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Auto PartsGlossary

What is CANBUS or CAN

What is CANBUS or CAN and how does it work? CAN (Controller Area Network) or CANBUS is designed primarily to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. CAN was originally developed for automotive applications. Modern cars have up to 70 electronic control…

Viscosity Modifier what is this?

Viscosity modifier is an additive used in lubricants and greases to change their viscosity, or thickness. It is also known as a thickener. Viscosity modifiers are added to oils to make them thicker, which can improve the performance of the lubricant, especially under high-temperature or heavy-load conditions.

What is the fuel injection system in a car?

Fuel injection system - a fuel supply system installed on modern gasoline engines to replace the outdated carburetor system. Engines with this system are called injector engines. In the injector system, fuel injection into the airflow is performed by special injectors located either in place of the carburetor (intake manifold)…