80 gallon air compressor reviews

1. NorthStar Electric Air Compressor
2. Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor
3. Kellogg American
4. Quincy Reciprocating Air Compressor
5. Campbell Hausfeld Fully Packaged Air Compressor

If work very often with air compressors you agree it’s necessary to be confident with your air compressor and in a huge air tank in order not to have stops with supply of compressed air.

The five worth watching 80 gallon air compressorsThe best 80 gallon air compressor

There is a big amount of 80 gallons air compressors on the market, these products may vary in quality, specification and all of these are a good choice for you. In this review we try to show only five of these and hope the information below will help you.

1. NorthStar Electric Air Compressor

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This NorthStar is another heavy-duty compressor with 5 HP, 80-gallon tank features 100% continuous duty rating for long lasting performance. This manufacturer has a reputation for building some of the best and longest lasting machines. Belt-driven two-stage full cast iron pump is shaped like W-type cylinder design for superior cooling, Low Vibration Technology (LVT) for smooth operation and floating-type Swedish steel valves for long valve life.

Aftercooler supplies with a dry, high-quality air at the pressure needed, having less wear on your tools. Crankshaft has bearings on both ends for excellent support. Features a durable steel belt guard, pressure gauge and remote tank drain. Crankshaft has bearings on both ends for excellent support. Features a durable steel belt guard, pressure gauge and remote tank drain.

The main features of the compressor are: Leeson 5 HP single-phase 230V electric motor; requires 30 Amp circuit; full cast iron pump for long service life; w-style cylinder design for superior cooling; pump head made of FC35 Grade cast iron.

2. Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor

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Buy Puma Belt-Drive Stationary Vertical Air Compressor

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Puma is one of the biggest names concerning compressor manufacturers. The Heavy-duty Puma 80-Gallon, 5 HP compressor is made with a cast iron belt-driven oil-lubricated 3-cylinder radial dual-stage pump to run smoothly and quietly and ensure long pump life. ASME-certified vertical tank has gate valve to allow downstream air to be shut off.

The main features of the compressor are: durable cast iron oil-lubricated pump for long life and no heat transfer between cylinders; reed valves are made of heat-resistant alloy steel supplied from Sweden ASSAB; valves are specifically designed for maximum efficiency dual-stage pump is efficient at 100-175 PSI; copper finned inter- and after-coolers provide good heat dissipation and less moisture.

3. Kellogg American

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This is a bit more expensive than other compressors on in the review. Kellogg industrial compressor packages use motors that are especially designed for use on air compressors. Each air compressor is individually packaged in a crate for shipping. The user has only to add compressor oil to the pump. The excellent model will not only work great with your air tools but it will last well for many years – this is the way it is built.

This compressor has 80 gallon tank, the motor delivers 5 HP, the voltage needed 208-230/460 Volts, pump type: cast ironCFM@175 PSI: 16.2CFM: 21.6 single phase; tank orientation: vertical.

4. Quincy Reciprocating Air Compressor

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Quincy reciprocating air compressors are manufactured to process with no issues for many years. These machines are made for high efficiency with lower operating costs, delivering more compressed air at a lower horsepower demanded. The air compressors work at lower RPM, run cooler and cost less to operate. Heavy-duty compressors are designed for industrial applications and can easily do an industry-leading 50,000-hour pump life rating.

The main features of the air compressor: heavy-duty industrial motor for 5 HP; Industrial-duty general-purpose mounted and wired magnetic starter; less than 5 PPM oil carry-over (blow-by) rating; 145-175 working PSI; 2-cylinder pump design.

5. Campbell Hausfeld Fully Packaged Air Compressor

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The Campbell Hausfeld Tire and Lube Series 2-stage air compressor is designed for trouble free running and requires as good as no maintenance. The 2-stage cast iron pump is made for a long life, ASME-certified tank (200 max. PSI) and industrial-duty NEMA motor for confident service. Mounted and wired motor starter offers fast electrical hookup. The metal guard encloses fully belt and assures injure-free operation. The pump is fully packaged in order to make easier operation and maintenance of the compressor. A digital hour count is attached for easily tracking scheduled maintenance intervals. The mounted aftercooler cools the compressed air and removes moisture from the air stream improving air quality.

The compressor is ideally suited for tire and lube facilities, collision repair shops, or manufacturing facilities.

Some tips for an air compressor buyer

Be sure the manufacturers indicate a correct value of cubic feet pro minute of air movement. Pay attention also for number of horse powers of the motor. The rule is quite simple – the more horsepower the more are will be pumped into tank. The number of hp has not to be quite high because with a small tank it can make a dangerous combination.

The next remarkable item for choosing an air compressor is the durability of the air compressor and of its components. Don’t forget some of the integral parts of the compressor run under high pressure and high load. If during an intense work there are components made of materials of poor quality or have a faulty design these part are most likely a subject to a faster wear. The compressor require soon maintenance and repairs.

80 gallon air compressors

The modern compressors have features, which ensure a long service life, find in the chosen compressor before you decide to buy the following: cast iron body, stainless steel valves with oil gauge. compressors with these components are usually designed and manufactured for a long hard working life.

Voltage in your nets. Consider what electrical outlets are available in the workshop the compressor will be used. If you have only sockets with 100 volts, the most powerful air compressor to use is only for 3 horsepower.

As you see in commercials there are many air compressors with 80 gallon tanks available. Some of these one are not expensive. So find enough time to select the air compressor, which complies with all your requests, it can pass to your workshop with no or minimal preparations, which is designed for coping heavy-duty tasks and which has a reasonable price.

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