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Best brake pads

Brake pads should be routinely checked and examined by an expert at the slightest sign of a problem. One part that needs to be changed regularly on your vehicle is the brake pads. That is why we took the time to write this article to give you more information about the best brake pads and ceramic brake pads on the market.

Best car brake pads

Best choice

Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

QuietCast Bosch brake pads use materials of the highest quality. They work on cars, light trucks and SUVs. You do not have to worry about your brakes making unnecessary noise because their OE rubber washers ensure a smooth ride no matter how often you put your foot on the brake. These pads come with hardware and lubricants to ensure that you perform a complete braking job every time.

4,9 Rating
Quiet design. Environmentally friendly
Works for most makes and models

Top rated car brakes

Top choice

ACDelco Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

4,8 Rating
Ideal for reducing the hardness of the brakes
Safe and reliable for many vehicles

Best choice

Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

4, 9 Rating
Quiet design. Environmentally friendly
Works for most makes and models


Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Kit

4,7 Rating
Increased service life. Dust-free experience
Gentle stopping. Fast braking

The best brake pads for cars

Best car brakes

Best rated brake pads for cars

1. Akebono ACT1336 Brake Pad Set

2. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

3. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Set

4. ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware

5. Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

6. Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

7. Bosch BC1281 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

The best automotive brake pads

Which brand of brake pads is the best?

If you are like most people, you probably take very good care of your vehicle. You keep the oil changed, the engine tuned and the exterior of your car has an amazing shine. Not to mention the fact that your interior has redesigned the showroom. However, not all this will matter if your car does not stop when you hit the brakes. Read our new review about Best car buffers and polishers!

Best brake pads for money

1. Akebono ACT1336 Brake Pad Set

Buy Akebono ACT1336 Brake Pad Set

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If you are looking for the best replacement brake pads for your commuter car, the Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pad set is for you. This high-quality ceramic brake pad set gives you exceptional braking performance, durability and quality.

Exquisite quality is present in the design of the Akebono brake pad set and has received DOT certification for quality at OE level. Akebono’s ProACT ceramic friction formulation helps eliminate virtually all noise, vibration and roughness (NVH), making these pads extremely smooth and quiet during operation. They are also designed to be protected against fading, produce little dust, reduce rotor wear and require no break-in phase. This makes them perfect for consumers looking for a problem-free brake pad set with superior performance and durability.

These ceramic brake pads have very few defects, the most notable of which is the limited hardware supplied with this set – pads and washers only. It is also worth noting that these ceramic brake pads are not recommended for aggressive road or track use, so hardcore transmissions may want to consider a high performance brake pad set. For the majority of drivers, however, these are the best brake pads for your needs.


  • Precise European braking experience
  • Improved brake pedal feel
  • Excellent upgrade of OE brake pads
  • NVH control: noise vibration and roughness
  • Cleaning the wheels


  • Ceramic brake pads are not suitable for all vehicles.

2. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Buy Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Ceramic brakes offer excellent braking performance, wear over time and are lightweight. They also dissipate heat well, keep dust low and keep performance high. In addition, Bosch brake pads feature OE-style prefabricated rubber core washers that reduce pad noise.

This brand is well suited for vehicles from Germany, Asia and Europe. The protective transfer layer extends the life of the linings and rotors of your Bosch brake pads.

QuietCast Bosch brake pads use materials of the highest quality. They work on cars, light trucks and SUVs. You do not have to worry about your brakes making unnecessary noise because their OE rubber washers ensure a smooth ride no matter how often you put your foot on the brake. These pads come with hardware and lubricants to ensure that you perform a complete braking job every time.

Bosch has been active in the brake business since 1936. They were the ones who introduced anti-lock braking technology to the market, together with electronic stability control systems. The object weighs only one pound, making it very light. It measures 4.9×4.1×3.4 inches. Bosch brake pads also have an optimal design that mimics OE grooves and chamfers.

This item has been developed, tested and manufactured in North America. Their positive-fold manufacturing process comes from OE manufacturing and provides better control over brake pad quality and performance. Not only that, but your product is manufactured to use more renewable resources, which has a positive impact on the environment.


  • Quiet design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works for most makes and models


  • Warranty information could not easily be found.
  • Some buyers complained about noises, despite the announced silence.

3. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Set

Buy Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Set

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Akebono ACT905 ProAct is considered the best ultra-premium ceramic brake pad available. It is an improved version for organic, low metal and semi metal brake pads.

The product dominates the ultra-premium ceramic brake pad market due to its innovative properties. Moreover, it is always a carefree choice for all types of vehicles on the market.

These brake pads have a good reputation in terms of removing roughness, vibration and noise. This means your car stays quiet and quiet when fitted with Akebono ACT905 ProAct brake pads.

Many brake pads tend to tear rotors. In other words, a number of brake pads available on the market shorten the life of the rotors. However, Akebono brake pads are very friendly to the brake discs. Therefore, these pads allow a long life of the brake discs.

Akebono brake pads ensure a longer life not only of the brake discs, but also of the brake pads. In fact, these pads are so strong that they are not easy to carry.

For all the above characteristics, the pads stand out from the competition and ensure a carefree life with regard to the braking system of your favorite car.


  • Increased service life
  • Dust-free experience
  • Gentle stopping
  • Fast braking
  • Comparatively low price


  • The pads are not compatible with all types of cars.

4. ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware

Buy ACDelco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware

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If you do not want to spend a fortune on a ceramic brake pad set, but still need one, look at ACDelco’s offers. The fit is not as perfect as the manufacturer might suggest, but that is usually the only difficulty in spending less on brake pads. You may need to make some changes to make them fit.

In addition, they feature high-quality ceramics, a semi-metallic surface and an organic formula for less dust than other brake pads. They also have basic washers, slots and chamfers.

These ceramic brake pads are by no means perfect, but they are safe and reliable for many different vehicles. They are also affordable, not as noisy as other brake pads for sale, and minimize vibration. Essentially, they offer a much more comfortable driving and braking experience than you would if you chose conventional pads.

The seal of the business is how they come with all the mounting hardware you need, and they reduce the brake hardness. Some people may be disappointed with the fit, but if you are lucky, you may find that they are more than suited to your needs.


  • Affordable to buy
  • Safe and reliable for many vehicles
  • They are not as loud as other brakes.
  • They minimize vibrations
  • Ideal for reducing the hardness of the brakes
  • You can install it directly from the box.
  • They will be delivered with all hardware for the installation.


  • They do not always match all models as they are advertised.

5. Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Buy Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

View on Amazon

Today, one of three Asian, national, and European vehicles in North America is equipped with Bosch brake components. Bosch has been an important player in the brake industry since the registration of the first design of a brake system in 1936. Bosch introduced anti-lock braking technology and electronic stability control systems to the market. With the Bosch QuietCast Premium disc brake linings, Bosch is now bringing over 70 years of OE brake expertise to the aftermarket. The QuietCast Premium disc brake pad program offers the highest quality, availability, competitive prices, and complete coverage for all makes and models of national, Asian, and European passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and SUVs. Formulations include platform-specific copper-free ceramics and semi-metals that comply with the copper-free legislation of 2025. With “Science behind the Silence” QuietCast takes aftermarket brake pad technology to a completely new level. Bosch QuietCast Premium disc brake pads use innovative materials that guarantee the highest level of quality. Bosch integrated its best OE-style rubber core to ensure quiet operation. QuietCast delivers the quiet operation you expect with the durability and longevity that characterizes all Bosch products. QuietCast is supplied complete with hardware (where available) and lubricant to perform complete braking work the first time and every time.

QuietCast takes brake pad technology in the aftermarket to a completely new level. Uses the industry’s best-prefabricated and rubber-elastic washer technology. QuietCast offers the quiet operation you and your customers expect with the durability and longevity that characterizes all Bosch products.


  • Bosch is dedicated to the development of platform-specific premium materials that guarantee exceptional braking force and quiet operation with a low dust content.
  • Quiet operation with multilayer rubber core film provides increased strength and noise reduction.
  • Advanced aerospace alloy used in the patented copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic friction formula complies with 2025 Copper Free legislation.
  • Protective transfer coating extends pad and rotor life
  • Slots and chamfers for highest quality, fit and function; hardware kit (if available) and synthetic lubricant included to perform complete brake work.


  • None

6. Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

Buy Wagner QuickStop ZD866 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

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QuickStop brake pads are developed by Wagner’s OE engineers and certified in the USA to ensure reliable factory brake performance. These brake pads are manufactured from OE friction compounds and configurations and feature washers, chamfers, slots and wear sensors that conform to original equipment to ensure they conform to OE standards. These parts feature application-specific washers for improved NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) control, as well as specially designed chamfers and slots that effectively reduce noise. QuickStop brake pads are 100% OE post-hardened to ensure uniform friction performance throughout their life. OE lubricant included; hardware kits included if required.


  • Optimum braking performance
  • Application specific design reduces noise causing vibrations
  • 100% OE hardened for smooth braking throughout the life of the pad.
  • Contains OE lubricant.
  • Low copper 2021-compliant ceramic formulation


  • None

7. Bosch BC1281 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Buy Bosch BC1281 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

View on Amazon

Brake pads take part in a complex process in which your vehicle slows down or comes to a standstill. Each time they are used, the brake pads are subjected to an enormous load. At a certain age, the brake pads start to wear out and become less efficient, so that you can no longer stop the vehicle as quickly as before. Bosch is pleased to introduce a new series of QuietCast Premium disc brake pads that use innovative materials to ensure ultimate braking power, extremely quiet braking and longer pad life. Bosch QuietCast Premium brake pads feature the industry’s best pre-assembled rubber core washers, ensuring the highest quality rubber-steel bond, resulting in less noise, higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Exclusively Bosch offers this washer design as this is the most commonly used type by OEMs.


  • Direct fit
  • Developed for the OE style
  • Powder coated backing plate prevents rust and corrosion for longer cushion life.
  • All are integrally molded for increased cushion stability and durability.
  • Molded design
  • OE-style rubber core plates provide the best bond between rubber and steel, resulting in less noise, increased strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Molded spacer technology ensures that the spacer remains secured with rubber cores throughout the life of the brake pad to ensure maximum stability and quiet spacer performance.
  • Synthetic lubricant included for easy installation
  • 100% copper-free, high-tech friction material


  • None

Car Brake Pad Price

Buying instructions for brake pads

Buying brake pads is not as easy as picking up and buying the first brake pads, you encounter that fit your vehicle. There is really a lot to consider when buying brake pads.

How to buy the right brake pads

Here are some general brake pad properties that you should consider before buying your brake pad:

How much is car brake pads

Car Brake Pad Price

Brake pads are available in all possible designs, price classes and qualities. When you shop, when you look at prices, make sure you compare apples to apples. You will often find comparable brake pads where one is much cheaper than the other will. The price does not always indicate the quality of the brake pads, but in general, the more expensive pads seem to have a slightly better quality.


Brake pads are by no means a standard size for all types of car parts. It is extreme when you order them that you get the exact model part that fits your vehicle. There are many online guides and any auto parts seller can also help you.

Pad Type

There are several different types of brake pads. Here are some of them and a brief overview of their characteristics. The two most common types are semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads, which we will discuss in more detail in the brake pads Q & A section.


You can buy these good quality brake pads at an affordable price. They wear very well, but they can be loud and release a lot of brake dust when used.


These are undoubtedly the best brake pads currently available on the market. They stop a vehicle quickly, are quiet and produce very little brake dust. As you can expect, they are also the most expensive brake pads on the market.

Brake Pads Low metallic

These brake pads do a good job of bringing your vehicle to a standstill. The bad thing about them is that they get very loud over time. They also give off a lot of brake dust because they dissolve quickly.

Brake Pads Organic

These really tend to be the potpourri of brake pads and you can find all the different non-metallic components in them. They are inexpensive, but tend to wear very quickly.

Brake Pads  Thickness

Brake linings are a wear part and as such it is obvious that the thicker a brake lining is, the longer the wear will last. So pay attention to the thickness between the different brands, because you will definitely notice a difference.

Easy to install

You want your brake pads to be installed as smoothly as possible. To do this, look for a complete kit that has everything you need like washers to make adjustments.

Are ceramic or metallic brake pads better?

There are several ways to replace your brake pads. Over the years, brake pads have evolved from asbestos to organic, semi-metallic and ceramic. Understanding the difference between the options is the key to optimizing your driving experience and protecting your vehicle.

Brake Pads Ceramics

The ceramic brake pads introduced in the 1980s consist of a mixture of super-strong ceramic and copper fibers embedded in the pad mixture. The ceramic blends and copper fibers allow the ceramic pads to withstand higher braking temperatures with less heat loss, achieve faster recovery after stopping and produce less dust.

What is the best brake pads ceramic or metallic?


  • Quieter than semi-metallic pads
  • Produces less dust than semi-metallic pads, resulting in cleaner wheels.
  • Longer durability than semi-metallic pads because of improved durability.


  • More expensive in advance than semi-metallic pads
  • Usually causes more wear on brake rotors than metallic ones.
  • Not recommended for racing or heavy towing.

Brake Pads Semi-metallic

Brake Pads Semi-metallic brake pads are produced with metal fibre components in the brake pad mixture. High-quality semi-metallic pads contain fine metal fibers, while lower, cheaper quality pads contain larger, coarser metal components.


  • Effective grip even in the cold – ideal for colder climates and driving habits that require short rides.
  • Cheaper than ceramic pads
  • Typically simpler for rotors than ceramic pads
  • Available as track-ready and heavy-duty towing recipes


  • Louder than ceramic pads
  • Create more black dust adhering to the wheels.
  • Shorter life than ceramic pads

If you tow a lot, race your car regularly, live in a colder climate or make frequent short trips without enough time to warm up your brake pads, semi-metallic pads are for you. If you live in a warmer climate, spend a lot of time on the road and tend not to pull heavy loads, ceramic brake pads are the better choice. However, always contact the manufacturer of your vehicle for recommendations.

Which brake pads have the best stopping power?

Function of a brake pad

When the wheels of your car turn, your brake discs also turn to the right. To stop your car, you must apply friction to the brake discs to stop the movement of your car’s wheels. Brake pads are the components responsible for the friction of the rotors. Brake pads are typically housed in a caliper that presses your pads against your rotors each time you press the brake pedal. As you can imagine, two materials that often rub against each other at high speeds generate considerable heat that can wear pads and affect braking performance (in the form of brake fading). Because of the way they are used, the pads are a wearing part that is replaced more than any other component in the braking system.

Best brake pad brands

When it comes to choosing a replacement kit of brake pads for your vehicle, there are many brands to choose from. To make your search easier, we have put together our three most popular brands, which we highly recommend as they have worked for us over the years.


Brembo Brake Pad is known for its commitment to motorsport, and the benefits of this knowledge flow right through to the spare parts available for your vehicle. They have simple good quality old replacement pads, and also make brake calipers and complete brake kits to give your vehicle more braking power. Enthusiasts know them for their large brake sets, vented and cross-drilled rotors, and variety of high performance brake pads. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a range of Brembos.


Powerstop brake pads offer a range of brake pads from simple OEM replacement to high performance parts. Whether you just need something to drive or want to upgrade to more braking power, they offer pads and rotors to fit your vehicle. They also offer complete kits and brake sensors to complete your replacement. Their quality is consistently good, and they are often requested by drivers who like to drive on the track or at autocross events because of their performance value.


EBC Brake Pad has a product line that includes OEM spare parts and high-end racing components for most vehicles. Their parts are budget-friendly and are characterized by consistently high quality. They offer pad replacement sets or complete pad and rotor sets for most vehicles. They color-mark their various pads, with EBC Greenstuff and EBC Redstuff brake pads being the most popular with performance-oriented drivers who want to use their car on the road. It is hard to do anything wrong with a set of EBC pads.

What brake pads last the longest?

Semi-metallic, all-metallic and ceramic brake pads are typically the most durable brake pads available on the market, but organic brake pads tend to wear your rotors and discs slower than other materials.

How do I choose the best brake pads?

1. Choose between bound and riveted friction material. All brakes must be equipped with a softer friction material attached to the thicker metal carrier plate. Brake manufacturers use two methods to attach the friction material to the backing plate: gluing or riveting with high-strength rivets.

There is no clearly superior method of attaching the friction material, but the bonding makes the brakes last a little longer because when the friction material is worn out, the rivets make contact with the brake discs or drums and squeak a little when they are almost worn out. If you hear the squeaking of rivets coming into contact with the rotors or drums during braking, it is time to change the brakes.

2. When choosing a brake pad material, consider your driving requirements. When purchasing replacement brake pads or shoes, you must make a choice about the material they are made of. At this point, you need to determine how strong your brake requirements are. Some things to consider are:

    • How mountainous is your ride?
    • How hot is the climate you live in?
    • What traffic patterns do you travel in?
    • How tolerant are you of brakes that squeak a little?
    • Do you pull a trailer behind your vehicle?
    • Do you deal with deep puddles in winter or the rainy season?

3. Decide between organic, semi-metallic, all-metal and ceramic brake lining materials: Before you decide on a brake lining to shoe material, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each one.
Choose semi-metallic brake pads for normal driving. Semi-metallic brake pads are usually a good all-round solution for local transport vehicles and are very inexpensive.
5. Check the entire brake system when replacing the brake pads. It is always advisable to consider the entire brake system when you carry out repairs yourself or have them carried out by a workshop.
6. The brake pads cannot be more effective than the quality of the rotors they touch and the main/ secondary cylinders that retract and extend the pads to perform their functions.

What kind of brake pads are the best?

So which brake pad is the best choice for you when you choose between ceramic brake pads and semi-metallic or organic brake pads? It really depends on what ride you expect from your vehicle, combined with your personal driving style. If you have a high performance sports car, or at least drive your car as if it were one, you are probably best off choosing semi-metallic brake pads. On the other hand, if you commute a lot in the city, you may find a solid ceramic brake pad to be the better option. If you do not put much mileage on your vehicle, an organic brake pad might be the best and cheapest option for your driving habits.

How do I know when my brake pads need changing?

Every time you apply your vehicle’s brakes, you cause tiny amounts of wear to your brake pads. With all types of brake pads, ceramic, organic and metallic, this friction causes small amounts of the protective layer to be removed from the brake pad. Over time, this deterioration begins to add up: As your brake pads become thinner and thinner, they eventually reach the point where they should be replaced. Here are some tips you should look for to know when to replace the pads:


In general, the first sign a driver will notice is a squeaky, squeaky or whining noise when the brakes are activated. This noise is caused by a small, metallic washer indicator integrated into your brake pad for this purpose. If you hear it regularly when braking, it is probably time to take your car to a brake specialist for inspection.

When brakes are exposed to wet, damp conditions, such as after a rainstorm, a thin layer of dust can form on the brake pads and cause a very similar squeaking noise when braking. If a noise disappears after the first few brakes, this is a good indicator that it was just a little rust on the pad and not a replacement.


You can also visually inspect your brake pads to see if it is time to have them replaced. Look through your tire spokes and you should see how your brake pad is pressed against your brake rotor. If the pad is less than ¼ inches thick (about 3 millimeters), you should consider checking your brakes, especially if it has been a long time since you last checked it.


If you hear a deep, quiet noise that sounds like metal loops or a growling growl, it can be a sign that not only your brake pads are worn, but that your brake discs and calipers are in contact. Since this metal-to-metal contact can very quickly cause further damage to your brake system, you should take your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible when you hear this type of noise.


Some vehicles have an indicator light on the dashboard that indicates when it is time to replace the brake pads. Check the owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with the low-pad warning system. Remember that when the light is on, you must have your mechanic replace the light sensors and brake pads.

Best car brakes Video

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