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Tool chests and cabinets

Let’s sit back and take a look at some of the best tool chests on the market today. These include features such as ball-bearing drawer slides and non-slip surfaces. They are also built to withstand a lot of abuse.

Why do you need a toolbox?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a mechanic working on a car, a craftsman working outdoors, or a do-it-yourselfer who likes to do do-it-yourself projects, a toolbox is a common staple food that can be found in the home or on the construction site by anyone. It is important that you choose the best tool chest for your needs, so you will need one that has the right shape, size, and finish.

The reasons why a toolbox is so important are:

  • All your tools are better organized so you can find what you need faster.
  • Having tools in the chest protects them from damage.
  • Your tools are safely stowed away so they won’t get carried away.
  • All your items are in a convenient chest so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The difference between a mechanic’s toolbox and a machinist’s toolbox

Most of the tool cabinets you see on the market are mechanical tool cabinets that differ slightly from mechanic tool cabinets. The floor plan of a mechanic’s chest is the size of his drawers, which are designed for special tools such as monkey wrenches, screwdrivers, socket spanners, and other tools that a mechanic might need to do his job. They can also be used as toolboxes for general use if you want to use a range of different tools.

Mechanic’s chests are similar to mechanic’s chests but have two different characteristics. Their drawers are not so deep because machine tools are not so bulky, and therefore they are also very practical for tools for repairing electronics. The second difference is that the drawers are typically lined to protect smaller and finer tools that machine builders like to use.

What should I look out for in a toolbox or cabinet?

As much as you may think that storage space is the most important feature of a good tool chest or cabinet that should only be the starting point. The best tool stores allow you to organize your tools efficiently and last many years.

Be sure to use a sturdy frame construction, preferably 18mm steel, although some thinner gauges may also work well. The drawers should have ball bearings to ensure smooth movement and less risk of derailment. Good drawer liners are also essential as they protect your tools from sliding around or getting dirty.

Cost should never be a factor unless you have reduced it to two or three almost identical options. Remember that a good toolbox should outlast many of your best tools, so go to cheap means to pay more for a replacement. Finally, while mobility is a plus, take a moment to decide how important it is before you dispense with a high-quality stationery cabinet.

Chest, cabinet, or workbench: Searching for the best fit

Although all the units we cover are excellent, a certain type of tool storage might work better for your workspace. Here is a quick breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages for each:

Tool cabinets

If you are looking for premium storage, it does not get much better than a tool cabinet. These heavy-duty units have plenty of storage space with space at the top for additional workstations or to nest a tool chest. Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, tool cabinets have very limited mobility (even with wheels) and work best in a fixed location.

Tool chests

Some smaller tool chests can be taken on the trip, making them an excellent choice if you want to keep your tools mobile. Some can even be placed on or under the workbench. They can also be placed directly on a cabinet to increase your total storage space. The disadvantage is that a tool chest itself has much less storage space than other options. Tool chests usually have smaller drawers than cabinets, but there may be a larger number of them.

Mobile Workbench

These units are very similar to tool cabinets, but they are usually a bit lighter and are easier to move in the work area. The top is a finished surface, so you can pull up a stool and do all your work from there. Unfortunately, adding a workspace means you cannot nest toolboxes, which limits the total amount of available storage.

Best tool chest

Best choice

Milwaukee 46-Inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

This combination set consists of 20-welded steel with powder coating and is very durable. The 16 drawers are available in three sizes and use ball bearing soft close rails that can each hold up to 100 pounds. A special computer drawer allows you to safely store your laptop while you work, while the gas-spring assisted top lid opens to reveal a pegboard and plenty of workspace.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • Drawers include a soft-close function
  • Has 3 rounded tubular handles, so it can be moved around the workshop with ease

Top rated tool chests

Top choice

Thor Kitchen HTC7215W 72-Inch Tool Chest

  • 4,8 Rating
  • Rubberwood on top
  • 15 drawers of storage & 100 pound rated drawer slide
Check Price

Best choice

Milwaukee 46-Inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

  • 4, 9 Rating
  • Drawers include a soft-close function
  • Has 3 rounded tubular handles, so it can be moved around the workshop with ease
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Kennedy Manufacturing 7-Drawer Rolling Tool

  • 4,7 Rating
  • Made of heavy gauge steel body
  • High security tubular lock with 2 keys secures all drawers
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Best rated tool chests

A good drawer helps keep your tools in order. The best models are equipped with additional compartments, a removable organizer for storing small things. They are made of plastic or metal, come in different sizes, equipped with convenient handles for carrying. Metal models are rarely used because of their heavyweight – carrying a heavy box filled with tools is not the easiest thing to do. Therefore, durable plastic is considered a better option. The choice of models in stores is large, but our rating will introduce you only to the best toolboxes.

Best tool chests and cabinets for the money (quality counts)

Best tool chests and cabinets for the money (quality counts)

Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

1. Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

2. 30 in. 5 Drawer Mechanic’s Tool Cart Cabinet – Blue

3. Husky H46MWC9XD 46-Inch Mobile Workbench

4. Husky HOTC5623BB2S 56-Inch Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set

5. Milwaukee 48-22-8510-8520 46-Inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

6. Thor Kitchen HTC7215W 72-Inch Tool Chest with Work Station

7. Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 26-Inch Machinist’s Chest

8. Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xb 29″ 7-Drawer Rolling Tool

Best tool chests for the money

Every enthusiastic carpenter, craftsman, or manual worker will realize at some point that he needs something to accommodate all his tools. Some may simply throw all their tools into a plastic bucket or cardboard box, but it can be frustrating to find a particular item among other things.

One of the most common mistakes do-it-yourselfers make is to keep their tools in their original packaging. This may be a good way to store tool kits first, but even the best plastic cases will break over time. Perforated storage also has limited benefits, which makes it essential to have a robust storage container that you can keep organized. Keep safety your torx sets in a good tool chest!

Husky tool chests and cabinets

Enter the humble toolbox. Unlike a classic cheap toolbox, tool chests (and cabinets) have multiple drawers and usually have wheels so you can move all your tool collection around the garage as needed. However, there are many tool chests, and many of them are not worth the investment. Don’t know, how to use air compressor? Read our review about this!

There is nothing more satisfying and convenient than organizing all your tools in your work environment.
That’s exactly what a rolling tool cabinet offers – a clean and tidy workshop, and time savings when you know where your tools are.Let’s take a look at some of the best rolling tool cabinets on the market today.

For most people who need extra storage space in the garage, a simple tool chest is enough to hold a whole range of tools. The best toolbox should have enough storage and organization options to allow you to customize your workspace. The Best Choice Products portable chest of drawers offers ten storage compartments and drawers in a sturdy steel frame.

Top rated tool chests and cabinets

There is nothing more satisfying and convenient than organizing all your tools in your work environment. If you are a person who works with your hands, you know that your tools are the most valuable in your arsenal.

However, you need a good place to store these tools, a place that is durable, safe, and perhaps portable.

Our 9 Favorite Tool Chests and Cabinets

1. Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage DrawersBuy Keter Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers

View on Amazon

Husky is known for its durability, and this high-performance bearing combination will not disappoint. The chest itself is made of a high-quality, fully welded 18-gauge steel construction protected by a rugged, industrially textured black powder paint finish. Since it is a combination, the upper chest can be removed for work on the move, and both units have an internal locking system with a key to keep your tools safe.

With its adaptable 5-drawer system, the Keter Modular Organizer and Storage System are not just for the garage! It’s perfect for all types of hobbies or home use, from scrapbooking, gardening, sewing, to craft storage.

On the cabinet, there is a tool chest with six further drawers, which have the same functions as the drawers of the cabinet. The reinforced top lid is supported by gas struts for easy opening and closing.

On the back of this section is a large magnetic plate to store your favorite tools, while the side has a built-in power strip with four grounded sockets and two USB ports for convenient charging even when the device is closed and locked.

You know you have a winner when the vast majority of owners describe a unit with the word “love”. Moreover, what can you not love? Space, accessories, and additional features as well as the improved warranty make this the best tool cabinet and chest combination on the market. Best of all, it is easy to assemble and lasts for years, making the lower price range even more remarkable.

As robust as this combination is once it is in your home, there have been some reports complaining about shipping damage. The abuse shipping companies can range from scratches and bruises to turning parts of the steel frame. When you first receive the product, be careful to watch for signs of misuse so that you are not stuck with a damaged product.

If possible, order online to view the price and pick it up at your local DIY store. Keep in mind that this cabinet is HEAVY, so prepare yourself with a lot of help while unloading.


  • Integrated carry handles make each module easily portable.
  • The bottom drawer offers deep storage space for larger tools.
  •  Includes 16 removable bins for organizing a screwdriver set, small parts and nuts and bolts.


  • Price is too high

2. 30 in. 5 Drawer Mechanic’s Tool Cart Cabinet – Blue

Buy 30 in. 5 Drawer Mechanic’s Tool Cart Cabinet – Blue

View on Amazon

Harbor Freight has a hard-earned reputation as one of the best tool warehouses on the market. While you may want to avoid many cheaper products at Harbor Freight, US General chests and cabinets are first class and are consistently recommended in online forums for mechanics.

This special model is a 30-inch industrial grade roller cabinet with 14,000 cubic inches of storage space. Made of fully welded 18-gauge steel with industrial powder coating and four heavy-duty 5-inch castors (two of which have a locking joint), this cabinet is a delight for him and her. It replaces the very popular Series 1 tool cabinets, with the biggest difference being the increasing drawer depth from 16″ to almost 19.5″.

Each of the 13 high-performance drawers has fully extendable ball bearing slides with double slides on the larger drawers. A double bench configuration makes organizing easier, while secure latches, non-slip, pre-cut drawer liners and a cylinder lock ensure your tools stay secure and protected.

This is one of the products that work exactly as announced. Not only is it robust, but the owners also report that the drawers work perfectly. In combination with an upper chest, this unit is the perfect addition to any garage workstation. Two optional side cabinets for additional storage space are also available. The new Series 2 is now also available in blue and black (next to red).

Nothing is perfect, and this tool chest contains a few minor problems that seem to be rare. The locking mechanism is known to have seized, although this is quite rare. In extreme cases, the barrel can be easily replaced.

The other complaint concerns the drawer layout, which does not have the widest variety of sizes. This may require some excuses to organize tools to your personal taste. However, you will not have any trouble fitting our favorite socket organizer into the top drawer.


  • High capacity, full extension ball bearing drawer slides. Double slides on large drawers.
  • Non-slip pre-cut drawer liners in all drawers
  • Barrel lock keeps your tools safe and secure


  • None

3. Husky H46MWC9XD 46-Inch Mobile Workbench

Buy Husky H46MWC9XD 46-Inch Mobile Workbench

View on Amazon

A good workplace is just as important as good tool storage, which makes this piece of gem a must for narrow workshops. Unlike most tool cabinets, which are only 18 inches deep, the H46MWC9XD has an extra deep 24.5 inch design for 36 percent more storage space and workspace. Four 5×2 inch wheels and a large, ergonomic push handle make it the best tool storage cart for larger workshops where tool mobility is critical.

The nine lockable drawers are 21.7 inches deep and move smoothly on their 100-pound ball bearing slides. The larger bottom drawers are perfect for power tools and can each hold up to 200 pounds. High-quality pre-cut drawer liners ensure that your tools remain safe and stationary. You get a total of 19,650 cubic inches of drawer storage.
Like most Husky tool cabinets, this workbench features a power strip under the push handle, allowing up to four wired devices and two USB devices to be docked simultaneously and within reach of the work surface.

The surface on this bench is made of solid wood and has a total area of 1,104 square inches. Best of all, you can be assured of durability thanks to Husky’s standard fully welded steel construction and stainless powder coating.

Although it has more storage space than the US General chest above, the steel frame thickness of this Husky is slightly thinner (21 gauge vs. 18 gauge). You will not get any self-closing drawers either, like the high quality Husky chests do, but for the price a higher quality cabinet would be hard to find.


  • Steel Nine-Drawer Mobile Workbench in Black offers plenty of space for all your tools and hardware to keep your garage neat and organized
  • Designed to handle rough usage without compromising integrity, it has an all-welded steel construction


  • None

4. Husky HOTC5623BB2S 56-Inch Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set

Buy Husky HOTC5623BB2S 56-Inch Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set

View on Amazon

One of the most impressive models on this list, the HOTC5623BBB2S, is a 23-drawer combination of durable 18-gauge steel with plenty of storage space. A magnetic, three-mode, 360 lumen LED work light uses a recessed folding hook and charges via USB. A built-in outlet strip with 8 ports and 2 USB ports ensures all your tools are fully charged. Both units also feature a cylinder lock for added security.

Each drawer is designed for up to 100 pounds and features Soft Closed drawer slides, while the larger drawers use double slides. You get 42,930 cubic inches of storage space, which is at the top of our list.

As with all high-quality chests, this is also supplied with drawer liners to ensure the safety of the tools. The cabinet is equipped with two rigid and four 5×2 inch swivel polypropylene castors in industrial quality for mobility (required for this over 600-pound beast).

If you are looking for a large, rugged tool cabinet for current and future requirements, it will not be much better than this Husky set. The drawers are flat and sturdy, making them perfect for storing collections of keys, sockets and other important tools for the mechanic. It is tough enough to withstand a brawl, and owners love the extra ports and light.

As with all large, heavy items, some consumers have received damaged units in intact cartons and intact units in damaged cartons, so always check the contents for possible problems as soon as possible.


  • The heavy duty drawers are rated to 100 lbs. each
  • Drawer liners are included to protect and keep your tools in place
  • The built in full length power strip includes 8 outlets and 2 USB ports, making it easy to keep all of your tools charged


  • None

5. Milwaukee 48-22-8510-8520 46-Inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

Buy Milwaukee 48-22-8510-8520 46-Inch Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo

View on Amazon

This combination set consists of 20-welded steel with powder coating and is very durable. The 16 drawers are available in three sizes and use ball-bearing soft close rails that can each hold up to 100 pounds. A special computer drawer allows you to safely store your laptop while you work, while the gas-spring assisted top lid opens to reveal a pegboard and plenty of workspaces.

The cabinet has a combination of fixed and swiveling polypropylene castors and three tubular handles for greater mobility. A 3-barrel locking system rounds out the security of this combination. In addition, the handles fold flush together and do not count against the width of the cabinet, as is common with many competing devices.

This combination of the rolling toolbox is perfect for private and commercial workshops. The owners report that this set has met and occasionally exceeded their expectations. Some of the drawers are best suited for the low height of mechanic tools or screwdrivers, but there is no shortage of space (27,223 cubic inches total).

There were several shipping problems with this product. In some cases, the two units delivered from different warehouses and were incomplete. For other buyers, the product was damaged during shipping. If possible, try to collect or inspect the product as soon as it is delivered.


  • Drawers include a soft-close function for a smoother feel.
  • Computer drawer can be used to safely store, charge and even work on your computer as required
  • Has 3 rounded tubular handles, so it can be moved around the workshop with ease


  • The item is very heavy

6. Thor Kitchen HTC7215W 72-Inch Tool Chest with Work Station

Buy Thor Kitchen HTC7215W 72-Inch Tool Chest with Work Station

View on Amazon

You and your significant other could end up fighting for Thor Kitchen’s offer. The 430 stainless steel design has an anti-fingerprint finish that will attract attention whether in the workshop, kitchen, or garage.

Four 4×6 inch casters and stainless steel handles make it easy to move the unit. 100-pound ball-bearing slides ensure smooth drawer movement and the entire unit is easy to clean in the event of spillage.

Those who bought this device describe it as a heavy work of art. The rubber drawer liners prevent tools and utensils from slipping and function smoothly when fully loaded. It is visually stunning without compromising function.

This model is often sold through third parties, so several customer services and shipping issues have been reported. Be careful when buying from third parties and always look for a certified dealer if you are not buying directly.


  • 15 drawers of storage
  • Rubberwood on top
  • 100 pound rated drawer slide


  • The sheet metal is a bit on the thin side

7. Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 26-Inch Machinist’s Chest

Buy Kennedy Manufacturing 52611B 26-Inch Machinist’s Chest

View on Amazon

There is always an exception to the rule, and the chest of this 11-drawer mechanic is an exception that is worth making. Designed for owners of precision tools, each 22-gauge metal drawer is lined with felt and uses 60 pounds of friction drawer rails.

Six adjustable drawer dividers make it even easier to keep your tools organized. A flap conceals the drawer space and can be stowed in the bottom while the chest is in use. Both the drop plate and the upper till are secured by a tube lock.

While Kennedy Manufacturing may not be right for storing your drills, they are a widely recognized name for storing precision tools and their tool cabinets are manufactured in the USA. Owning a Kennedy chest was a rite of passage for many machinists, and the 52611B is a great gift. The smaller size also means that this chest will fit in places where it does not fit full size.

Some users may find the lack of ball-bearing slides disappointing, but the smaller size and more specific design mean they are not necessary. However, the problems with shipping tend to be more pronounced due to the 22-track steel construction. Many people have had injured or damaged units delivered due to poor handling.


  • Tubular lock keeps contents secure
  • Drop front panel conceals and secures drawers
  • Felt-lined drawer and Till protects precision tools


  • The top center drawer is meant to hold the Machinery’s Handbook, but would need about an extra inch to do so

8. Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xb 29″ 7-Drawer Rolling Tool

Buy Kennedy Manufacturing 297Xb 29″ 7-Drawer Rolling Tool

View on Amazon

The Kennedy 7-drawer industrial castor cabinet consists of a rugged steel enclosure with a durable powder coated finish.

The top has raised edges on 3 sides to retain the contents. High security tube lock with 2 keys secures all drawers. The drawers are equipped with an internal automatic locking system. The cabinet is supplied with ball-bearing drawer guides, which enable smooth operation under high loads.

Double-walled construction – Strong and rugged design keeps your Kennedy tool chest running for life. It also has heavy-duty rollers 5″ x 2″ wheels with 350 lb. Capacity per roll.


  • Made of heavy gauge steel body with a durable powder coat finish
  • High security tubular lock with 2 keys secures all drawers
  • Moves easily on 5″ roller bearing casters (2 rigid, 2 swivel with brakes)
  • Cabinet includes snap-in ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation under heavy load


  • The drawer runners are ball bearing but they are chinchy


Buying a toolbox is a bit more complicated than buying a standard toolbox. The sheer size means that the products meet a higher standard. But what features are important and what kind of storage should you invest in?

What to look out for in a toolbox

First and foremost, you will want to consider how much space you have for your new tool chest. Are you, for example, looking for a table model or do you have room for an independent product? Many people are under pressure in their garages, so a smaller toolbox is the best choice. However, if you have a specific workspace, you may want a large, comprehensive toolbox, although it usually costs more.

Do you have a large collection of tools to store or do you just stick to the basics? Depending on the size of your tool collection, you may need a tool chest that can hold more or less tools. This includes the total size, the number of drawers, the size of the drawers and much more.

The capacity of the respective tool cabinet or tool chest must also be taken into account. Simply put, you need something that will be able to hold all the tools you need to fit into it. Some tool chests or cabinets have 4 drawers, others have 34.

The point is that you need to take into account how many tools you have, plus the size of your tools. For example, if you have many larger power tools, you will need a toolbox with many large drawers to accommodate these large things.

On the other hand, a tool chest with a few medium and small drawers is good if you only have smaller tools that need to be stored.

Once your toolbox is filled, it will be extremely heavy. You will want to think about whether you need a portable option in advance. Some models are equipped with wheels and/or handles that make them much easier to move, and this is a lifesaver if you ever need to transport your tool chest anywhere.

Purchase of a rolling tool cabinet

If you are looking for the best rolling toolbox, think about why you need it. Are your tools scattered around your workshop? Do you spend a lot of time finding a particular tool just to finally give up? Do you have several projects in progress at the same time?
If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, a rolling tool chest might be the answer to your problems. You keep your tools organized in one place so you can find them quickly when you need them. Plus, you can breathe easy because you know they’re safe and protected when not in use.
You can see from our tool cabinet reviews that there are many options. Learn how to find out what features you need to search for.

Most of these chests are made of metal, mostly steel or aluminum. If you’re looking for something that will last, it’s probably a good idea to buy one made of metal. This is absolutely necessary for professionals. It is worth considering if you also upgrade your current tool cabinet.
The chests for the lower end of the rolling tool are often made of thinner steel or aluminum. There are even a few that have plastic frames or plates. This type of chest is perfect for someone who only works occasionally at home or is just starting to tinker with the car or any kind of machining.
Some of these chests come with a worktop on top. Some of them are made of wood, which is really nice because it makes the piece more of a portable workbench. You can also find metal and plastic surfaces here.

Some roller tool cabinets can be upgraded by purchasing an additional wall cabinet. Do you have to buy one immediately? Absolutely not. If your tool collection grows, or if you’re taking on different tasks and need specialized tools, the ability to add more storage space is a really nice feature. If you see yourself growing in your work, it’s a good idea to look for a chest that you can upgrade in the future.

Don’t save on quality.
We’ve already talked about the importance of the materials used in the main breast structure, but don’t forget the other parts. Metal hinges, handles, and rollers will always be a better investment than plastic. But if you’re not looking for an investment, you’ll simply get what you need today.

Some nice things you can have

  • Drawers in different sizes. The tools are all of the different sizes. In order to organize them properly, the drawers should also be available in your toolbox. Think about it. Small tools get lost in large, deep drawers and large tools don’t fit in small ones. The more variety, the better.
  • A lock. This is especially important if you use your toolbox if you use your tools in a garage or workshop. Lock them up when you leave and you won’t have to worry about them again at the end of the day. It’s also nice to have it at home, especially if you’re worried about theft. Tools are expensive and it is important to keep them safe.
  • Drawer inserts. If you really want to be organized, inserts are the right way. A specific position for each tool ensures that you know exactly where it is when you need it.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to think about when deciding which roll tool chest is right for you. Whichever you choose, you will agree that there is no better way to organize your tools.

What are some of the best toolbox brands?

There are many companies out there that offer tool chests, but some names stand out from the crowd. The following tool cabinet brands should always be at the top of your wish list:


One of the best-known names for tools, Craftsman, is just as good at ensuring high quality storage of these tools. Contractors can benefit enormously from investing in a craftsman’s tool chest, which they can store in the workshop or take with them on the road. Although quality is no longer, what it used to be, it still has its place in some areas of work. Available from Sears.


As a standard for generations of professionals, Husky offers some of the most durable tool storage options you will ever find. When equipping a commercial garage or industrial workstation, you cannot go wrong with a Husky product. Available at Home Depot.


Kobalt produces high quality power tools and their storage solutions are designed to withstand as much abuse. Whether innovative design or classic housing, Kobalt does not disappoint. Available from Lowes.


The biggest advantage Craftsman has ever had over Milwaukee is the extensive use of advertising. However, any experienced craftsman or contractor can verify the outstanding quality of Milwaukee products. Their tool stores are no exception and are located in commercial and industrial workshops around the world. Available at Home Depot.


Masterforce tool chests are known for their quality and durability and represent an excellent investment. Although they are less well known than many other brands, their products can compete directly with Husky and US General. Available from Menards.


When manufacturing quality tools, many manufacturers forget that poor storage can cause damage even to the best tools. Matco understands this dilemma and offers a wide range of tool storage options to help keep your tools safe and organized. Expensive, but can last a lifetime. Available from Matco Tools.


This lesser known company is very popular with those who have tried their products. Not only do they produce high-quality tool chests with popular designs, but they are also known for their unique triangular toolbox designs. Note that both Masterforce and Montezuma chests are distributed by Quality Craft. Available from Amazon.


From the do-it-yourselfer to the professional mechanic, a toolbox is an indispensable help to organize, transport and protect all your tools. Some are cheap and meet basic needs, while others are more expensive but offer much more benefits. Whatever type of breast you get depends on how many tools you have and what type they are.
Overall, a good tool chest has enough safety to protect your tools, can last many years, is durable enough to withstand dents and scratches, offers you enough space and is easy to use.

Best Deals On Tool Chests

There is always a need to buy more tools for your project and crafts whether you are a hobbyist, DIYer or a professional. But, as they start to pile up in the garage or workshop they become harder to organize, and you can even lose some of your most valuable ones. Although you can always make some permanent storage cabinets and shelves, they are not the best idea as they take up a lot of space and can also be expensive to build.

The best solution for your tools storage problem will be to invest in the right tool chest or cabinet. And the best element about the two is that they are available in various sizes and dimensions to fit almost any workspace. They are also a cheaper alternative to making permanent cabinets and shelves and most come with wheels for easy mobility.

Best Deals on Rolling Tool Chests

Either you work your way at home, or you are a professional, having an array of tools get you through numerous jobs conveniently. However, you need to be organized and keep all your tools easily accessible in one place. It will save plenty of your time. Therefore, we have brought you our reviews on some of the best tool chests available on the market.

Some of them are affordable and offer great value while others are pricey and deliver exceptional quality. We will also provide you with our buying guide to assist you what to look for when buying a tool chest. Shopping for a tool box may seem like a simple task. After all, you’re just looking for a way to store your tools. But once you get into browsing all the options out there, you might be surprised how overwhelming it may be. The tools you need to store play a big role in determining what type of tool box you need. In addition, you’ll need to consider whether you need a portable option or something you’ll just be keeping in your garage.

Best Tool Chests Video

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