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Best off road lights review

To avoid road mishaps, drive with adequate illumination at night, during rainfall, snowfall, or fog. With the correct lighting, you can prevent other vehicles, animals, potholes, people, etc.

These obstructions may cause accidents, damage your expensive car, and increase maintenance costs. But you can avoid all these if you invest in the best jeep light bar.

This simple but effective device will ensure that your off-the-road experience is memorable. It’ll light up your path and illuminate the road in every weather condition. You can avoid accidents and drive with ease anytime.

1. Autofeel 68000LM OSRAM Chips 42 Inch for Jeep Wrangler Ford Truck Boat
2. Autofeel 32″ Curved LED Off Road Light Bar
3. Rigidhorse Curved Quad Row LED Off Road Light Bar
4. YITAMOTOR 52 Inch LED Off Road Light Bar

Why is finding the right off-road lights for Jeep Wranglers so important? Well, the Wrangler is an impressive piece of machinery, no doubt, able to climb pretty much anything and go pretty much anywhere right out of the box. But you’re not going to get very far if you can’t see, and this makes finding the right off road lights super important if you’re planning on doing some high level trekking. With your Jeep Wranglers you can use also Fog Lights For Jeep Wranglers.

Even off the road do not lose sight and provide optimal illumination. The LED headlights offer a much brighter light and can also convince in the long-term test. LEDs are not only more economical but also brighter than halogen lights. We have not been able to find many professional tests, but customers have tested and evaluated them themselves. Which off-road illuminants are most convincing, we now clarify.

Best Off-Road Lights For Jeep Wranglers – Review 2020

1. Autofeel 68000LM OSRAM Chips 42 Inch for Jeep Wrangler Ford Truck Boat

2. H1 LED Headlight Bulbs Hi/Lo Beam Conversion Kit

3. Rigidhorse LED Light Bar 5 Row 20 inch 480W 25000LM Flood Spot Combo Beam Light Bar

4. LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 52 Inch Light Bar Compatible for Jeep Wrangler TJ

Top rated off road lights for jeep

This essential bit of electronics is often overlooked, which is why we’ve dug up four of the best for you (and after our reviews, we go into details what you should be searching for when selecting the right off-road lights). But first . . .

Off road lights led

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best off road lights for Jeep Wranglers.

1. Autofeel 68000LM OSRAM Chips 42 Inch for Jeep Wrangler Ford Truck Boat

Buy Autofeel 68000LM OSRAM Chips 42 Inch for Jeep Wrangler Ford Truck Boat

View on Amazon

Easy to install and dirt cheap, Autofeel offers a series of off-road light bars which you can mount in order to make your playtime a whole lot safer. They come in a lot cheaper than the competition and have a wide variety of sizes which will allow you to make sure that you’re able to see the road.

These lights are offered in a 6500K color temperature and a wide variety of sizes. You can even pick from straight and curved configurations to suit your unique needs. No need to break the bank. These are definitely good enough to keep you safe while you’re off roading.

2. Autofeel 32″ Curved LED Off Road Light Bar

Buy Autofeel 32″ Curved LED Off Road Light Bar

View on Amazon

Three rows of powerful LED lighting offer you an astonishing 40,500 lumens of super bright, white light to allow you to see your way through even the roughest domain. No matter the time of day, you’ll be able to see clearly with this set of lights.

The heat dissipation is top notch, making sure that your bulbs will live to a ripe old age and the two year warranty covers you if anything bad does happen. The 32”, three row option is perfect for most people, but if you’re looking to get serious then you can get them bigger and badder. For the money, these are without doubt among the best off-road lights for Jeep Wranglers.

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3. Rigidhorse Curved Quad Row LED Off Road Light Bar

Buy Rigidhorse Curved Quad Row LED Off Road Light Bar

View on Amazon

If you’ve been looking for top notch lighting then the fix is in. This 52”, curved light bar is astonishing to see in action and easily installed on your Wrangler. No fuss necessary to generate some serious lighting potential.

Instant daylight is the comparison that comes to mind (see full specs), and the curved bar allows you a wider radius of vision while limiting the amount of light lost to the direct front. These off road lights are a bit expensive, and only come in a curved configuration, but they’re some of the best around.

4. YITAMOTOR 52 Inch LED Off Road Light Bar

Buy YITAMOTOR 52 Inch LED Off Road Light Bar

View on Amazon

It’s not the brightest on the market, but coming in with 27,000 lumens you’re definitely not going to be left wanting for illumination if you opt to work with these. This 52” bar is perfectly adapted to sit atop your Jeep and the framing is pretty much shock-proof (see full specs).

If you’re on really rough terrain, you can rest assured that this bar isn’t going anywhere. Keep yourself safe and keep on going with confidence, knowing that you’re not going to be let down by this off road light bar.

Headlights For Jeep Wranglers

Car headlamps are safety-relevant add-on parts and are part of the technical equipment that is checked during the general inspection and during traffic checks.

They should therefore always be absolutely functional. Unfortunately, headlights are comparatively fragile attachments that are often damaged after accidents and need to be replaced. But stone chips also often cause broken headlamp lenses.

Whether xenon headlights, complete headlights including bulbs, taillights, clear glass headlights or tuning headlights, you will find the right headlights for your Jeep Cherokee.

Since original headlamps from the manufacturer can often be very expensive, there are often exact-fit replicas of headlamps, for example from headlamp manufacturers such as Hella, which also work as a supplier for the car manufacturers and are of high quality.

In addition, you can also find used headlights for your Cherokee on this site, which are significantly cheaper than new headlights. By the way, cloudy and tired headlight lenses can be treated with special headlight polishes, which you can also buy at this site. Headlights treated in this way provide a significantly higher light output.

Picking the Best Off Road Lights for Jeep Wranglers

If you’ve had the forethought to look up a bar, chances are that you know they’re one of the most important pieces you’ll ever buy for your safety. It’s easy to get lost while out hunting or just tooling around in the back country and being able to get back in the dark with confidence is a nice bonus to have.

The old halogen style bars have been pretty much entirely replaced with LEDs. They use less energy, they generate less heat, they’re brighter, and they last longer. There’s just no reason not to use the latest and the greatest, especially when you consider the prices.

You’ll want to take note of the following before you make a final decision.

Off Road Light Lumens

The Lumen count attached to a set of lights will give you a rough idea of how powerful it is. This measurement came into use because LEDs simply provide way more light per watt of power than any of their counterparts.

For comparison, a standard house lightbulb puts out about 800 lumens of light, whereas your new off road lights will generally be measured in tens of thousands.

More lumens means more light, but that’s really not the only measure of how much visibility you’ll get.

Off Road Lights – Straight vs. Curved

With new curved bars coming out, there’s a new factor to take into account. Both have their advantages and this will usually be the determining factor.

A straight bar will provide the most light directly in front of you. This is fine for work light applications or when you’re in fairly easy terrain and just looking out for pot holes and other simple obstructions. Just jam it and go.

Curved bars really shine in cluttered environments. If you’re planning on going off road to hunt deer or anywhere you might run into trees and shrubs you’ll find that you gain a huge advantage by being able to increase the field of view. Curved bars will allow light outside of the immediate front of the vehicle.

Which one you choose to go with will largely depend on your preferred terrain. If in doubt, a curved bar is usually a better option. They’ll perform a bit less well directly in front of you but the trade-off in field-of-sight is enormous.

Off Road Light Mounting

You need a good mounting setup which won’t add a ton of weight to your Jeep. The best are made of aluminum, but if you don’t go with any of our recommendations you want to avoid plastic mounts at all costs. They just don’t hold up.


Making sure you have the best off road lights for Jeep Wranglers is one of the first steps to making sure your vehicle is prepared for anything. Once you’ve picked out the right bar you’ll be good to go, just install it and hook up the wires and you’re on your way to an even broader range of adventures. Good luck!

Jeep Wrangler Headlights

The overwhelming number of options available for offroad lights makes it tough for buyers to find the right one that suits their application. Generally speaking, buyers only look for these two essential features while buying off-road lights. The first one is brightness, and the next is durability.

Best Headlights for jeep wrangler

There’s an overwhelmingly large amount of options out there when it comes to LED light bars for our Wrangler TJs. Because of that I decided to create a thread that will not only allow for a meaningful discussion of LED light bars, but also outline some of your choices, the more reputable brands, etc.

The right lighting for your Jeep Wranglers

Headlights: Which lighting system is the right one?

Good headlamps and the visibility they provide represent a safety factor that should not be neglected, especially for drivers. While a standard halogen headlamp can light up to about 140 meters, xenon and LED lamps can reach a range of about 240 meters.

Anyone who saves on the lighting for his car not only has to reckon with a shorter service life, but also with inadequate illumination of the road. This may comply with legal requirements, but driving off-road places completely different demands on the illumination properties of a headlamp. The technical possibilities – especially in the field of LED technology – have experienced rapid development in recent years. Time for an upgrade from obsolete headlamps to modern, durable lighting technology!

The classic: halogen

While low-cost halogen lamps continue to be installed in the low-priced vehicle segment for cost reasons, the brightness of these lamps is not sufficient for many users.

The light has the typical yellow tone of halogen headlights and an uneven, blurred illumination pattern. Compared to LED lamps, halogen headlights now seem quite antiquated. The susceptibility to vibrations makes them rather unsuitable for off-road vehicles, often still with rough running diesel engines.

The glaring: Xenon

In contrast, the brighter and more energy-efficient xenon lights. These gas discharge lamps are designed so that the light spectrum produced is as close as possible to natural daylight.

The service life of xenon headlights is estimated to be four times longer than that of halogen bulbs. However, a complex electronic ballast is required. Furthermore, headlamp cleaning systems and automatic height adjustment are mandatory for all vehicles with Xenon headlamps.

High maintenance costs and a significantly higher susceptibility – especially in off-road use – make xenon headlamps an expensive alternative, which nowadays has been left behind by the advantages of modern LED headlamps.

The Efficiency: LED car lights

They are now available not only in turn signals, as daytime running lights or tail lights, but also as main headlights. Modern LED headlamps are characterized above all by their high luminosity, daylight-like light color, space-saving installation, efficient energy consumption and a wide range of design options.

In addition to a generally significantly longer service life of LED lights compared to all other light sources, LED headlights also offer by far the best vibration resistance. These modern lights also survive long journeys over vibrating tracks without damage.

LED lighting systems consist of one or more LEDs (semiconductor diodes, which convert electrical voltage into light at low heat development). In the headlamp, in front of the LED, there is an optical system which concentrates the luminosity and thus illuminates the road particularly well and homogeneously.

LED headlights for off-road vehicles as an energy-saving retrofit solution
In addition to the already mentioned advantages of LED headlamps, this lighting system also eliminates the headlamp cleaning systems required for Xenon headlamps.

Therefore they are also suitable for older models. An active headlamp levelling system is also not necessary. All LED main headlights sold by us have the prescribed E-marking for legal operation.

So nothing stands in the way of an easy and inexpensive replacement of your “old” headlights. In addition to main headlights, we offer optional driving lights, work lights – also in the form of the popular LED bars, reversing and signal lights and turn signals for all common off-road vehicles.

Best Off-Road Lights for Jeep Wranglers Video

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