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The 120v Air Compressor will be an indispensable helper for you on the road.

Your car’s tire may be damaged and the nearest car station is still very far away. What to do? No matter what happens, you should always have a 120v Air Tire Inflation Pump in the trunk of your car as a backup. Just a few minutes of pumping and your tire is good as new. How do you choose the best 120v tire inflation pump? We have selected the top best for you.

Choosing a 120 volt air compressor for your garage? We’ve made this review to make your choice easier.

Best 120v air compressor

Best choice

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor CMEC6150K

The name of the Royal Purple brand reminds you of luxury and excellence. When you buy this oil, your vehicle’s engine will run at excellent quality and it will ensure that your engine always has enough of it. This product is specifically designed for petrol engines. You can buy the oil in a range of sizes, so if it is the oil you prefer, you can keep it in stock for regular use.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • 6 gallon pancake maximizes portability and stored air
  • 150 Max PSI to ensure adequate cut in pressure for a variety of applications

Top rated 120v air compressor for tires

1. 1 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor, 120 PSI, 2 Gallon
2. Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallon Air Compressor Portable
3. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor
4. JEGS performance air compressor
5. CRAFTSMAN 6-Gallon Air Compressor
6. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Hand Carry Compressor Kit

When you work with a nail gun or you are intended to inflate tires in your car a 120 volt air compressor can do its job. This is usually a small compressor with a small tank and with a limited power. It won’t need much place somewhere in a garage or in a workshop. It will be definitely a portable compressor, so you can easily apply this piece exactly where you need it.
The five 120V air compressors available

Best 120 volt air compressor tire inflator

1. 1 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor, 120 PSI, 2 Gallon

2. Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallon Air Compressor Portable

3. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

4. JEGS Performance Products 81966 Air Compressor 6 Gallon

6. CRAFTSMAN 6-Gallon Air Compressor

6. Porter Cable 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor

Best 120v air compressor inflator

The main concern here is the limited capacity of the compressor. Small short tasks like a tire are OK, but working with an air driven tool for a long period of time is not possible without stops for refilling air in the small tank. But anyway let’s take a look at the five 120 volt compressors, these ones have also strong points worth being considered. Do you need a good synthetic winch Rope? Read our new review 11 Best Synthetic Winch Ropes and choose the one!

Air Compressor Buying Guide and Product Reviews

You’d agree with me that an air compressor can supply a single source of power for a variety of tools. But, without the best air compressor, your automotive air tools would otherwise be useless no matter how top notch they are.

This is because air compressors are the real horsepower.

You may have the best automotive air tools, such as impact wrenches, air ratchet, paint guns and still end up with a lame duck if you don’t have an appropriate air compressor.
That is why we recommend that you take out time to know which brand is the best for the money. And if you don’t have that time to research the benchmarks, then we’ve got you covered.

1. 1 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor, 120 PSI, 2 Gallon

Buy 1 HP Quiet Portable Air Compressor, 120 PSI, 2 Gallon

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This quiet portable air compressor was designed first of all to deliver air under high pressure with as little noise is possible. This air compressor has a low amp consumption, it has solid copper windings for less wear, steel cylinders with heavy-gauge. The cylinder head and valves are made of high quality material and thus these ones are for assured reliability. The implemented design features here help provide faster recovery time and higher CFM production. The compressed air is cleaner, so your tools benefit much of it. Less maintenance is needed, like by other small and lightweight compressors, this one is easy to maneuver. This a real portable air compressor.

The main features of the compressor: 1 HP portable air compressor designed with heavy-gauge steel cylinders, cylinder head and valves; oil-free, dual-piston, two-cylinder pump with low amp draw and solid copper winding; designed to provide all the power output you require, with as little noise as possible; 2.54 CFM — Rated at 90 PSI; Comes with a reliable, two-year limited warranty.

2. Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallon Air Compressor Portable

Buy Cmapbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, PortableBuy Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gallon Air Compressor Portable

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If you are looking for a compressor to supply with air some serious tools – this can be your choice. The 3 gallon capacity will let you run grinders, brad nailing, automotive tools and different sorts of tools to spray a car with paint, inflate tires, brad nailers, complete furniture upholstery and so on. The conveniently set gauges are easy to read, the compact design allows to use it anywhere. Oil-free pump requires no maintenance and thus no additional costs. The compressor includes a 10-piece accessory kit so you can get started on projects immediately. The set operates on 120 volts household current. The three-gallon tank provides greater stored air power. The tank reduces the pulsations caused by piston action.

The main features of the compressor: 3 gallon horizontal tank and 0.36 CFM @ 90 PSI; 110 Max PSI provides plenty of power to tackle DIY projects; operates on 120 volt house outlet; oil-less pump for maintenance-free ownership and strong, reliable motor output; equipped with 10 piece accessory kit which includes a coiled hose, blow gun, inflation needles and fittings; conveniently placed gauges are easy to read & this compressor’s compact design makes it easily portable; ideal for tire and ball inflation; it’s also perfect for powering air brushes, air/ brad nailers, upholstery projects and more.

3. Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

Buy Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air CompressorBuy Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor

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For the price it is not easy to beat this compressor. The machine enables you to power nearly everything. The controls are all integrated, the 2 HP motor provides enough power not to wait long, while the tank has been refilled. The cast iron pump with big bore cylinder and piston with greater bore and stroke, delivers maximum performance. Lower noise levels with a large 1,720 – RPM pump enable bigger displacement at lower RPM. The motor is protected against voltage drop.

The main features of the air compressor: cast iron pump with big bore cylinder and piston, combined with greater bore and stroke, delivers maximum performance; lower noise levels; greater displacement at lower RPM; low amp draw reduces tripped breakers and voltage drop; oil lubricated provides cooler running pump, minimizes wear; one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

4. JEGS Performance Products 81966 Air Compressor 6 Gallon

Buy JEGS Performance Products 81966 Air Compressor 6 Gallon

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If you are looking for something you can take care of tire maintenance without having to go somewhere – this is an option for you. The compressor finishes its jobs quickly when it comes to take care of home or garage or sporting goods and inflatable rafts.

The main features of the compressor: pancake style 6 gallon 1.5 HP 120VAC/60Hz/9.7A 1/4″-18NPT; outlet 2.5 CFM @ 90PSI 90dB @ 3′ 6′ power cord 19.5″ H x 16″ dia. 32.6 lbs.; overload protection.

Best air compressor 120v for impact wrench

5. CRAFTSMAN 6-Gallon Single Stage Portable Electric Pancake Air Compressor

Buy CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor (CMEC6150K)

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This particular air compressor from Craftsman comes with a 6-gallon tank. It can also deliver 90 PSI and 2.6 SCFM, which provide fast recovery time for the compressor. In addition, this unit comes with a 150 Max PSI to guarantee cut-in pressure for different tough applications.

Best pancake air compressor

The main features are:

  • 6 gallon pancake maximizes portability and stored air
  • Durable, Oil free pump for long life and no maintenance
  • 150 Max PSI to ensure adequate cutin pressure for a variety of applications
  • 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time
  • Easily starts up in cold weather
  • 13 Piece accessory kit includes: 25′ x 1/4″ PVC air hose with coupler and plug assembled, tire chuck with plug, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, blow gun with OSHA safety nozzle, rubber tip, three inflator adaptors

The CRAFTSMAN 6 gallon air compressor features an oil-free pump for maintenance-free operation and a long life. It is lightweight and portable at 30lbs, and features a long runtime and Quick recovery.

Best portable 120v air compressor

6. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 (1.5 Gallon) Hand Carry Compressor Kit

Buy Porter Cable CMB15 Air Compressor

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This 150 PSI, 1.5 gal Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor allows for quick compressor recovery time. The fully enclosed design provides protection from hot or moving parts. The 150 PSI max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer runtime and the durable oil-free pump allows for long life and no maintenance. The motor starts easily in cold weather or with an extension cord and runs quieter for a more acceptable work environment.

In the ultra-portable category is this low-priced 1.5-gallon Porter-Cable air compressor that is 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI with a water drain valve and rubber feet. The max PSI is 150 so with the already small tank you will have to wait considerably less for it to recover.

The pump on the inside of the unit is the standard oil-free version requiring little to no maintenance over the years. Its 20-pound weight won’t break your back and the handle makes it as easy to carry as a backpack. The bonus with this particular unit is the plentiful accessories such as the 25-foot coil hose and 8-piece accessory kit. You’re sure to find the piece you need when it comes to that unique job.


  • 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time, per ISO1217
  • 150 PSI max tank pressure stores more air in the tank for longer tool runtimes
  • Low Amp 120V motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord
  • Low Noise at 79 dBA (Tested per ISO3744) for a quieter work environment
  • 25 ft. coil hose and 8 pc accessory kit facilitate a number of inflation tasks
  • 1.5 Gal tank in shroud is easy to carry, includes water drain valve and rubber feet
  • Durable oil-free pump for long life and no maintenance
  • Only 20 lbs for easy portability
  • Fully enclosed design provides protection from hot or moving parts

Best Portable Air Compressors 120v


120v 60 gallon air compressor

Basic parameters when choosing a compressor

When choosing compressors, first, you should pay attention to such indicators as:

  • power
  • productivity
  • maximum pressure

Let’s analyze in detail what these characteristics are:

  1. Capacity (l/min) – this figure, defines the number of liters of compressed air at suction, which the compressor is able to pump for 1 minute. This value can vary because of temperature differences in the air, as well as from the configuration of the model. Therefore, it is always worth choosing a compressor with 30-50% extra capacity compared to the manufacturer’s claimed value.
  2. Power (kW) is a value that reflects the potential to perform work. Accordingly, the higher is the engine power, the faster the compressor will cope with the task. It is important to understand that in practice the actual power is always less than declared. Therefore, the compressor should be selected with a small margin on this parameter (about 30%).
  3. Maximum pressure of the compressor (Bar) is the force with which the compressor can compress air. This value is one of the main indicators, it is used to determine what tool the compressor can work with. In this case, as well as in the example with the above parameters, it should be understood that the pressure during the work cycle may vary, for example, if the claimed pressure of 10 bar it may range from 10 to 7.

Now, let’s move on to ergonomic indicators because many buyers are important dimensions of the compressor and its mobility. In this case, piston compressors are one of the most compact, and the most convenient and easily portable are oil-free compressors, which models do not have a receiver installed. Many models (both piston and screw models) are equipped with wheels and handles for transportation. By purpose, compressors provide compressed air for pneumatic tools. So when choosing a compressor, you need to go by the needs of your air tool. For example, a paint sprayer may be enough pressure of 4 Bar, but a sandblaster and grinder need no less than 6 Bar. It is also important to determine how often you will be using the compressor. If you will use it no more than once every six months, then there is no point in buying a professional model.

Do we need a receiver? A receiver is a tank in which compressed gas is stored. When the receiver is completely full, the equipment is turned off and the compressed gas is delivered from its storage tank. Therefore, the service life of a compressor with an air receiver is somewhat longer, but for non-intensive “occasional” tasks you can do without this option.

What You’re Looking for in the Best 120v Air Compressors

This is a personal choice what air compressor to pick up, so first of all, you have to decide, what tasks will you have for it. If you’re just looking for something to fill up your tires at home, just pick up a less expensive option.
They usually note the capacity and PSI when seeing another option. Compressors with less than five gallons of capacity are unsuitable for heavier tasks and even lighter tools like nail guns are sure to keep them filling up. While you can power almost anything with a smaller compressor, you’ll lose much time for idle because a tank has been filling up.

Car tools and nail guns are good examples of pneumatic tools that don’t need much air. This use will have many stops when you plan to do some heavy framing or roofing work.

highest cfm 120v air compressor
Best 120v air compressor inflator review

Have you searched for many years, months, days, and hours for the best 120v tire inflator to solve the problems your car tire, as well as other low voltage, are giving you? Maybe you are even discovering that many gadgets in this line are either slow or the tank and the pump are separated.

Have you left your tire inflator due to the fact that it is not portable and no space to stock it in or there is no light to illuminate the process while pumping is going on? Are you tired of borrowing an inflator any time you are disappointed with what you paid highly for? Your messiah has come in these few products we are about introducing.

Larger tanks need a lot of room in your garage or shop but here are some advantages, this can be noted when you run a die grinder or spray gun for an extended period and the air supply allows you to work continuously.

In short, you’ll want to consider the following: nail guns, automotive tools; spray guns, grinders; tires.
This short description will definitely help you to make a reasonable choice between a big number of 120v air compressors, with different tank capacities, motor outputs, pumping pressures and so on.

Best 120v air compressor for air tools

Air compressors are machines that convert power like electricity or gas into potential energy in the form of pressurized, compressed air. This air is compressed and forced into a storage tank, increasing the pressure until it reaches the upper limit of that tank and shuts it off. Did you know that the best air compressors can make home improvements go faster and easier?

A Portable air compressor is without any dispute a very handy source of power in any garage, workshop or work site. Compressed air usage is in many occasions underestimated in most industries. Portable air compressors can be used to generate kinetic energy, which is useful for a wide variation of jobs such as inflating tires as well as powering pneumatic tools.

Air compressors 120 volt

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