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Motor oil for diesel engines

The fact is that there are very few differences between the brands of engine oil. In internet forums dedicated to motor oil, where people can become almost religious about their favorite brands, you will find lots of advice on “oil is oil”. In addition to these similarities, almost all oil manufacturers include a warranty on their product that guarantees that your engine will not explode due to a defect in the oil.

Diesel engine motor oil type

People in the industry and the automotive sector rely on it for the maintenance of their diesel engines. If you are one of those beepers, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn your best options for diesel engine oil. We will also give you hints on what to look out for when buying.

Brands of diesel oil may have different viscosity classes and additive formulations, which distinguishes them from each other. In addition, large oil companies continue to formulate, if not a new formula of engine oils on their line, contributing to the stack of different engine oil products on the market. Considering all these factors, it can be somewhat difficult to select the best ideal oil.

To make it easier for you to sort by different brands and formulations, we have carried out a review of the premium engine oil – old and new formulation – to keep you informed of the selection of the best diesel engine oil at the moment.

Diesel engines require frequent maintenance and oil changes to ensure smooth engine operation. Oil protects and can clean engine parts. It also ensures that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently even at extreme temperatures. The best diesel engine oil will withstand extreme loads well and effectively coat engine parts and reduce wear.

Diesel oil is the oil you used to lubricate your engine if you have a car or truck that runs on diesel fuel. It should not be used in gas engines, although there are some oils on the market that say they can be used in both vehicle types.

Look out for the oil container when changing diesel engine oil. This will usually tell you what oil your car needs; otherwise check the owner’s manual. Diesel engines are designed differently from petrol engines, so you should choose an oil that is specifically designed for your diesel engine.

The selection process may be based on normal oil, synthetic blend, or full synthetic oil. Full synthetic is usually the best option to protect your engine. It can handle higher temperatures and coat parts better than normal oil.

Is synthetic oil better for diesel engines?

Between gasoline and diesel engines, diesel engines require particularly more maintenance and frequent oil changes for maximum protection and cleanliness. In addition, it is the best synthetic diesel engine oil that ensures your engine runs properly and efficiently even under pressure.

Synthetic engine oils offer better lubrication than conventional oils. The difference between the two is that mineral oil is a more natural oil and synthetic oil is chemically produced according to perfected formulas.

Not only are impurities removed from the crude oil, but also the individual oil molecules are also more uniformly shaped than in natural oil and adapted to the requirements of modern engines. They are designed to provide better protection and performance than conventional fuels. This forms the basis for synthetic oil, which next needs the right blend of additives to produce the perfect synthetic oil.

Since diesel engines absorb more carbon, while gasoline engines absorb more moisture and tar, diesel oils contain more dispersants and wear protection additives. Diesel engines also require oil with a higher viscosity than gasoline engines, which only produce more heat. Fully sensitive diesel engine oils contain more additives because they operate under harder conditions.

Best oil for diesel engines

Best choice

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40

Initially, Valvoline 5W-40 was recommended by a number of America’s leading engine manufacturers and dealers, including Caterpillar, Navistar, Detroit Diesel, Mark and Volvo, and the only engine oil that Cummins trusted and recommended.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • ACEA E9, ACEA E7
  • MB 228.31, Ford WSS-M2C171-F1

Top rated motor oil for diesel engines

Top choice

Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40

  • 4,8 Rating
  • API CF
  • ACEA A3/B3, ACEA A3/B4

Best choice

Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40

  • 4, 9 Rating
  • ACEA E9, ACEA E7
  • MB 228.31, Ford WSS-M2C171-F1


Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40

  • 4,7 Rating
  • ACEA E9
  • Ford WSS-M2C171-F1

Engine Oil For Diesel Car

Best rated motor oil for diesel engines

1. Castrol EDGE Full Synthetic Diesel Oil SAE 5W-30

2. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40

3. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil

4. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

5. Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

6. Motul 8100 X-cess 5W-40 Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

7. Royal Purple 15W40 Oil

Best diesel engine oil

1. Castrol EDGE Full Synthetic Diesel Oil SAE 5W-30

Buy Castrol EDGE Full Synthetic Diesel Oil SAE 5W-30

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Castrol is a name that stands for quality and performance. If you are looking for the latest wear protection for your modern engine, look no further than 5W-30 turbo diesel engine oil from the collection of advanced engine oil formulations designed to maintain performance at extreme thermal pressure.

It features Titanium Liquid Resistance, a technology Castrol has been working on for 7 years. This fluid technology guarantees a protective film that prevents oil from decomposing at lower viscosities, reducing friction by 15 percent and reducing metal-to-metal contact by 45 percent at any driving speed. In addition, extensive testing has also proven that the titanium additive has been able to maintain coating strength for more than 140 hours longer than Castrol oils without titanium.

Another notable feature is the ability to reduce deposits that contribute to optimal engine response. Castrol EDGE Extended Performance 5W-30 works superbly on turbocharged or powerful engines and naturally aspirated diesel cars and light vans. The oil has been tested and has been proven to provide excellent strength and high quality wear protection for all engine components.


  • Excellent unsurpassed titanium Strength and Wear Protection
  • Maintains optimum performance across a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions.
  • Advanced for use under extreme pressure conditions
  • Extends the life of the motor
  • Cleans the motor of dirty deposits.
  • For short and long term engine performance.
  • Developed for powerful modern engines
  • Tested and proven as a genuine lubricant


  • No wet clutch compatible

2. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40

Buy Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 0W-40

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This synthetic engine oil has exceeded the 0w standard, so you can rely on its cold quality in any case. In fact, the oil retains its thin viscosity even when cranked up at a cold start temperature as low as -40° F, which allows fast engine protection even in hard-to-reach gaps.

On the other hand, the 40-summer quality has proven to be resistant to high temperatures of up to 500°F. In addition, the low viscosity is effective in controlling oil oxidation and deposits caused by high temperatures. This only proves that this multigrade oil offers your engine fast protection even under extreme weather conditions.

Mobil 1 120760 Synthetic Engine Oil 0W-40 is also a hardworking cleaner. It provides excellent cleaning power, allowing it to remove even a heavy buildup of sludge from previous oils. This not only increases fuel efficiency and wear, but also extends engine life while reducing oil consumption and maintaining performance.

Like any other high performance quality oil, the advanced full synthetic formula has been approved by Dexos. It has also met some of the world’s most stringent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, including Japanese and European car manufacturers. In fact, Mobil 1 is the leading choice and the most recommended brand by people at the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Even better, Mobil 1’s OW-40 is designed to work with diesel and gasoline.


  • Offers a complete range of thermal protectors and all-round cleaners.
  • Significantly reduces friction.
  • Excellent engine lubrication and wear protection
  • Approved by Dexos and many car manufacturers.
  • Meets both diesel and gas engine requirements.
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Affordable than most brands


  • Problems with packaging; some reports report leakage of containers

3. Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil

Buy Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil

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Initially, Valvoline 5W-40 was recommended by a number of America’s leading engine manufacturers and dealers, including Caterpillar, Navistar, Detroit Diesel, Mark and Volvo, and the only engine oil that Cummins trusted and recommended.

Cummins particularly recommends it for use with its Dodge Ram Turbo diesel engine, which means this full synthetic diesel oil works well with high performance pickup trucks and other Class 8 trucks, as well as modern and emission-treated engines.

It has also met the requirements of exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) when used under standard and extended service standards. In fact, further testing with Cummins X15 engines results in a 10,000-mile drain extension, which is 60,000 miles when exposed to the usual 6.5 miles per gallon or higher.

None of this comes as a surprise when you consider Valvoline’s Premium Blue Extreme formulation. Patented dispersion polymer technology is a patented blend of additives designed to protect engine components from wear, piston deposits, ring wear, and filter clogging, liner polish and soot-covered valve train. In addition, whether you are living in hot or cold climates, the premium synthetic underlying stocks provide a faster and better engine response thanks to the premium underlying stocks from premium
Its properties include a high Total Base Number (TBN), which neutralizes acidic materials, combustion by-products and other contaminants, while further improving oil efficiency and performance.


  • Excellent protection against common engine problems such as wear, deposits and oil oxidation
  • Faster and safer engine response in all weather conditions
  • Trusted and endorsed by many leading engine manufacturers, including Cumin.
  • Compatible with many powerful modern engines, including AGR and DPF.
  • Increases mpg while maximizing fuel consumption.


  • Does not work with motorcycle engines
  • Potential shear factor

4. Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

Buy Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

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Full synthetic, this Shell oil offers over 15% improved fuel performance compared to other SAE oils. The advanced additives added to the synthetic oil ensure maximum triple protection for your engine and other parts. Dirt, soot and other contaminants that can cause blockages are prevented by the additive technology used in this oil. The optimum pressure of the oil engine is maintained while viscosity loss is prevented. It is only suitable for diesel-powered vehicles.


  • Provides 1.5% improved fuel efficiency compared to SAE 15W-40 oils.
  • Triple Protection Plus formula combines full synthetic base oils with advanced additives for excellent equipment protection and long engine life.
  • Formulated with additive technology that protects against the effects of soot, dirt and other contaminants.
  • Developed with shear stability to resist viscosity loss and maintain optimum engine oil pressure.
  • Suitable for diesel powered vehicles from tractors/trailers to vintage cars to heavy diesel pickups that enable SAE 5W-40


  • None

5. Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

Buy Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection Conventional 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

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This high performance engine oil is a further development of the original Shell Rotella T4. Not that the original formula needs to be improved, but the reformulation includes an upgrade of Triple Protection Technology to keep pace with the ever-changing driving conditions and engine requirements of modern low-emission and old-fashioned diesel engines.

If you have purchased the original formulation in the past, you may be familiar with how the protection and additive technology works to protect the engine from wear, deposits and emission systems. You can still have the same reliable protection you would expect from Shell Rotella 15W-40, except that wear protection is now increased by up to 50 percent – exceeding CK-4 specifications via API.

In addition, without its new attribute, T4 technology would not be called the “next evolution of hard-working protection. This is the oil’s ability to break at high temperatures and loads. Independent tests have proven the oil’s oxidation resistance to up to 50 percent, resulting in increased mileage and maximum engine operation.

Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 fits a wide range of heavy-duty engines, including high performance vehicles and diesel-powered pickups. Its rounded specifications have won the approval of many leading engine and engine manufacturers.


  • API-certified, exceptional wear protection
  • Increased stability performance for better viscosity control
  • Breaking strength at high temperatures and loads
  • Improved protection against deposits and sludge
  • Cleaner filter and engine during oil change interval
  • Extends engine life and emission control system life.
  • Proven and recommended product from leading engine manufacturers.
  • Works with a wide range of heavy diesel engine applications.


  • The lubrication factor is not so long lasting.
  • Not suitable for motorcycles

6. Motul 8100 X-cess 5W-40 Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

Buy Motul 8100 X-cess 5W-40 Synthetic Gasoline and Diesel Engine Oil

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This brand is also one of the industry leaders when it comes to high-performance lubricants. Motul is a French lubricant manufacturer and well known worldwide.

Motul 007250 8100 X-cess 5W-40 is a 100% synthetic diesel and petrol engine oil. The product has been specially developed for more modern cars with high performance engines and catalytic converters. It would also work well for cars equipped with direct injection turbo diesel.

A number of car manufacturers recommend the Motul 8100 X-cess 5W-40 for universal use. It is suitable for unleaded and leaded petrol, LPG and diesel fuels.


  • Works well for high displacement engines.
  • Proven to cool the engine.
  • Guaranteed fuel saving
  • 100% synthetic
  • Suitable for diesel fuel as well as leaded and unleaded petrol and liquid gas.


  • Not environmentally friendly

7. Royal Purple 15W40 Oil

Buy Royal Purple 15W40 Oil

View on Amazon

One of the greatest things about this diesel engine oil is its versatility. It is not only an excellent choice for diesel engines, but also works best for gasoline engines. It can also be used with synthetic and conventional engine oils. Royal Purple combines “premium base oils with additive technologies” to produce high quality engine oils, and that does not disappoint.

These improved additives prevent metal-to-metal contact and prevent rust from accumulating in the engine compartment. A great advantage we have found is that this diesel engine oil also works on older model vehicles. Therefore, if you need to put one of your old pickup vehicles into operation, it will make the engine purr. The compounds that make up this oil help clean and rinse out sludge and debris. It even works with high mileage vehicles.

Although it is one of the best diesel oils we recommend, you may not get an entire gallon when buying. The tank may run a few ounces shorter than announced, so you may need to buy or measure several tanks to make sure it is near one gallon or more. For those who own a brand new vehicle, it is recommended that you wait until you have driven 8,000 to 10,000 miles before using this engine oil.


  • Better wear protection
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Better protection of the expensive catalytic emission system


  • None

Diesel Engine Motor Oil Review

Our complete selection

In fact, Castrol EDGE Extended Performance 5W-30 has the “advantage” among all other diesel engine oils, whether conventional or synthetic. Titanium fluid technology changes the behavior of the oil under extreme pressure conditions, whether through the freezing or high-temperature behavior we are talking about or at high speeds, be assured that the protective film does not collapse but helps your engine to reach its maximum performance. Now all you have to do is try this bad boy and see for yourself!

Which oil is best for diesel engines?

Many may not know, but diesel engine oil has an interesting origin. Before the breakthrough of the diesel engine and long before it was coined as “diesel fuel”, heavy fuel oil is called a “distillate” – a by-product of oil refining that is normally discarded during the process. The spit was turned around when Rudolf Diesel patented self-ignition, the diesel engine, in 1892.

Part of the regular maintenance of the diesel engine is to change the lubricating oil so that the engine parts run smoothly while maximizing peak performance. The best engine oil to do this is the petroleum fraction that was once ignored and considered garbage – diesel engine oil!

diesel engine motor oil type

Recommended engine oil for Ford models

Since our workshop regularly works with Ford vehicles, we rarely deal with Ford manuals before carrying out an oil change. Here are the recommended oils for each 2018 Ford model:

  1. SAE 0W-20 (Synthetic Blend) – Ford C-MAX Hybrid |Ford Fusion Energy | Ford Fusion Hybrid
  2. SAE 5W-20 (Synthetic Blend) – Ford Fiesta | Ford F-150 (3.3L V6, 5.0L V8) | Ford Focus | Ford EcoSport
  3. SAE 5W-30 (Synthetic Blend) – Ford F-150
  4. SAE 5W-20 (Premium Synthetic Blend) – Ford Edge (3.5L) | Ford Escape | Ford Explorer (3.5L Duratec) | Ford Super Duty (6.8L) | Ford Flex (3.5L Duratec) | Ford Fusion | Ford Mustang (5.0L) | Ford Taurus (3.5L Duratec)
  5. SAE 5W-30 (Premium Synthetic Blend) – Ford Edge | Ford Escape (2.0L EcoBoost) | Ford Expedition | Ford Explorer | Ford Super Duty (6.2L) | Ford Flex (3.5L EcoBoost) | Ford Fusion (2.0L & 2.7L EcoBoost) | Ford Mustang (2.3L EcoBoost) | Ford Taurus
  6. SAE 10W-30 (Diesel) – Ford Super Duty (6.7L Diesel)

What is the best motor oil for my truck?

Question: What does the label on an engine oil tank mean?

The API “Donut” shows you whether the oil meets the current SL operating performance determined by laboratory and engine tests. There is also the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) star logo with the viscosity number and information on whether the oil has passed the energy saving test.

Question: What is the difference between the oil brands?

There is not much difference between the brands of engine oils. As long as you consistently use a branded oil, your vehicle should work efficiently, although some claim to be better than others.

Question: How often should I change the oil in my car?

Refer to the owner’s manual to determine the maintenance schedule. Most new cars can drive 5,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. However, if you tow heavy objects, drive a lot of stop-and-go, or frequently drive off-road, you may need to change the oil more often.

Question: Is it worth using a special oil?

Some engine oils have an “extended life” which means that users can wait 15,000 miles between oil changes. However, it is important to read the owner’s manual to determine how often you need to change your oil, rather than relying on a brand recommendation.

Question: Is it okay to change my car oil from conventional to synthetic?

Be sure to check with your vehicle manufacturer before changing from conventional to synthetic oil. A trusted mechanic will also advise you on the best engine oil for your car or truck.

Question: How long does an engine oil last?

It depends on how the engine oil is stored. If the product is stored unopened and in a temperature controlled environment, it should last for several years. If the oil is left in an open container in a garage with drastic temperature fluctuations, it will not last that long.

Best motor oil for high mileage trucks

Engine oil serves several purposes in an engine. It helps to dissipate the accumulated heat, reduces internal friction, washes deposits from internal components, prevents wear on moving parts and protects against corrosion.

In a high mileage engine, oil is even more important, and without the right oil and oil change, you may face engine problems. Wear has created space where there was none before. Seals and bearings have some holes and wear, and minor leaks occur.

However, with the right engine oil alone, many of the symptoms of a high mileage vehicle disappear. What is a high mileage oil and what is the best engine oil for high mileage engines?

Instructions for beginners: Diesel oil, lubricating oil, and petrol oil – what’s the difference?

Only a few terms might come up when you try to find the right engine oil for your car. The terminology used to describe them is often more confusing than the engines they are powered by. In light of these confusing terms, let us break through the mess.

What a high mileage oil is all about

For most people, high mileage oil is usually not a problem. You will use everything the fast lubricant dealer has at hand. Nevertheless, it is a proven fact that if you choose the best engine oil for well-used cars, you will get better performance, less wear, and longer engine life. If you choose the best oil for older cars or high mileage engines, you can look at several criteria.

  • Engine age. Engines can be considered high mileage at 75,000 miles and more. Alternatively, if your car is 7 years or older, it is a good idea to look for an oil with the best viscosity for high mileage before your engine starts blocking.
  • Viscosity and temperature. Look for engine oil that tolerates high temperatures and maintains its viscosity – that is, its ability to protect at high temperatures.
  • Climate. For cold weather conditions, the first part of the oil rating is important. In most temperate climates, a 10W oil is sufficient, but the best engine oil for high mileage engines in cold weather starts at 5W or even 0W.
  • Additives. Pay attention to additives that clearly emphasize the protective effect of the oil. Many high mileage oils contain detergents, seal enhancers, friction modifiers, and antioxidants to keep everything clean and tidy.
  • Budget. On the market, you will find a wide range of high mileage oils – synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional. Prices vary by brand and grade, with synthetic plastic being the most expensive.

Diesel vs. Fuel oil

Diesel engine oil is sometimes interchangeably referred to as “diesel oil” and sometimes as “engine oil” or diesel fuel. When it is time to perform the oil change, make sure that it is NOT the fuel oil that drives your vehicle that you are changing. Rather, it should be the oil that lubricates the engine.

Diesel vs. Lubricating Oil

The “lubrication job”, which can be another recommendation for the lubrication of the moving parts of the vehicle, is another story. It has nothing to do with the lubrication of the engine or the oil change. The lubricant application serves to lubricate the steering and suspension as well as the drive train.

Diesel vs. Gasoline

The diesel engine oil is also very similar to the “petrol engine oil”, another counterpart to its oil. In the broadest sense, they have the same composition and anatomy; both are distilled from crude oil or petroleum and formulated with a number of additives that improve their properties. The difference lies in the quantity and quality of the additives used in their manufacture.

However, the choice between petrol and diesel is not a preference, but rather a consideration of engine compatibility. The diesel oil change requires the lubricating oil intended for diesel engines or gas engines. Mixing the two will cause considerable damage to your engine. Gas impurities reduce the diesel lightning that causes the engine to ignite prematurely, resulting in total damage to your engine components. On the other hand, using the right engine oil for your car would allow the vehicle parts to run more efficiently and smoothly.

What is the best motor oil for a truck?

Engine oils for diesel engines have a slightly different formula than oils for petrol engines have the formula characteristics due to additives. The main difference between the two is the way these oils work. The formula for petrol engines was developed to absorb tar and moisture, while diesel oil absorbs carbon. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engine oils must be denser, so their viscosity index is higher. In addition, diesel engine oils have more dispersants in their formula that reduce wear on the inner parts of the engine.

Best motor oil for high mileage chevy trucks

Your car, whether you love it or not, is an investment. By using the best engine oil for your car, you make sure that the engine stays in its best form. High mileage engine oils are designed to help you maintain the life of your investment while avoiding costly damage that needs to be repaired.

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