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Small but terrible – this is the commonly used connotation for anything that could seem little in your eyes, but actually makes a huge impact when reality strikes.

These are also the same words that I would use when describing the part that we’re reviewing – spark plugs.

Imagine having a little bolt of lightning in your car. It’s pretty small, but it has the sole power to ignite the combustion process – which is vital in starting your vehicle. Once you place the pistons of your engine in action, your vehicle will start, and keep running while smoothly burning the mix of compressed fuel and air.

To simply say, any vehicle won’t run without the spark from this plug. Although these parts don’t demand to be replaced easily, choosing the right brand is important to ensure your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

And one of the most trusted brands that produce satisfying spark plugs is Autolite.

About Autolite

When it comes to parts, Autolite is considered one of the world’s well-established brands that are actively distributed in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

Launched in 1911, Autolite introduced itself with its first brainchild – an electric starter. Years after, in 1935 particularly, the Autolite spark plugs were born, and the rest is just history.

It has successfully made a mark with its high-quality products, and there are no wonders why and how Autolite has given the business a boost evident in the manufacturing of other auto essentials such as wires, cables, and even starter motors.

The Different Types of Autolite Spark Plugs

With its products being able to start hundreds and thousands of cars in the world, Autolite continues to introduce a variety of spark plugs suitable for whatever your vehicle needs are – from dependable copper plugs to peak-performance plugs, Autolite has them all.

1. Autolite Iridium Ultra

A must for modern engines, the Autolite Iridium Ultra serves as the brand’s most cutting-edge set of spark plugs. Getting the upper hand over the other lineup, the Iridium Ultra reinforces maximum performance, dependability, ignition, and fuel economy. Credits to the Ultra’s 0.5mm center wire tip design with the brand’s newest laser-welded tech. What makes enthusiasts want the Iridium Ultra extra is its proven durability to serve for more than 100,000 miles plus the availability of its lifetime limited warranty.

2. Autolite Iridium XP

Another best in its ignition-focused spark plugs from Autolite is the Iridium XP. Using an iridium-based fine wire and platinum for the side wires at 0.6mm, the Iridium XP is geared up to provide a refined engine XPerience. For its warranty, you also get it in a limited lifetime setting.

Top Pick

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Autolite Iridium XP Automotive Replacement Spark Plug, XP5224 (1 Pack)

4.2 Rating

The Autolite Iridium XP automotive replacement spark plug is engineered to last for up to 100,000 miles depending on engine type making it one of the most durable sparks plugs on the market today





3. Autolite Double Platinum

When you double the platinum, you also get double protection from misfires, gap erosion, and most importantly, double life span and durability. Suitable for DIS engines, the Yttrium-improved Autolite Double Platinum also serves as the brand’s superior-performing spark plug, providing preferred technology for DIS engines with a five-year limited warranty.

Top Pick

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Autolite APP5224 Double Platinum Spark Plug, Pack of 1

4.6 Rating

Necked-down center electrode fires quicker and cleaner, with less voltage for easier starts and quicker acceleration

Full platinum tips ensure virtually no gap erosion

Works to optimize engine performance for a longer life and improved fuel economy

High nickel alloy side electrode maintains precise gap

Full copper core electrode provides better performance in all conditions

4. Autolite Platinum

Boasting a center wire platinum tip, the Autolite Platinum produces the enhanced quality your vehicle can depend on. Smooth and fast firing with minimal voltage assists in energetic ignition, fuel mileage, and acceleration are just a few of Platinum’s advantages compared to normal spark plugs. It is leak-proof and equipped with a limited warranty of up to 4 years.

Top Pick

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Autolite AP5325 Platinum Spark Plug, Pack of 1

4.6 Rating

A full platinum tip ensures virtually no gap erosion for long plug life. Hex Size: 5/8 inch. Yttrium enhanced, high nickel alloy side electrode maintains precise gap to increase plug life

Necked-down center electrode fires quicker and cleaner, with less voltage for easier starts, quicker acceleration, and improved fuel economy

Platinum alloy pad on ground electrode provides extended durability and service life and platinum-to-platinum firing

Nickel-plated steel shell for long-life corrosion resistance

5. Autolite High Thread

With an OE craftsmanship for 3V engines from Ford, the 10mm fine wire-designed Autolite High Thread fortifies greater heat transfer than the regular ones. Due to its pre-gapped forms, it also ensures swift installations. Its shell plated with nickel also helps in protecting the unit from corrosion.

Top Pick

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Autolite HT1 Platinum High Thread Spark Plug, Pack of 1

4.5 Rating

Platinum fine wire tip provides improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and improved horsepower with virtually no gap erosion.

One-piece ground shield strap for improved heat transfer

Patented, OE Design provides consistent optimal performance

High Strength Steel technology to make replacement easy with special socket tool

Designed specifically for Ford 4.6L, 5.4L and 6.8L 3-valve engines

6. Autolite Copper

In terms of value and performance, the Autolite Copper is built for faster ignition and smoother kicks. It boasts of an alloy center of engineered nickel for better life extension and multi-rib insulators to avoid certain flashovers. The Autolite Copper is also leakproof, coming with a dependable 2-year limited warranty offer.

Top Pick

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Autolite 24 Copper Resistor Spark Plug, Pack of 1

4.6 Rating

Copper-glass seal bonds the insulator, terminal post, and center electrode together to provide a tight seal that is 100 percent leak-proof. Cold-formed steel shell and precision rolled threads, with a one-piece terminal post to add strength

Multi-rib insulator reduces danger of “flash-over”

Resistor reduces radio frequency interference (RFI) and electrode erosion

Full copper core electrode provides better performance in all conditions

7. Autolite Glow Plugs

As your diesel engine relies on intense heat for combustion and fuel ignition, the Autolite Glow Plugs are designed to execute what your passenger car and light trucks need. It provides extra intense heat concentration for quicker engine starts for the whole year.

Top Pick

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Autolite 1111 Glow Plug, Pack of 1

4.7 Rating

Autolite Glow Plugs are dependable and long-lasting, providing the perfect plug for a variety of diesel applications. Diesel engines depend on high heat in the combustion chamber to ignite the fuel, and when you cold start a diesel engine, there isn’t enough heat to get it going.

Designed for OE fit, form, and function

Resistance matched to OE

Seamlessly integrates with electronic controllers

Dependable and long-lasting

Great choice for a variety of diesel applications

Autolite Spark Plugs Benefits

Overall, Autolite spark plugs have a strong configuration to properly keep nice gaps with the help of its well-formulated materials. If you would compare it to a few counterparts, Autolite is better known to deliver long-lasting performance, whatever the external setting is.

In terms of fuel mileage, having a fresh set of Autolite spark plugs can actually increase your efficiency by approximately 30% more – as it is built to conquer misfires that can lead to unwanted fuel consumption.

And that leads to cleaner emissions – a clear advantage not just for your car, for the environment, but also for you.

Keeping this in mind, Autolite just proves that it is worthy of being called a small, but truly remarkable spark plug provider in the automotive scene.

Autolite Spark Plugs Pros and Cons



  • Wide range of product variants (up to 7 models)

  • Some end-users complain about the gaps

  • Requires simple set-up, easy to install

  • Competitors are more known in the industry

  • Lowers emissions and promotes good ignition

  • Not as long-lasting compared to competitors such as NGK, Bosch


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Automotive maintenance professionals and DIYers alike use Autolite spark plugs. Autolite, a division of the Honeywell International Corporation, manufactures them. Autolite has been producing spark plugs since 1911 and is currently the largest distributor of aftermarket spark plugs in North America.
The longevity of Autolite spark plugs will depend on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as its driving conditions. Generally, Autolite spark plugs can last between 15,000 to 45,000 miles; however, in some instances, they could even last up to 100,000 miles. It is recommended that you consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information about when to replace your spark plugs.
Autolite platinum spark plugs are a good choice for reliable vehicle performance. They offer superior performance and longevity, lasting up to 50% longer than conventional spark plugs.


David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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