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The Best Cheap Welder

Most of the modern home welders are easy portable and you plug it directly to the electricity outlet of your home or workshop. The welders do not overload your circuits and you won’t need to call an electrician to adjust wires for your needs. At the same time you always have to check the electricity consumption by such works.

Best Cheap Welders

Best choice

Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder

Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder with Dual Voltage model number MIG155Gsv is both MIG and self-shielded flux cored welding machine. This welder has an unique electronic reactor circuit, that can precisely control the short-circuiting transfer and mixed transfer resulted in better performance than other machines.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • Runs on either 110/115 or 220/230 volts
  • Welds up to 1/4 in. mild steel

Top rated cheap welders

Top choice


SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

  • 4,8 Rating
  • MIG no gas welder – compact and exquisite
  • Variable feed speed control

Best choice


Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder

  • 4, 9 Rating
  • Runs on either 110/115 or 220/230 volts
  • Welds up to 1/4 in. mild steel



Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc

  • 4,7 Rating
  • Inverter power system
  • It is ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm & road equipment

The best cheap welders

The Best Cheap Welders

Top best cheap welders


1. Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Arc Welder with Dual Voltage


2. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Gasless Welding Machine


3. Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST, 120-Volt, 90-Amp


4. Mophorn Tig Welder 200 Amp Tig Stick Welder 110V/220V


5. Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine w/Free Mask

Every professional welder knows that a high-quality TIG welding machine is indispensable for a clean weld seam and strong seams.

Therefore, even hobby welders should thoroughly inform themselves about the characteristics and product features before buying a TIG welder. You should know beforehand which materials you want to weld and which functions are important to you with a TIG welder.

In our product comparison, we present you with the best welding machines and go into more detail about their product features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the machine.

In addition, our guide provides you with a lot of information on the various functions and setting options of the TIG welding machines. We explain which types of welding equipment are available and with which type of welding you will achieve the best results for your project.

TIG welding equipment for professionals and advanced users

TIG welding unit TestWIG welding units deliver the cleanest work during welding. However, the technique of welding with a TIG welding machine is not easy to learn, which is why TIG welding machines are mainly used by professionals. But also hobbyists like to try their hand at the professional TIG welding machines to achieve clean results.

The quality of the weld seam is strongly dependent on how good your skill with the device is. To ensure that you are satisfied with your work in the end, we have dealt with the characteristics of the TIG welding machines in more detail in our guide and go into more detail about the different welding processes.

Which welding processes are there?

When welding, you can basically differentiate between two techniques, because welding is possible with pressure as well as with heat. A distinction is therefore made between the following welding techniques:

  • Press welding
  • Fusion Joint Welding

What types of welding equipment are available?

DifferencesIn the trade you will find many types of welding equipment, all of which have different functions and are used in different areas. To help you choose the right equipment, we will go into detail about the most commonly used welding equipment.

Electrode welding machines

The most frequently used welding equipment is the electrode welding machine. Mostly these devices are used especially in the construction industry and by craftsmen. Electrode welding machines are also popular in mechanical engineering. This device can reach temperatures of up to 5,000 degrees Celsius. You can use it for numerous welding jobs. For electrode welding you do not need a gas supply.

The arc builds up after applying a voltage between the workpiece and the stick electrode. This electrode is built up during the welding work and is constantly tracked. The sheath around the electrode also burns off and is used as a material. The resulting gas cloud isolates the molten pool from the ambient air. The combustion produces slag, which contributes to cooling.

MIG inert gas welding equipment

With this process you can weld mild steel as well as stainless steel and aluminium. The so-called metal inert gas, MIG for short, is used for this purpose. This inert gas prevents a reaction with the workpiece. This means that the electrode and the welding melt are isolated from the ambient air. With this shielding gas welding device you can prevent oxidation. Several materials can be used as shielding gas, but usually the devices are used with CO2 or a mixture of argon and CO2. Therefore, MIG shielding gas welding machines are also known as CO2 welding machines.

Then a TIG welding machine is suitable

We have already highlighted the advantages of the TIG welding machine. In order to make the decision to buy easier for you, we will go into more detail about the particularly noteworthy features of the TIG welding machines.

As already mentioned, these welding machines produce very clean seams, which are also very strong and durable. Before buying a welding machine, you should think about what kind of material you want to weld.

TIG welders are particularly suitable for working on thin sheets of all kinds. If you plan to weld copper sheets, steel pipes, steel beams or even aluminium angles, you are well advised to use a TIG welder. Another good characteristic of TIG welding machines is that they produce hardly any fumes and welding spatter, which in turn protects your health.

How do TIG welders work?

The various welding methods differ, especially with regard to the electrode. In TIG welders, the electrode is made of tungsten and has the advantage that it does not melt. With this type of welding you have to add the filler metal yourself. You can decide whether you need this additive, but you should be aware that you need both hands for this and therefore can only work with a welding helmet instead of a welding shield.

With most TIG welders you can choose between direct or alternating current, whereby you connect the unit to the power source via the hose package. Depending on the material you are working on, you can choose the appropriate type of current and thus achieve better results. When welding with direct current you also have the choice between positive and negative polarized electrode. This type of welding is mostly used for materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, alloyed steels and copper or brass. Alternating current welding, on the other hand, is suitable for light metals such as aluminum or magnesium, since these have a hard oxide layer.

Fields of application of TIG welding equipment

The devices are especially known for producing very clean and fine weld seams. They are therefore also suitable for filigree work, such as that required on thin sheet metal. With a TIG welding machine you weld exactly to the point and do not run the risk of deforming the workpiece. TIG welding produces less slag and welding spatter, which protects your health as well as the reduced development of flue gas.

Especially in the construction industry, TIG welders are indispensable today, as they enable very high quality work on steel, pipes or railings. The good quality of the welding seams is also enormously important in aviation and aerospace, which is why many companies resort to this type of welding. This is one of the reasons why welding equipment is often used by professionals or advanced welders. However, the high quality comes at the expense of speed.

What additional functions do the TIG welders have?

TIG welding units test and comparisonIn our product comparison we have already presented some welding units which, depending on the version, are equipped with special additional functions. These special functions make work easier and are intended to ensure better results.

For example, some welding units are equipped with a working memory that stores the settings. In the meantime, the manufacturers have built in some product features that leave no technical wishes unfulfilled. One of these additional functions is the pulse function.

Pulse function

This function is particularly popular with professional welders. The name is derived from the fact that the pulse function allows you to work with pulsating current during welding. The power supply is divided into basic current and pulsed current, and you can set the frequencies and pulse heights and widths of the two currents. The adjustment is made independently of each other. The pulse function allows you to better control the heat input, which is especially useful if your material has gaps.

The pulse function allows you to bridge these gaps without creating a hole. In addition, you can use the pulsating current to prevent defects from occurring at the beginning or end of a weld seam. When welding with the pulse function, you melt the surface, preventing the sheets from melting through. This can be very advantageous especially for laymen in this field.

What you should consider when buying a TIG welding machine

TipsBefore you buy a TIG welding machine, you should think carefully about the requirements you have for the machine. Here you should know exactly what kind of materials you want to use and how, when and where your device is to be used. You should consider the following criteria when making your purchase decision:

Performance: In most cases, the performance of the equipment we present is indicated. You should make sure that the amperage adapts to the electrodes used and that the device has the right power for your purposes. Here it is always an advantage if there are several power levels to choose from.

Duty cycle: The duty cycle of some devices is limited because electrodes and power supply unit heat up. To prevent damage to your welding equipment, there is a so-called overheating protection and a control lamp glows if the equipment gets too hot. Before you buy a TIG welder, you should inform yourself about the maximum duty cycle. Also the cool down period is very important if you do not want to wait so long to continue the welding process.
Cooling: Some TIG welders have a built-in cooling system that ensures that you have longer switch-on times. Often fan-like blowers in the housing provide sufficient cooling. With some units, cooling is provided by inert gas.

Operating voltage: Before buying a welding machine you should also check the operating voltage. With 230 Volt alternating current you have to secure the power connection.

Accessories: Some manufacturers offer their customers accessories such as a welding shield, a welding helmet or a slag hammer in addition to the TIG welding machine. Optionally, you can often purchase additional hose packages or foot pedals.

Price: The price of a TIG welding device can vary greatly depending on its function, equipment and performance. Before buying, you should make sure that the device is of high quality and performs well. Welding equipment can give unclean and inferior results if you save money in the wrong place.

Welding safety

Attention: You should know that welding is a dangerous job if you do not take the necessary safety precautions. You are exposed to the following dangers during welding:

  • Very high heat
  • Noise
  • Flying sparks
  • High UV radiation
  • Extreme brightness
  • Flue gases

It is important that you protect yourself sufficiently during the welding process and buy professional equipment. This includes leather gloves that offer sufficient protection against flying sparks and the intense heat. To protect your body, you should also put on a leather apron. Special welding helmets offer sufficient protection against sparks, heat and especially against the extreme brightness. The helmets are equipped with a special vision window that protects your eyes from injury.

You should also wear hearing protection when working. To avoid the effects of smoke fumes, your workplace should be adequately ventilated. When TIG welding, you should prefer the welding helmet with the darkened protective glass visor over the welding shield. With most TIG welding machines you need both hands to operate them anyway, which makes it impossible to hold a shield.

Cheap welders online

A welder is a great thing for a household. With some skills you can make many improvements. There is no more compromise between price and quality. You can find a cheap welder which has acceptable quality and can make its job great. There are many purposes where you can use your welder. That can be fixing the broken fence or creating sculptures of recycled metals.

Here is a short overview of some of the most offered reasonably priced welders.

1. Weldpro Inverter MIG/Stick Welder with Dual Voltage

Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG Stick Arc Welder with Dual Voltage 220V 110V welding machine

Buy Weldpro Inverter MIG/Stick Welder with Dual Voltage

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Weldpro 155 Amp Inverter MIG/Stick Welder with Dual Voltage model number MIG155Gsv is both MIG and self-shielded flux cored welding machine. This welder has an unique electronic reactor circuit, that can precisely control the short-circuiting transfer and mixed transfer resulted in better performance than other machines. Compared with silicon controlled welding machine and tapped welding, our products offer the following advantages: stable wire feed rate, portable, energy-saving, electromagnetic noise free. Our products spatter less, enjoy easier arc starting, deep welding pool, high duty cycle. The Weldpro model 155 is an excellent choice for you at home, at work, or to take with you for jobs in the field. Weldpro stands behind its quality welders with a full two-year warranty. Quality you can trust and count on for years to come!

The main features are: compact – portable – welder runs on either 110/115 or 220/230 volts. The welder is delivered ready to use; it welds up to 1/4 in. mild steel that is properly prepared using 220 volt input, in both MIG, flux-cored and stick welding.

2. SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

Buy SUNCOO 130 MIG WelderBuy SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

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Are you ready to try welding? This MIG 130 welder allows you to obtain a profession finish in welding. Its portability allows you to take it anywhere and very simple to setup and use. This lightweight welder is user friendly it is easy to get started since practically everything has ready in welding process.

The main features of the welder: MIG no gas welder – compact and exquisite, the welder is made of heavy duty stainless steel body, painted with durable black paints, ensure its long-last serving life-span. portable design & wide applications – it is perfect for welding normal thin steel and iron, perfect for home DIY and general repairing work; cored wire, self release metal-inert gas while welding, prevent oxidation of the welded part; variable feed speed control – easily adjust current flow by adjusting the 4 buttons for min/max,1/2.

The welder also features a wire feeding speed adjust rotary knob.

3. Forney Easy Weld

Buy Forney Easy WeldBuy Forney Easy Weld

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This welder is a great device for your projects around a house and for dome automotive applications. The perfect starter arc welder machine delivers a 120V input and 90A output plus is TIG capable, sold separately. Efficiently designed to handle up to 1/8” electrode and welds 16 gauge up to 5/16”. Stick Welder has an innovative, inverter power system that is lightweight and simple to use ensuring trouble-free operation and top performance results. The welder works well in dirty, rusty and windy environments.

It is ideal for outdoor repairs, rusty metal, farm & road equipment and maintenance & repair.

4. Mophorn Tig Welder

Buy Mophorn Tig WelderBuy Mophorn Tig Welder

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In this case ultra portable also means ultra affordable. The next advantage is you get a 2 in 1 combo welding machine, which can be used as tig welder and arc stick welder. The welder is ideal for repair work and professional use. Light-weighted welder with robust steel construction. Support 110V or 220V dual voltage input, easy to adjust output current: 20-160A. 60% duty circle, easy to start arc, less splash, with max. 5mm molten pool. Perfect choice for professional or daily repair works.

The main features of the welder: 2 in 1 Welder – 2 in 1 combo welding, used as tig welder or arc stick welder; arc stick welding/argon welding switch; output current adjustable with knob; tig welding(20-180A), arc welding(20-160A); welding function – compatible with φ max.3.2mm acid & alkaline electrode; used to max.3/8″ weld steel, chrome, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum alloy and other metal; dual voltage – 110V/220V input, with voltage compensation for voltage fluctuation. arc stick welding/argon welding switch.

5. Goplus MIG 130

Buy Goplus MIG 130Buy Goplus MIG 130

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This is another good household smart welder – compact and exquisite MIG gas welder, made of heavy duty stainless steel body, painted with durable yellow paints, ensure its long-last serving life-span. Flux-cored wire, no gas welder. Here are four adjusting levels for welding speed: four buttons with MIN/MAX,1/2. The welder has also a wire feeding speed adjust rotary knob with ten levels of wire feeding speeds for your choice.

The portable design and wide applications – it is very good for welding normal thin steel and iron, general repairing work and perfect for home DIY. It features an easy carrying handle, light weight, compact design, easy for translation and storage.

Some points to look for in a low-priced welder

You can find lots of cheap welders on the market. If you are looking for the best cheap welder, there are some points to consider. Not all welders are created equal. Find out that the welder you see is capable of welding all of the metals you need it for. There are some cheap welders what are only designed for certain metals. If you plan to work with only one metal – so it is good for your and your choice will be easier. But most people look for a sort of universal welder which can do many different tasks. You have to be sure your electricity source provides enough current for the welder. If a project is big – look for a welder what works fine with a standard household outlets and higher 240 outlets. This will give you maximum flexibility and save you from eventual modifications on your home electricity net.

Cheap welders review

A welder with proper features has also to be small and portable. The easier and more convenient the welder is to use the more utility you will get out of it. Most cheap welders are small units and all of the welders we’ve reviewed are very portable. If you plan mostly small repairs, think about an ultra portable model. This ultra portable model may a bit less power than a bigger unit would provide.

Shopping online can get you the biggest bang for your buck. Of course, none of these welders have quite the power of an industrial welder you would see in a machine shop but unless you plan to start fabricating your own motorcycles you will be surprised at the quality and versatility these cheap welders offer.

The best cheap welders for the money – Reviews 2020 Video

Which welding machine for beginners?

Which welding machine is the right one for beginners?
The question must usually be which welding method is the right one.
Or just what do I want to weld, how much time and how much money do I want to invest in welding?

In the following, I will take a closer look at the different criteria. Or, alternatively, I will present welding processes, equipment, and possibilities.

The first two questions a beginner should ask himself are what do I want to weld and in which process?

The following welding methods are suitable for beginners.

  • Electrode / E-Hand welding
  • E-hand welding offers many advantages but also some disadvantages for beginners.


  • favorable
  • quick first successes / quick to learn
  • flexible


  • unclean
  • high health hazard due to welding fumes.
  • for fine work only suitable for professionals, if applicable at all.
    e.g. small fine seams or thin materials.

My recommendation:

For the first welding tasks, an electrode welding machine is the best suitable.

For finer work e.g. stainless steel railings, repairs to thin body panels or similar work, electrode is certainly not the welding method of choice. When buying a welding machine, make sure to buy an inverter. Below are three recommendations from me.

TIG welding

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) is an extremely flexible, clean, and individually applicable welding process. In principle, the welder can weld any weldable material with TIG. However, TIG requires some skills, knowledge, and practice.

My recommendation for beginners is to buy a cheap TIG welding machine. This can be used for electrode welding in the beginning, later on the beginner can start with TIG welding.

MIG welding

MAG welding is still the first choice in the automotive workshop. But it is also often used in steel construction, for example. The reasons are obvious: it is easy to learn, simple to use and extremely efficient.

The disadvantages are on the other hand that it is not precise and causes a lot of spatter. Of course, this plays a minor role in rough applications or if the seam is sanded afterwards anyway. The other big disadvantage is the health hazard caused by the welding smoke.

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

Hey, I’m David. I’ve worked in a cars store for 6 years. I write reviews and guides, helping people to choose the most suitable technicals and best product for them. I’m happy to finally share my knowledge of the industry here, on CarnesMechanical.

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