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Car Bulbs

You choose a new bulb for your car to replace a burned out one. We’ll tell you which ones to buy and what to consider when replacing them. Which is better to choose – with increased brightness or with a longer service life.

What type of base do I need?

When a bulb burned out in the headlight and it must be replaced, the question arises – what to buy. What headlight bulb should I choose? The first thing to do is to determine the type of bulb, its socket. They come in different sizes: H1 bulb, H7 bulb, H4 bulb. And what do I need for my car? The easiest option is to take it out of the headlight and take it to the store – they will pick up the necessary one.

If this option is not acceptable, you can look in the technical documentation for the car. Usually, the last pages have tables of all lamps in the car and the corresponding socket type. The third option is to go to an authorized dealer, who knows exactly what bulb you need.

Best car bulbs

If the bulb in the headlight is burned out, you need to change only in pairs – right and left at once. Do not save, because the used bulb shines worse, it has less light output compared to the new. And it is not clear how two different bulbs will shine, even if they are from the same manufacturer.

When choosing should not save money – buy products from reputable companies. Among the well-known companies are: Philips, Osram, SYLVANIA, GE.

What to choose if you want it to shine for a long time and illuminate the road well?

There are no miracles. The luminous flux depends on the voltage of the on-board network, the higher it is, the better the bulb works. But this negatively affects durability. There are bulbs with increased life, but they illuminate badly. But there are lamps with increased luminous flux, which, according to the manufacturer, illuminate 50% brighter. The charge for brightness will be a reduced lamp life.

You can put a LED lamp instead of a regular one. Good LED lamps, which give good illumination, cost from $50 per set. Note that the temperature of LED lamps is less, which means that the headlight glass can fog. You always have to pay for the beauty!)

For people, the most pleasant light is the one with a color temperature from 4000 to 6500 K. It gives white daylight. In the rain, snow, or fog it is not that good, so lamps with a color temperature less than 3000 K are needed. What to choose then? It is optimal to use lamps with a temperature of 3000 or 3500 K in the fog lights, for headlamps you should choose a car lamp with a temperature not lower than 4000 K.

Lamps with a temperature of about 4200 – 4500 K provide optimum white light. If the luminescence of about 3500 K – is clearly distinguishable yellow shade. And the color above 5000 K, gives a bluish tint. Yes, if you are going to buy a headlight bulb, read our reviews! We tried for you.