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Storing car tires can be quite a pain, especially if you have limited space.

With a rim tree, however, you can store your tires in a very small space until the next tire change. A corner in the garage is perfectly adequate!

Which tire stand or tire tree is right for you, whether models with rollers are worthwhile and what you should look for when buying you will learn in this article.

A rim tree protects the tires of your car from scratches, imbalances and condensation. Especially high-quality rims can be stored without hesitation, since they are not directly on top of each other.

Wheel Rim Stand Best Choice

Best choice

CARTREND Wheel Rim Stand with Protective tire Cover

Suitable for car rim with a tire width of up to 225 mm, including one tire cover to protect tires from dust and dirt and to protect adjacent objects from dirty tires. Tires stored properly. Simultaneously ensures order in the basement or garage.

5,0 Rating
No distortion of the tires from pressure loss
Gentle support plate rims
Suitable for car alloys up to a tire width of 225 mm
Fully detached
Organizes basement and garage

How To Choose Wheel Rim Stand?

How to choose best Wheel Rim Stand

Best 5 Wheel Rim Stands


CARTREND Wheel Rim Stand with Protective tire Cover

CARTREND Wheel Rim Stand with Protective tire Cover
  •  For tire Distance of up to 225 mm.
  • Fully detached.

4,9 Rating

Check Best Price


Power-Tec Deluxe Heavy Duty Alloy Wheel Painting Stand

Power-Tec Deluxe Heavy Duty Alloy Wheel Painting Stand
  • Complete with 200 mm rubber wheels
  • Supporting bars and cones can be adjusted for optimum height

4,9 Rating

Check Best Price


JEGS Storage Stand for Tires With Wheels

JEGS Storage Stand for Tires With Wheels
  • Total Capacity 275 LBS
  • 9” MAX wheel and tire width

4,5 Rating

Check Best Price

We have tested the Best Wheel Rim Stand and selected the best products for you.

What you need to know

A rim tree can be particularly helpful for protecting new aluminum rims from scratches. But even with robust steel rims, it is worth considering storing the wheels on a rim tree. Because with longer storage times, damage can also occur here due to a high weight of tires stacked on top of each other. In addition, condensation often forms.

To keep the tires for your car in pristine condition, a rim tree must be reliable and safe. You can find out what you should also look out for when using tests and other buying advice in our guide. In addition, you will receive valuable tips on the proper storage of tires.

How a rim tree works: How can you store your tires in a space-saving way?

The structure of a rim tree is not particularly complicated. The core piece is a metal tube, which in most cases is made of aluminum. To this are attached corresponding support plates for the rims. In this way, an entire set of tires for a car can be stored safely and in a space-saving manner.

Even though horizontal storage is typical for a rim tree, a few rim rack systems are also offered where the tires are suspended laterally and thus vertically. The following table shows the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of construction:


  • Even more space-saving.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Also, large tires can be stored.


  • Stability only with an even distribution of the tires.
  • Mostly without extras like wheels, handles, or protective cover.

What do rim trees with rollers and stands reveal in direct comparison?

The classic construction method among the rim trees is the variant with a four-legged cross stand made of metal. It does not matter whether the tires are hung horizontally on top of each other or laterally. The weight of the system gives it stability, and it will not fall over. This design is recommended for garages or basements where there is not much space available.

With a mobile tire rack, on the other hand, you are much more flexible. Especially in workshops or large garages, the rims can be transported very easily in this way together with the tire holder. However, for safety reasons, you should always pay attention to the presence of a parking brake here.

Further differences: tire width as a decisive criterion

A significant difference lies in the tire diameters for which a model is suitable. Because this varies with the respective manufacturers and products. Ideally, you should therefore know the shower diameter of your tires in order to specifically search only for rim holders that are also suitable for your car tires. The distances between the support plates determine the tire width that can be stored on a rim tree.

It is common to find measurements in millimeters as well as in inches. Therefore, we recommend noting both measurements of your tires. Common sizes are rim trees with 18 inches or rim trees with 19 inches. For millimeter accuracy, you can find markings such as “Rim tree for 255 tires”.

What important criteria should you consider when buying?

Before you buy a rim tree, you should look at various rim tree comparisons to find the best rim tree for you in the end. However, it is also important to know what you should pay attention to. Important here is, for example, the dimensions, the type of structure, the material used, and, of course, the category suspension (vertical, horizontal).

Ideally, also check the load limit measured by the manufacturer. Here, a product should always withstand a little more than the specified weight. Especially if you are looking for a complete package with a protective cover and accessories, you should pay attention to information on this in rim stand tests.

Strengths and weaknesses

In current rim tree tests, additional bolt systems, in particular, are rated positively. These secure the individually inserted parts of the center bar and provide additional stability. However, you should make sure that securing bolts lock into place and are not free to move.

You can keep track very easily with tire markers. Alternatively, you can simply use chalk for marking.

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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