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If you’re wondering how important a car engine is, think of it as your brain. Without it, you won’t be able to move, talk, or even blink your eye. Like your vehicle, the engine handles and generates the power your car needs for overall functionality.

Just as much as we value our mental well-being, our engine also needs to be treated the same. Apart from rest, it must be maintained and kept clean, especially since it is prone to material build-up.

Regularly changing your oil is one step. It’s a good thing that nowadays, car makers have lengthened the interval between oil changes through oil life monitors which come standard on many new vehicles.

However, there are also people who own older models and are not that keen on checking their oil right when they need to. The longer you ignore it, the more dirt will build up in your engine, leading to sudden wear and eventually, poor performance.

Simply keeping your motor clean could give your car extra miles to run. One product that you can rely on for this job is the Auto-Rx Metal Cleaner.

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Auto-RX Plus Metal Cleaner

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Patented all-natural metal cleaner designed to thoroughly clean the internals of your engine. Use 2 Bottles for Engine Sludge.

  • Compatible with all engine oils, conventional or synthetic.
  • Can also be used in transmissions, differentials, and power steering units.
  •  Has been shown to reduce wear and provides a lower coefficient of friction when compared to motor oil alone.

Inability to maintain oil usage and ensure that intervals are appropriate over time might lead to an engine filled with sludge or other dangerous pollutants.

Auto-RX is a metal cleaner designed to remove engine sludge gently, but effectively. This metal cleaner is comprised entirely of natural materials and is intended to clean all of your engine’s interior components.

This solution is suitable for all engine oils, both standard and synthetic. Aside from your engine, it can also be utilized in hydraulic systems as well as transmissions, differentials, and power steering.

Who made the Auto-RX?

Headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, Auto-Rx was developed by Frank Miller with the goal to reduce engine sludges, clean power steering units, differentials, and transmissions while also being able to slow or halt oil leaks.

The man who invented the Auto-Rx used to work for a printing business, whereas tons of ink sludge had to be washed every now and then to avoid the breakage of their high-priced printing equipment.

Their training and capability to keep the equipment clean motivated them to create another version formulated for cars.

Thus, the birth of Auto-RX.

Now, Auto-RX has been used by thousands of users worldwide, for more than two decades to date.

Auto-RX Advantages

Some engine solvent flushes available in auto shops include strong chemicals that might damage your motor. These solutions are “shock solvents,” which can only be retained in the engine for a brief amount of time.

On the other hand, Auto-Rx is guaranteed safe. It has a gradual effect, and can evidently complete its task in around 2,000 miles.

It has the potential to break apart huge chunks of grime, which can get stuck in the engine oil channels. Auto-Rx keeps oil passageways free of oxidised confinement constraints in engines.

Ensuring the adequate flow of oil, Auto-Rx promotes correct greasing and prevents wear on essential component, allowing the engine to run effectively and last further.

Moreover, even if your engine does not have evident sludge, it’s still a wise move to get one. It is also capable of washing the ring packs and aids in maintaining better sealing, resulting in higher compression and reduced blowby.

Compared to motor oil alone, Auto-Rx can minimize wear and give a lower resistance. Engine impurities develop in layers and should be cleaned in layers as well. This is exactly what Auto-Rx accomplishes.

Some users have experienced a stoppage of oil leaks at rear seals and timing covers. There were also instances where owners who encounter minor oil burning problems also had their issues resolved with the Auto-Rx.

The Auto-Rx has made a valuable impact on cars. Aside from ensuring that the engine is clean, it has also helped motorists to save a significant amount of money on repairs.

 Maybe that’s why it’s named Rx – a recommended prescription for your car’s powerhouse.

Auto-RX Pros and Cons



  • Available and affordable
  • No immediate effect
  • Cleans your engine and avoids the build-up
  • No easy way to test its efficiency
  • Stops seal leaks, eliminates engine noise
  • Restores transmission functionality
  • Increases engine life


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An engine flush is an essential part of car maintenance, as it ensures the lubrication system remains free from dirt and debris that can cause damage to the engine’s components. It also helps remove any build-up of sludge or old oil, which can reduce performance and fuel economy. An engine flush should be done every 30,000 miles or as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
The cost of an engine flush varies depending on the type of vehicle, the complexity of the procedure, and the location where it is being performed. Generally, engine flushes can range anywhere from $50 to $150. It is important to note that some vehicles may require additional parts or services during a flush, which could increase the total cost. Before having any work done on your car’s engine, it is best to consult with a certified mechanic for an estimate, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
Signs of engine sludge usually manifest as an increase in oil consumption and reduced engine power. Sludge can also cause a strange scent to be released from the vehicle’s exhaust and clog up the air filter.
David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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