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If there’s a part of your car that you should be thankful for the smooth, less-bumpy ride, it will be your struts.

Struts are in charge of keeping your ride in check, particularly when it comes to the steering system and suspensions. They also assist with braking, tire alignment, turning operations, and general load support. Most front-wheel-drive vehicles have them installed at the top of the chassis at the front end.

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Struts are made up of two main components. First is a coil spring that supports the vehicle’s height, weight, and steadiness. Second, a shock absorber that absorbs impacts on potholes and reduces tremors generated by road bumps.

Since struts focus on control and support, it is crucial to find a set with high quality and function to meet your driving and carrying demands.

One nameplate that we can recommend is FCS struts.

Who makes FCS Struts?

With expertise in distributing shocks and struts, FCS is proudly manufactured by Ride Control Products based in Michigan. The company supplies OE quality parts in over 40 countries across the globe, making them one of North America’s sought-after choices in the aftermarket landscape.

FCS serves as a direct manufacturer that ensures cutting-edge technology evident in its quality control processes – from product development to market launches. This helps their team of professionals saves time in dealing with efficiencies, which also enables them to provide premium products with great value for money.

FCS Struts Advantages

FCS guarantees to produce struts that will mainly serve its purpose – to give adequate control to your car. It prioritizes balance not only on highway driving but more importantly, on uneven roads.

Comfort is also a must for FCS struts. The components are excellently built to absorb the shocks and resist on-road vibrations. It avoids bumps and longitudinal compressions, therefore, you will still feel that smooth ride even on rough terrains – especially when the struts are new.

FCS struts also have a wide range of products to choose from. There are struts particularly built for your vehicle model, tuned to suit your valve configuration to make sure that you won’t have any problems with compatibility.

Aesthetically speaking, we’re giving FCS a thumbs up – thanks to its beautiful mirror finish. They’re also built of a powerful chrome piston rod that can endure road challenges. This shows how superior the interior structure is. Japanese oil is also utilised to ensure that driving is fully smooth with minimal friction.

Moreover, the mechanism of resistance used in FCS struts is gas-dependent. Because the gas does not condense easily, it can absorb motion which eventually results in the piston rod operating at the same efficiency for its life.

The company also understands how difficult it is for customers to find time, energy, and patience to have their car parts installed. If the end-user cannot, they might probably ask for help from a technician – which will actually cost them more. With FCS, you can do the installation yourself – as it does not have any spring compressor that will make the process complicated.

Best-Selling FCS Struts

1. FCS – Complete Strut Assembly

The FCS full strut assembly is designed to reinstate a car’s balance, steering, and stability to its factory specifications. The part is designed to fulfill or surpass OE standards while fitting perfectly. McPherson, which produces high-quality components, produces these FCS struts.

2. FCS 1332303 – Front Driver or Passenger Side Complete Strut Assembly

These FCS struts improve the car’s maneuverability and suspension. For maximum corrosion protection, this model does have an electrostatic finish. FCS 1332303 includes custom valving configurations that are carefully adjusted for each purpose. When using this, it’s better to change both the passenger and driver side shocks or struts.

Top Pick

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FCS 1332303 Complete Strut Assembly

3.9 Rating

Engineered to restore a vehicle’s original ride, handling and control

Direct from manufacturer

The complete assembly unit is faster, safer, and easier to install than traditional struts

EASIER – No specialized tools needed

3. FCS 1332310 – Rear Driver or Passenger Side Complete Strut Assembly

This variant features strengthened durable brackets. The spring’s upper and lower isolators ensure that it holds steady in any situation. It also contains a bearing plate that has been extensively tested to ensure guarantee excellent performance and a long life span. FCS 1332310 is also simple to set up and requires no spring compressor.

Top Pick

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FCS 1332310 Complete Strut Assembly

Minimize wear and tear on tires and other components.

Quicker – No need to take apart existing strut assembly.

Safer – No need to compress coil springs.

Easier – No specialized tools needed

With its price point and quality, you can’t deny that FCS provides premium parts, economically. It’s also an OEM, so there’s no way to question its standards and durability since it is already trusted by automobile manufacturers.

In fact, there are also instances when some clients promptly replace their original struts with FCS quality, as soon as they have their cars released from the showroom – something that could prove how efficient these parts are.

However, FCS struts still have a few downsides. The struts work great in warm temperatures, although they do not seem to be fully tested in freezing conditions. For Southern states in the USA, it can serve its purpose perfectly but for areas experiencing the cold, you may have to look for another brand that is built for all-weather conditions.

Overall, FCS struts is a great buy.

You just have to be in the right place.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FCS makes struts of excellent quality, capable of withstanding the toughest conditions. The struts are designed for strength and durability, using only high-grade materials that meet stringent safety standards. FCS also provides detailed installation instructions and a lifetime warranty on its products. This means customers can be sure that they are getting a reliable strut at
FCS struts are manufactured in North America with a commitment to quality control. Each strut is made with high-quality materials and is tested against stringent standards before being shipped out. The FCS team carefully inspects each strut for defects to ensure that only the highest quality products make it into customers’ hands.
FCS struts are designed with an aluminum body and steel alloy piston rod, which makes them capable of handling temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C). This means that they are suitable for use in extremely cold climates. Additionally, they feature a unique internal valving system that helps to compensate for changes in temperature and road conditions, providing extra protection in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, FCS struts are designed to be corrosion-resistant, so even in harsh climates, they will last for a long time. All in all, FCS struts are excellent for use in cold climates.


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