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H27 881 bulbs are used in the fog lights of the car. Fog lamps are very useful for night driving, especially on winding roads and mountain ranges and in rural areas. Many consider fog lamps a valuable investment. With LED fog lamps, drivers can drive for an entire night without any safety concerns because the road is illuminated with bright, intense light.

Many vehicles have front and rear fog lights that operate independently of the headlights for use in fog, adverse weather conditions or other times when visibility is extremely reduced.

The H27 base comes in two types:

  1. H27, type 1, also labeled 880, straight base
  2. H27, type 2, also labeled 881, curved base

Best Universal H27 881 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Best choice

Cougar Motor LED Bulbs Conversion Kit - 880, 881

Cougar Motor LED Bulbs Conversion Kit with high light output: up to 10,000 LM per pair. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with most vehicle computer systems without error.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • Suitable for: 880, 881, 893, 899
  • Cool White 6000K
  • Flux Up to 10000 LM per pair

Top rated 881 LED Fog lamps

1. Auxbeam 881 Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series

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2. BEAMTECH 881 Led Fog Light Bulb

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3. NINEO 881 LED Fog Light Bulbs

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Best rated 881 LED Fog Bulbs

1. MAXGTRS 881 100W 3570 CSP-Chips

2. Alla Lighting 889 881 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

3. Auxbeam 881 Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series LED Headlights

4. BEAMTECH 881 Led Fog Light Bulb

5. NINEO 881 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Best 881 Led fog light bulbs

1. MAXGTRS 881 100W 3570 CSP-Chips

Buy MAXGTRS 881 100W 3570 CSP-Chips

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Decent lights, but two problems. First, they consume 100 watts each, which is crazy for an LED light. Most vehicles only use a 50 or 65-watt bulb for this application, so you run the risk of burning your socket and/or wiring if you do not limit the current flow. It could even melt the housing.

They are very bright. In addition, the installation is quick and everything fits. These lamps are error-free and looks clean and shiny.

These things make an IMPOSSIBLE difference when driving on the road.


  • There are no dark spots or shadow areas, perfect performance in poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust or snow. 360-degree full angle light gives you an amazing effect of the beamed light.
  • Plug and Play, petite design means installation is as easy as a halogen lamp. Install these bulbs in only 5-10 minutes, without any further modifications or alterations!
  • Integrated Aerospace aluminum material shape provides efficient heat dissipation, built-in intelligent IC driver makes the lamp more stable and durable, highly waterproof to IP68, fast thermal diffusion, heat resistant, no digital and VHF radio signal interference, up to 20,000 hours of long operating time.
  • 24 month unlimited warranty to make your return or exchange easy


  • The light is scattered everywhere and not focused

2. Alla Lighting 889 881 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

Buy Alla Lighting 889 881 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

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This listing includes a pair (2 pieces) of extremely super bright 881 LED fog or daytime running lights ( DRL ), each 881 LED bulb is equipped with 10 pieces of high power Osram 5W chips, 881 6000K Xenon white LED bulbs with projector lens.

Each 881 LED fog light bulb has about 1000 lumens, total 2000 lumens for both LED 881 bulbs.

Fits into the 881-wedge socket, specially designed to upgrade the standard Halogen or HID 881 fog lamps or to replace daytime running lights (DRL) to increase driving safety and improve the appearance of your vehicle. Specially developed for upgrading the standard 881 halogen/bulb for fog lamps for much more brightness and safe driving on rainy, foggy or snowy days.

For most cars, only plug-n-play, easy installation, no ballast required. However, some European cars require additional load resistors to avoid the problem of flashing or error code.
Cross-reference number: 881 862 886 894 896 898, etc.


  • Built-in intelligent IC driver & 6063 aerospace aluminum material for best heat dissipation and longer life.
  • Operating power: 8.5W, Volt: 12V ~ 24V; waterproof IP67; optional colors: 6000K Xenon White / 3000K Amber Yellow / 8000K Ice Blue
  • For upgrading halogen/incandescent lamps 881.881L.881X.889.862.894.894X.896.898.886.888.888.H27 fog lamps for much more luxury and visibility.


  • These are at best closer to the 900lm’s. It is really best to start from the wattage of the bulb and proceed from there.

3. Auxbeam 881 Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series LED Headlights

Buy Auxbeam 881 Led Headlight Bulbs F-S3 Series LED Headlights

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Imported CSP chips with high power, 3 luminous surfaces (270/360 degrees), no blind zone. The technical light pattern distributes soft white light evenly on the road without dark spot/fog light. 6500K white light provides the best visibility while driving to clearly see the road situation in all weather conditions. 270-degree cut-off angle with cut-off line, does not dazzle oncoming traffic. All-in-one heat conduction + high-speed mute fan system keeps the bulb at a reasonable operating temperature. Constant current instant start, no circuit interference and no electromagnetic radiation


  • Each bulb has 12 pieces of high power LED chips from Philips CSP. 72W (36W/bulb) 8000LM (4000lm/bulb) provide a long – wide light pattern without dark spots and fog.
  • More than 30,000 hours of life at an operating temperature of -40-80 degrees Celsius. This means that these lamps can function in any hostile environment.
  • Intelligent heat dissipation system with aluminium profiles for aviation, high-speed cooling fans to prevent overheating, making you much safer to drive at night.
  • All-in-one heat conduction + high-speed mute fan system keeps the bulb at a reasonable operating temperature.


  • You cannot directly switch between high and low.

4. BEAMTECH 881 Led Fog Light Bulb

Buy BEAMTECH 881 Led Fog Light Bulb

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These lamps are only intended for use in fog lamps and have a modest output of 800 lumens, but users report that they are quite bright and white. They live for over 10,000 hours and are considered to have a fairly long life.
The one-year warranty seems a bit limited, and some buyers have to replace them often, so be aware that they are not the most durable options. Some users also report that the beam pattern has a blind spot.


  • Each lamp has 6 SEOUL Z8Y19 high performance CSP chips, lower power consumption than halogen lamps, energy saving, it can provide more light output with much less power consumption.
  • Lifetime :> 10000 working hours.320 degrees of illumination, gives an amazing effect of the emitted light.
  • Cold-pressed aluminum heat sink: -35% higher heat reduction. – Advanced design optimized for heat protection and uniform brightness output. – Efficient spacing and an aerospace aluminum heat sink ensure maximum LED lamp life.
  • Compatible mounting dimensions and polarity-free design, easy installation, plug & play only. Carefully designed beam angle: Same angle as halogen lamps, but better illumination results.


  • Questionable longevity

5. NINEO 881 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Buy NINEO 881 LED Fog Light Bulbs

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By using custom CREE chips, each LED headlight bulb can emit up to 5090 lux and 6000 lumens at 6500k extremely white light with perfect light distribution, 5 times brighter than conventional halogen lamps, surpassing 95% of lower intensity LEDs and HID kits available on the market. In addition to brightness, we have developed the latest 360-degree fully adjustable mounting collar. You can easily make an angle adjustment for the correct alignment of the lamp sockets to get the perfect light output and light distribution. By using an ultra-thin side design, the side surface of the LED is only 3.45mm; we ensure a uniform 360 degree light without any dark spots, offer a wider viewing angle and ensure your safety. Unique uncovered double ball bearing fan design, combined with 12,000 rpm, and built with a double folded copper core heat dissipater, ensures maximum heat dissipation, allowing the NINEO headlamp to shine for up to 50,000 hours. The heat sink section is only 23.5mm long, fits 95% of the vehicle, after installation there is enough space for the headlight to breathe. Can be installed in 20 minutes, plug and play. In addition, we offer 1 year warranty and lifetime support.


  • Each 881-fog bulb has 6 pieces of CSP LED chips @800LM with projection technology that increases light density and distance, ensures a bright light and naturally illuminates the street in front of the building.
  • The aluminium alloy design ensures maximum heat dissipation and extends the life of the lamp to over 50,000 hours.
  • Can be installed in 20 minutes. Note: For vehicles with CANBUS system, a load resistor kit may be required to bypass the error codes.
  • Only used to replace fog lights, suitable for Ford Escape 2001-2004, Escort 1990-2002, etc.
  • One-year warranty and lifetime support.


  • None

Best 881 fog light bulb

Fog lamps are available in all shapes and sizes to meet the needs of individuals. Depending on your requirements, you should be able to use this list to select the best fog lamps for your vehicle. These fog lamps will be included in a ranking list, where their design, performance and value in them will be compared.

Misty weather creates beautiful illusions and plays bizarre tricks on your eyes.

It creates a mystery by blurring your vision. You could rub your eyes and cleanse your vision to see what is going on. However, foggy weather only reveals a little and leaves the rest to your imagination.

You may enjoy a misty morning walking barefoot across the grass in your backyard at sunrise. However, if you drive and the fog impairs your vision, it becomes a dangerous undertaking for which you may have to pay with your life.

A fog light can help you brighten the path and eliminate the darkness. By installing the best fog light in your car, you can take a big step towards safety on the way to work or when driving early in the morning.

What is the purpose of an LED fog lamp?

If you have not really dealt with fog lights before, you may not know why LED lights are very beneficial when you go out for a drive in rough weather. For one thing, LED lights do not reflect fog. Conventional headlights usually reflect the fog back to you and eventually block your view. Therefore, if you use the best LED fog lights for cars, you do not have to worry about being dazzled.

Another advantage of the LED fog light bulb is its longer life, as LEDs are generally more energy efficient than halogens. If you are going on a long journey and it is snowing or foggy, you will be safe with the best LED bulbs 2020 for the entire long journey.

For these two reasons, we can definitely say that an LED fog light is a good investment if you are in a country or state where fog is quite common.

How to choose the best fog lamps

1. Compatibility

What is the point of buying a blinker if it does not fit in your vehicle?

Fog lamps are mounted on car bumpers, you should check if your bumper has enough space for this device.

Also, make sure that your vehicle has the necessary current and voltage to supply the headlights with power. Before buying a fog light, check that your car model is compatible with it.

2. Type

Three types of fog lamps are currently available on the market.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) uses electrically charged xenon gas to produce intense brightness and a high light pattern. They are more expensive and more durable than typical halogen light.

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights consume less power and generate less heat. You can install these indicators and forget about changing them for a long time, because soon you will not need a replacement.

Halogen lamps work by heating a filament with electricity. Car owners use this standard light because of its super low price. However, they are less effective than HID or Led LIGHTS.

3. Color temperature

You can choose from a wide range of different colors of blinkers.

Yellow or amber light with a temperature of less than 3000 Kelvin gives us a stress-free view even after long use.

Blue light is also eye soothing and its temperature is above 6000 Kelvin.

White LED lights with a temperature of 6000 Kelvin are most popular because of their elegant appearance and improved visibility.

4. Brightness

A bright and clear fog light makes your car visible to other drivers without blinding their eyes. The basic unit for measuring the amount of light an LED bulb can produce is called lumen. The range of these lights varies from 1000 to 3000 lumens. The light is bundled more strongly when it has a higher amount of lumen. Halogen and HID lamps are measured in volts.

5. Wattage

The wattage is used to measure how energy efficient these lights are.

Blinkers that produce intense light consume a lot of electricity because they need more electricity. On the other hand, if you install a low wattage light in your car, you may have some money in your pocket, but the fog lights are not as bright and focused as they need to be.

Overall, LED blinkers produce the brightest light and use less electricity.

6. Easy installation

Choose a light that can be easily installed in your vehicle. There is always the risk of damaging your car or breaking the lights if installation is too difficult. It is better to choose a user-friendly, plug-in fog lamp that comes with all the necessary cables and equipment for installation.

7. Durability

If you live in a cold area, you will most likely use your fog light frequently. Choose a light that is robust and durable. The average life of an LED light is 50,000 hours. HID lights last about 5000 hours, and the life of a halogen is 500 hours.

Yellow fog lights, are they really better in fog?

For many years it was believed that yellow light is less refracted by humidity due to its relatively long wavelength and that drivers can see further in fog. I think we’ve all experienced that when it’s foggy or snowy you drive with your high beam on and it becomes difficult to see further.

This is because the light is refracted and scattered by the molecules in the air. Although it is true that yellow light has a relatively long wavelength, it is negligible when it is particles the size of rain, snow and fog.

In other words, it does not really do anything. Actually, if you take the scientific route, red light has the longest wavelength, so we should all drive around in fog with red fog lights, right? Wrong.

Now that we have that out of the way, why are there still yellow fog lights? Because yellow fog lights look fantastic! If people want them, the car manufacturers and the spare part manufacturers will continue to make them.

Another very interesting fact is that the light that is most visible to the human eye has a color temperature of 5800K. In other words, the color of the light that is emitted from the sun. Imagine that.

Therefore, you have to make a choice. Do you want the view from the driver’s seat or what looks cool from the outside when you look inside? There is no right answer. The fact is that yellow light is not bad for the eye, it is just not ideal.

Therefore, the compromise is minimal. If you want to be visible at night and in fog, look for a light bulb that emits light with a color temperature of around 5500K. You will find that most high performance bulbs do this for you.

881 bulb cross reference

Here we have some of the more common onions and their cross references.

880 = 884, 885, 892, 893, 899 have the same socket PG13, different wattages. These are single filament lamps and are used as fog lamps and in some vehicles.

881 = 886, 889, 894, 896, 898 have the same PGJ13 base, different wattages. These are single filament lamps and are used as fog lamps.



A: Front fog lamps have separate switches and bulbs. They can be mounted on the roof, bumper or lower grille of a vehicle. They are usually tilted down so that the light is not reflected by fog, snow or rain and bounces back into the eyes.


A: Some people believe that the best amber fog lights perform better in heavy fog, rain and snow because they have a longer wavelength than white light. There is also a theory that yellow light is less harmful to the eyes. However, it is a personal preference. Many drivers like white or slightly blue light instead of yellow.


A: They can. Front fog lamps are very bright and can be very distracting to other drivers, especially if they are not installed correctly and are not pointing in the right direction.


A: Fog lamps can be installed on a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, boats, ATVs, golf carts and lawnmowers. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations before you buy.


A: Check your local regulations. Depending on where you live, there may be a law in your city that affects the color of your fog lights. There may also be regulations regarding the location of your fog lights and other features. For example, if the best fog lamps are too high and/or too bright, they may not be legal.

881 Led fog light bulb Video

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