

COOL BLUE effect through even higher colour temperature (up to 6,000 Kelvin), clearer outer bulb. Extra blue light through a special filling system used instead of conventional coatings. Improved visibility and response times compared to standard xenon lamps.

Best D1S Bulbs

5. Sinoparcel D1S Xenon HID Headlights Bulb

Produces light up to 3 times than halogen bulb, lumen of HID is up to 3200LM while lumen of halogen lamp is 800LM and lower watts. Waterproof, dustproof, oil-resistant, heat-resistant and wear-resistant can reduce the chance of rain leakage and short circuit.

Best D1S Bulbs

6. CAR ROVER D1S/D1C 8000K 35W Xenon HID Headlight Replacement Bulb

Ultra Bright Fused-quartz Xenon Bulb. Easy to Install and 100% Plug-N-Play. Support IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof Rating. Up to 30,000 Hours Long Lifespan. 300% Brighter than the 1000 Lumens Halogen Bulb of Vehicle.

Best D1S Bulbs

7. Philips WhiteVision gen2 Xenon headlight bulb D1S

Ultimate white effect to match other LEDs on your car. Up to 120% more vision in comparison with legal minimum standard. Greater contrast for improved visibility and safer driving. The ECE-certified Xenon WhiteVision gen2 provides road-legal intense white light.

Best D1S Bulbs

8. OSRAM Xenarc Night Breaker Laser D1S Xenon Car Headlight Bulbs

Maximum Performance xenon bulb. Up to 200% more brightness than standard. Light beam up to 250 metres in length. Road legal – ECE compliant. Premium quality, made in Germany.

Best D1S Bulbs

9. HID-Warehouse AC HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs

D1C fits Both D1R and D1S Replacement Bulb for your vehicle with Factory HID. Premium Metal Base – 100% Plug and Play Installation, no modification required. 100% Compatible – Direct Replacement for your Factory/Stock HID Headlight.

Best D1S Bulbs

10. XELORD D1S Xenon HID Headlights Bulb

Cost-effective Car HID Headlight Bulbs. The luminous flux of 35W D1S HID bulb are up to 5800LM per pair. Comfortable 6000K Pure White. Precise Focal Length. Worry-free Installation. Enhanced Durability & Shock Resistance. Extend the lifespan up to 3000 hrs.

Best Bulbs

11. CougarMotor HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs

Uses only 35W electric power and reduces power usage by 40 percent. High luminous efficacy Flux Up to 7600LM per pair. Compatible with existing D1S headlamp optics. Can be installed in 20 mins. Each bulb has a projected lifespan of 3,000 hours. IP67 waterproof.

Best D1S Headlight Bulb

Best D1S Bulbs

Features and rating of xenon d1s lamps

Xenon lamp D1S is used as a standard in the vast majority of cars where the manufacturer provides xenon light. This light is designed for installation in headlights with lens optics, unlike the D1R lamps designed for reflector headlights.

Full deciphering of the marking will look as follows:

  • D – xenon;
  • 1 – development number, modification;
  • S – for headlights with lens optics.

Structurally, the device is made in the form of a narrow bulb, equipped with a rather massive original base.

Best D1S Bulbs

The letter “D” in Xenon D1R stands for Discharge and indicates that it is a gas discharge lamp. The number “1” indicates that this is the first development version of the Xenon D1R type. The letter “R” indicates the type of glass bulb. A Xenon D1R socket is suitable for Xenon bulbs for headlights with reflector system. In contrast to the paraboloid headlamp, there is no diffusing lens. The entire illumination is based on a special design of the reflector, which allows cover lenses of clear glass or scratch-resistant plastic. The whole reflector is divided into partial segments by a computer control. This allows an optimal alignment and illumination of the roadway, because the light is always reflected downwards.


The brightness of most xenon bulbs is 3,200 lumens. This is significantly brighter than most lamps at home. For comparison, 250 to 300 lumens per square foot is recommended in bathrooms, kitchens, and study rooms. A 100-watt incandescent lamp shines at 1,380 lumens. Caution: Immediately after installing xenon bulbs, it takes about 15 hours of operation for them to develop their full luminosity. In technical jargon, this means that the xenon burners have to burn-in.

Light color

Light color, which is measured in Kelvin, is also visible: the bluer the light, the higher the Kelvin value.

Light color: The color scale ranges from red to blue, with yellow, white, and turquoise in between. Warm white light, used in living spaces, is less than 3,300 Kelvin. Universal white light is on a scale between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin. These values are recommended for study rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Daylight white light starts at 5,300 Kelvin. From 6,000 Kelvin, the light becomes bluish and is suitable for utility rooms. There are also xenon burners with a bluish light color. If we are talking about blue xenon burners, the light color is above 6,000 Kelvin.

What distinguishes xenon burners from halogen or LED lights in tests?

Halogen bulbs, LED bulbs and xenon bulbs are the three front runners installed as headlights in vehicles. The function of xenon lamps has now been explained in detail, culminating in a number of benefits, such as brighter light similar to daylight, sleeker design, greater range, and optimal road illumination. Higher costs and the problem that more wiper water will be needed to prevent stray light are the manageable disadvantages of xenon burners. Xenon bulbs score particularly well in the service life category.

For comparison – these are the advantages and disadvantages of halogen lamps.


  • inexpensive and usually part of the basic equipment;
  • easy to maintain and service;
  • pleasant light.


  • low range;
  • lack of brightness.

For comparison – these are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps:


  • attractive design;
  • light similar to daylight;
  • good lifetime.


  • not part of the standard equipment;
  • not individually replaceable.

Best D1S Bulb Video

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