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H3 bulbs are one of the most popular automotive bulbs used in most vehicles. H3 bulbs are usually used in fog lights and dipped beam headlights.

LED car lamps with H3 socket are very efficient, they shine brightly and have low power consumption, these lamps will not melt the plastic near the socket and will not heat the glass in the headlight, LED lamps can have both cool white (6000K) and warm light (5000K). LED bulbs have high reliability and long life.

Best H3 LED Bulbs

best xenonpro bulbs

1. XenonPro Super Bright H3 LED Headlights

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Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

2. Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

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BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb

3. BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb

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Best H3 Bulbs For Cars

Best h3 led bulb

Best H3 LED Headlight Bulb

led headlights kit

1. XenonPro Super Bright H3 LED Headlights

Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

2. Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

3. H3 LED Headlight Bulbs Anti-flicker All-in-One Conversion Kit

Best H3 LED Fog Light Bulbs

BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb

1. BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb


2. NINEO H3 LED Fog Light Bulbs

3. SNGL H3 Fog Light Lamp Replacement

Best H3 Halogen Fog Light Bulbs

1. PHILIPS H3 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb

2. SYLVANIA H3 zXe High Performance Halogen Fog Light Bulb

3. Voltage Automotive H3 Headlight Bulb Polarize White Replacement

H3 headlight bulb

Best H3 bulbs

Most H3 halogen lamps have a typical service life of around 1,000 hours, but you can take advantage of service for a longer period if you maintain your lamps properly. The lamps use a PK22s base and their rated power is 55 watts at 6 volts and 12 volts and 70 watts at 24 volts.

Halogen h3 lamps are cheap and easy to produce, and you can use them for any purpose. In this context, you can easily replace any burnt out light bulb with other options such as LED and HID h3 light bulbs.

When choosing a light bulb for your vehicle, the first thing you will notice is the wide variety of bulb sockets out there. Confusing, isn’t it? Among the most common of these sockets are H1 and H3 bulbs.

So – what exactly is the difference between these two bulb types? Is one better than the other?

What are H1 and H3 bulbs?

Before we discuss the differences between H1 and H3 lamps, let us discuss exactly what these lamps are and how they are used. H1 and H3 lamps are both a kind of halogen lamp. Both are approved for general use in the European Union, USA and Japan. This means that they can be used both as headlamps and for other purposes such as fog lamps, turn signals, etc.

What are the differences?

Although H1 and H3 bulbs are relatively similar, there are some significant differences between these two types of bulb. Look at them side by side:

At first glance, you will notice that H1 lamps have a different shape than H3. The H1 seems to be longer and thinner, and the bulbs both have different bases. The H1 bulb uses a P14.5 socket, while the H3 bulb uses a PK22s socket and has a wire that protrudes from below.

The way you decide whether you need an H1 or an H3 depends on what equipment your car needs. Your low beam and high beam require a special bulb socket and only one bulb can fit. You cannot just replace H1 with H3 and not plug an H1 bulb into an H3 socket.

To find out what equipment your car needs, you can either consult your vehicle manual or use our handy bulb finder.

Which bulb is better?

If you compare an H1 and H3 bulb from the same range (e.g. OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H1 and OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H3), it will work just like that. They are identical light bulbs that simply fit into different headlights. Whether you choose the H1 or the H3 in a range, you get the same results in terms of light output and color temperature.

So – do not worry. If you have an H1 or H3 fitting, you will not miss a thing. You can buy from the same range and get the same results!

What are h3 bulbs used for?

An H3 is a single filament lamp without shielding, often used in fog lamps, off-road lamps, and portable spotlights.

Brightest H3 LED Bulbs

1. XenonPro Super Bright H3 LED Headlights

led headlights kit

Buy XenonPro Super Bright H3 LED Headlights

View on XenonPro

If you want the best and brightest H3 headlight bulbs you’ll want to go with the brightest technology (LED) and with the bulbs on the market. 

When it comes to LED headlight bulbs, XenonPro is our top pick being a veteran of aftermarket LED headlights and the maker of the most sought after bulbs on the market.

Covered by a lifetime warranty, manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to perfections, the XenonPro H3 LED bulbs will give you up to 9000 lumens of light, up to 3 times the coverage (width and depth) and with significantly improved clarity from pure white light.

The bulbs will replace your factory halogen bulbs and can take as little as 10 minutes per headlight to install.


  • Brightest headlight bulbs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4 color options


  • Not compatible for cars with factory HIDs headlights


2. Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

Max5 H3 Led Headlight BulbsBuy Max5 H3 Led Headlight Bulbs

View on Amazon

Aviation aluminum profile heat radiating conduction system, which runs cooler and brings light output to where it should be, increases efficiency by 30% over another model and is centrally focused to avoid the waste of light scattering. Any vehicle headlight bulb or fog lamp can effectively produce up to 10000 LMs, at 6500K of extremely bright white light.

The fanless cooler wipes the frequency interference from the traditional high-speed fan structure. You get no noise and a more comfortable user experience.

For low power LED bulbs to shine at full power over 55 watts of halogen and prevent LED bulbs from flickering, warnings, or OBC error codes from appearing on the dashboard, you need to install an additional 50 W 6OHM load resistors for power decoding.


  • Here are no dark spots or shadowed areas, perfect performance in bad weather, like fog/rain/overcast etc, perfect clear beam creates a safe and comfortable visual experience;
  • Over 5,0000 Hours Lifespan;
  • Waterproof rate: IP 67;
  • LED Type: Superior 3570 LED chips.


  • Flickering lamps

3. BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb

BEAMTECH H3 Led Fog Light Bulb

Buy VehiCode H3 LED Headlight Bulbs Slim Conversion Kit (Fog Light Bulb)

View on Amazon

Using a total of 4 sets of CSP-2121 LED arrays, any vehicle headlight bulb or fog lamp can effectively produce up to 800 lumens at 6000K of extremely bright white light. Compatible fitment size and Non-polarity design, Easy installation, just Plug & Play. Meticulously engineered beam angular: same with halogen bulb angle but superior lighting results.


  • The power of each bulb is 30w
  • Color: 6500K (Xenon White)
  • Lumen: 800 lms
  • Voltage: 12V to 24V
  • Lifespan: more than 10000 working hours
  • 320 Degree lighting, brings an astounding emitted light effect


  • they’re not nearly bright enough for headlights

3. Philips H3 CrystalVision ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb (Pack of 2)

Buy Philips H3 CrystalVision ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb (Pack of 2)

View on Amazon

Philips CrystalVision was already the upgrade lamp closest to HID’s light blue and white look. Thanks to improved technology, CrystalVision Ultra is now even whiter and brighter and closer to the look of HID. CrystalVision Ultra delivers the whitest light available from a halogen lamp. At a color temperature of up to 4,000K, no halogen is whiter. If you want the look of HID, CrystalVision Ultra is the light for you.

Brilliant blue-white HID look from a halogen lamp

OE Xenon-based halogens offer the driver a higher light output for much better visibility of traffic signs and hazards. Be safer on the road when driving at night with increased visibility so you can detect potential hazards earlier.

CrystalVision lamps are DOT compliant, i.e. they are street legal – unlike some HID conversion kits. Get the look of HID without buying a kit, all without wiring and without expensive installation. The blue-capped light bulb creates a distinctive blue reflection, with a brilliant blue-white HID look at a color temperature of 4,000K, making CrystalVision Ultra the whitest halogen you can buy.

CrystalVision Ultra is easy to install because it simply replaces the current light bulbs in your car. CrystalVision Ultra bulbs are available in the most popular light bulb applications, including 880, 893, H1, H3, H7, H11, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007 and 9008.


  • Halogen headlights for the look of HID lights
  • Extreme blue/white light
  • Color temperature of up to 4,000 Kelvin
  • DOT compliant
  • Special double pack


  • their light is slightly yellowish

4. T-BULL LED H3 Headlight Bulbs with Built-in Canbus 3 Colors Flashlight Lamp

Buy T-BULL LED H3 Headlight Bulbs with Built-in Canbus 3 Colors Flashlight Lamp

View on Amazon

There are 3 colors diamond white/yellow/gold to choose from.6000K 6000LM Diamond white can help you have a soft, clear and wide view on normal days; Yellow/gold light can preserve your safety when it rains, foggy days and other bad weather days.

The lower radius is only 3cm/1.2 inches, 1:1 true size socket and shorter bottom, and with the purchase you get a Plug n Play + Easy installation spotlight. Application: The LED headlight lamps are compatible with universal vehicles: car, SUV, ATV, van, truck, motorcycle.

It fits over 98% car driving computer, no error problem, but for some European vehicles (such as Audi BMW Dodge Jeep), it may have a folding or warning problem on initial installation (it is not the quality problem), it may need the decoder to be installed to avoid the error code or flashing. If you are not sure whether your car fits correctly, please contact us before purchasing.

Special aluminum alloy housing and powerful fan WITHOUT cover provide a strong cooling wind to dissipate the heat generated, resulting in a longer life of up to 30,000 hours. NO fan can also help you reduce errors caused by dust. 100% SATISFACTION QUARANTEE–2 year guarantee.


  • Color temperature: 6000K/4300K/3000K Xenon white (extremely bright)/light yellow/yellowish
  • Working environment: -40℃ to 80℃
  • Lumen: 6000LM
  • Cable water proof:IP67
  • Heat dissipation theory:Aviation Aluminium 6063
  • Installation: simply connect and play


  • To obtain the correct headlight kit, please check the original headlight bulb and your vehicle year/brand/model before purchasing

5. NINEO H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Buy NINEO H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs

View on Amazon

SUPER BRIGHT – By using custom CREE chips, any LED spotlight bulb can produce extremely white light with perfect light output.

Adjustable adapter design – You can make simple angle adjustments for the correct alignment of lamp sockets to obtain a correct radiation pattern.

Wider Viewing Angle – Bold the ultra-thin side design ensures 360-degree uniform light with no dark spots, providing a wider viewing angle and ensuring your safety.

Maximum heat dissipation – Unique, coverless, double ball bearing fan design ensures maximum heat dissipation and a long life of the NINEO headlight.

Easy to install – Can be installed in 20 minutes. Plug and Play. Suitable for most vehicles.


  • Installation: Plug and Play.
  • Light Source Model: CREE Light Source Technology
  • Colour temperature: 6500 K
  • Theory of heat dissipation: Aeronautical aluminium 6063
  • Service life: >30,000 hours


  • faint, very fast 5-10 x per second, does not flash on and off

Brightest H3 Bulbs

6. Philips H3 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

Buy Philips H3 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

View on Amazon

Philips CrystalVision ultra is the solution for drivers looking to upgrade the style and look of Xenon HID but owning a vehicle with halogen technology. Without compromising safety, Philips CrystalVision Ultra headlamps compete with the look of HID thanks to the blue coating on the glass that produces a bright white light. In addition, a unique blue cap on the bulb provides a cool blue effect in the reflector of the headlight during the day.

Original equipment quality seal for reliable performance

The choice of original equipment lamps reduces the risk of early failure due to their higher quality standards.


  • Get the bright white light look
  • Choose Philips CrystalVision Ultra headlamps for the look of HID and bring bright white light to the road.
  • A unique blue cap on the bulb creates a cool blue effect during the day in the reflector of the headlight.
  • Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance
  • Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetrical light beam from both light bulbs on the road. The headlights will become weaker over time.
  • Headlight lamps from Philips, for over 100 years we have been continuously innovating automotive lighting.


  • Lifespan is shorter than in other H3 bulbs

H3 LED Headlight Bulb

7. Crownova H3 Led Headlight Bulbs, S2 Series Flip COB Chips

Buy Crownova H3 Led Headlight Bulbs, S2 Series Flip COB Chips

View on Amazon

Perfect replacement for H3 LED headlight lamps: Use custom Flip-COB LED chips, 150% brighter than halogen headlight lamps.

OPTIMAL HEAT DISPERSION: The operating temperature is 80 degrees Celsius, 10% to 20% less than other lamps. Aluminium alloy heat sink and 10000-rpm fan to ensure that LED headlight lamps function evenly and continuously.

This bulb lasts more than 30000 hours. Waterproof to IP65. Rainproof drivers, housings and fans function even in extreme situations.

EASY INSTALLATION: Plug and Play. Usually it takes about 15 – 20 minutes, if the LED headlight lamps do not light up and the fans do not work after installation, please turn the plug 180° and reconnect it.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: No trouble 30 days refund and offer 1 year guarantee replacement. If the headlights do not light up, please contact us so that we can solve this problem for you in a short time or we can send you a new one immediately.


  • Brighter than your campfire.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cheaper than any other that looks the same and produces the same brightness.
  • Service life: >30000 hours
  • Adaptation to H3 types of Auto Vehicle Truck Van SUV ATV motorcycle ATV, such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai,
  • Nissan, Ford, Kia, Subaru, Chevrolet and Nissan, etc.


  • The light is not well focused, distributed.
  • Fans too loud

8. SNGL H3 LED Fog Light Bulb 6000k Xenon White Extremely Bright High Power H3 LED Bulbs

Buy SNGL H3 LED Fog Light Bulb 6000k Xenon White Extremely Bright High Power H3 LED Bulbs

View on Amazon

What you get: Set of 2 light bulbs; and WORRY-FREE WARRANTY – Includes a free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. CAUTION: Before ordering – Please check your original light bulb and vehicle owner’s manual to confirm required bulb size.

Perfect fog lamp performance: More down road lights without the glare of scattering light and blotchy dark spots. Safety See and are seen while driving at night, rain, fog or snow.

Easy installation: Replace halogen fog lamps H3; (Note: Use for fog or DRL only. Not for headlights and DRL applications for dipped beam). CAUTION: For some vehicles installed in the CAN-BUS system, it may be necessary to use the load resistor or decoder to avoid the fault code or flashing problems.

Optimal thermal design: Equipped with copper circuit board and constant current Intelligent IC LED circuit technology. Faster heat diffusion, heat resistant, no interference with digital and FM radio signals, long life beyond 40,000 hours.

Extremely bright: two high power CSP LED chips per bulb, max lumens: 1800LM per bulb; light color: 6000K xenon white; max capacity: 36W per bulb, operating at 8W. Waterproof: IP65; Voltage: 12V to 24V DC.


  • The housing seems to be CNC-milled and turned aluminium coated.
  • Super easy to install
  • Brighter than standard light bulbs


  • Not too bright, but very suitable in the color for light bars.

9. Voltage Automotive H3 Headlight Bulb Polarize White Replacement (Pair)

Buy Voltage Automotive H3 Headlight Bulb Polarize White Replacement (Pair)

View on Amazon

Professionally designed headlight lamps emit evenly distributed light that is safe and comfortable for the driver’s eyes compared to Amethyst products.

H3 Polarize super white blue light bulbs. The color temperature is a measurement in degrees Kelvin, which indicates the hue of a certain type of light source. Contrary to the misconception that the color temperature is an evaluation of the brightness of the light bulb, the higher the color temperature, the less usable light output you get. A 6000K bulb produced 15% less light than 4300K. Pure white light is almost invisible in bad weather. Headlights with a rated power of 3500~4000K actually produce the best usable light output that the human eye prefers.

H3 Polarized white blue light bulb emits glare-free, non-hairy white light with polarization-like clarity.

30% brighter than conventional Super White lamps. Perfect for fair weather driving conditions.

H3 bulb Application areas: h3 headlight bulb, h3 fog lamp, h3 high beam, h3 low beam, 12-volt automotive system.

OEM equivalent Easy to install / DOT compliant / Road legal

1-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Recommended to change in pairs for two years for best performance.

No more glare against incoming traffic as with LED headlights.

No more haze in foggy weather as with conventional super-white light bulbs.


  • Polarize White headlight bulb emits nearly 4000K clear white light with exceptional clarity on the road to improve driver safety.
  • Even more light and width compared to other brands
  • Ocean blue highly transparent coating emits clear white light, durable UV quartz glass and high temperature resistant base. 1/2 the price of similar products with the same high quality


  • The light is slightly yellowish

10. Calais Extremely Bright LED H3 COB Chips 30W

Buy Calais Extremely Bright LED H3 COB Chips 30W

View on Amazon

This list includes a pair (2 pieces) of Super Bright High Power H3 LED Light Bulbs 3000K Gold Yellow LED Fog Bulbs, DRL / Daytime Running Lamp Replacement.


Please confirm the correct type of LED fog lamp before purchase.

You can check the manual for correct bulb or remove the standard bulb and find the size.

Some European brand vehicles have an error message or a flickering after the LED lamp has been installed, it has no effect on your vehicle,

Since the CANBUS system detects that your light bulb is working with a different current than the original halogen bulbs, simply add the

Load resistance for each bulb is the best solution.

This type of LED fog lamp is plug & play, there is no need to cut and wire it, and it is dimensioned to fit perfectly with your standard fog lamps and can be plugged directly into your OEM socket.

This type of LED fog lamp is 200% brighter than your standard halogen fog lamp, but is not recommended as a high beam or dipped beam headlamp.


  • H3 LED bulbs used only for fog lights, DRL/daytime running light, super bright yellow color, each H3 LED fog light is about 1000 lumens, total 2000 lumens.
  • Aviation aluminum material for fast heat dissipation, waterproof IP68, shock resistant, life 50000 hours.
  • The load resistor is required for European vehicles built into the CAN-BUS system to avoid dashboard error messages or flickering problems.


  • There are no brighter bulbs than normal H3 bulbs and more than yellow parking lights than fog lights.

11. H3 LED Headlight Bulbs Anti-flicker All-in-One Conversion Kit

Buy H3 LED Headlight Bulbs Anti-flicker All-in-One Conversion Kit

View on Amazon

Luminous Flux – 10000Lm, color temperature – 6000K Cold white, well spread clear beam pattern, glare-free body, no dark spots, perfect clear beam create a safe and comfortable viewing experience.

Aviation Aluminium profile intelligent radiant heat conduction system, 12000R/min turbo cooling avoid overheating, extend the service life of the bulb over 50000h.

Equipped with decoder and EMC can work with most cars, Immediate commissioning immediately, no circuit disturbances. IP67 waterproof, works well even in extreme situations, it gives you a much safer night ride.

Plug-N-Play design for easy installation, replace your original halogen light directly and without problems (Note: The decoding function may not work on all vehicles). If it does not work for your vehicles, please check it before buying or contact us!

2 years guarantee. In addition, offer 100% free lifelong technical support


  • Smart CAN bus and EMC adaptation
  • Polarity-free design for easy installation
  • Pro-Turbo cooling to prevent overheating
  • overcurrent protection
  • overvoltage protection


  • Difficult getting into the right position.

12. SYLVANIA – H3 (64151) SilverStar zXe Fog High Performance Halogen Fog Light Bulb

Buy SYLVANIA – H3 (64151) SilverStar zXe Fog High Performance Halogen Fog Light Bulb

View on Amazon

SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe headlights are powered by proprietary Xenon Halogen Gas technology with the look, feel and adjustment of HID lights. Everything on the zXe bulb screams for style, from the reflective top alloy coating to the brilliant, clear white light output. It is certain that your vehicle will stand out in the crowd. SYLVANIA SilverStar zXe is street legal and DOT legal.

As one of the trusted leaders in automotive lighting, SYLVANIA is dedicated to the performance and value of its products. With premium workmanship and high quality materials, SilverStar zXe is the right choice when it comes to improving the lighting of your vehicle.

The sharp white light gives your vehicle the look, feel and feel of HID. Our special mirror tip and cobalt blue coating give these headlights an exceptional jewel-like shimmer for head-turning style. SYLVANIA offers a wide range of automotive lighting products with style, performance and safety in mind for you and your family.


  • Your lights are a pair, one’s never on without the other on. When one bulb burns out, the other is not far away.
  • Replace your H3 SilverStar zXe fog bulbs in pairs for optimal performance.
  • The cobalt blue coating provides optimal light transmission and color. Own xenon halogen gas technology.
  • The silver mirror surface alloy rounds off the jewel-like appearance of the headlights. These H1 SilverStar zXe
  • fog lamps provide sharp, white light – the look, feel and adjustment of HID.


  • None


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