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How Do You Measure a Road Glide Windshield?

Before showing how to measure a Road Glide windshield, you should know why it is necessary to have a windshield. Windshields are designed to shield you from the wind and dispel the looming wind around your motorcycle.

Apart from that, when it is extremely cold outside, and you’re traveling on the highway, a perfect windshield will deplete the impact of windchill considerably. Similarly, it will safeguard you in dry and hot weather.

Not only that, a properly-fitted windshield can protect you from debris, extreme noise and reduce aerodynamic drag. To have all the benefits of a windshield, you have to choose the right one.

But how do you measure the best windshield for a Road Glide as you have to consider many things? Don’t panic; here we are to give you proper guidelines. Stay with us and keep reading.

How Do You Measure a Road Glide Windshield?

If you are willing to install a windshield on your Road Glide, you most probably ask yourself what height will be appropriate for you, right?

To be honest, there are no particular rules or guidelines for setting up a windshield, but having the right sized and mounted windshield is significant to ensure riding safety and comfort.

The appropriate windshield height is straightly level with the tip of your nose or pretty below eye level. To get more details regarding the exact size, you can read out some Road Glide Windshield Review here.

However, in this segment, we have provided a short guide on what to contemplate before having the right windshield size for Road Glide and how to measure a Road Glide windshield.

Considerations When Choosing a Road Glide Windshield Size

Before moving into the measurement, a few things take into consideration first. Let’s check them out.

  1. Ensure that the windshield you want to install is available for your Road Glide. You’ll find a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, prioritizing the one with a guarantee.
  2. Your height and how tall you sit in your driver’s seat need to be considered. Multiple factors may exert an influence on your proper ride height. So, confirm the correct sitting height first. Sit on your Road Glide, allow the front and back suspension to settle from your weight. After that,  get a comfortable and regular grip on the handlebars and note down your height with the help of someone else.
  3. Before calculating a Road Glide windshield height, contemplate your riding style, whether commuting [Traveling Regularly] or touring [Journey, Especially Over Long Distances] and the wind blasts’ level you are comfortable with during the ride.

Measuring a Road Glide Windshield Height

Measuring a Road Glide Windshield is a simple task you can accomplish with someone else in just a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions below to get the correct windshield measurement for your Road Glide.


Sit on your Road Glide in your regular riding position with both hands on the handlebars. This is significant so you can get started on measuring the proper windshield height for your bike.


Ask someone to hold a tape, measure about a single inch from the headlight, and angle it approximately the same angle as the front forks of your bike. This is because it is calculated upwards from the headlight’s top.


Now, as you are seated in your comfortable position, check out the number on the tape measure that ringers the tip’s height of your nose. And there, you get the correct windshield height that you can buy for your Road Glide.

Reasons Why You Need a Windshield for a Road Glide

The windshield has become an essential part of motorcycles that protects riders from wind, hot, and dry weather. Besides that, having a windscreen brings lots of benefits. Here we have pointed out some reasons to clarify why you need a Road Glide.

  1. Wind Protection

This is the first reason to use windshields for your motorbike. Windshields are designed to protect you from the wind and disseminate the oncoming wind around you and your motorcycle.

A well-sized windshield will aid in pushing the wind around the rider’s side, compressing the force against the shoulders and chest. Sometimes, the simple wind can cause other wind-related problems like the thumping of the helmet.

Motorcycle windshields come with a tiny opening at the bottom, letting some wind flow through sufficient to equalize the pressure behind the motorcycle windshield and decrease buffeting.

     2. Protection From Heat and Cold

When it is frigid outside, and you’re traveling on the highway, a windshield will considerably alleviate the impact of windchill. In the same way, a windshield will shield you from hot and dry weather. When you sweat, the wind confers a cooling effect and feels amazing after sitting in a scorching spotlight for a couple of minutes.

But, with the long periods, the wind disperses your sweat at such a rate that your body becomes incapable of keeping up, accelerating your risk of dehydration. So, getting a windshield to deprive some of the brutal heat blastings on your chest will aid you in lasting longer on the bike.

     3. Debris Protection 

Another advantage of having a windshield is safeguarding from debris coming your way. A Windshield can catch the road debris that is thrown from other vehicles. Bugs are another dispute in support of windshields. Having a windshield can be the best solution to get yourself away from bugs while riding.

Other Benefits of Having a Windshield

  1. a stream of wind blasting on your chest and face can result in fatigue, upper body stress, and back pain. This generally happens in a long highway ride with extreme air, and you are on top speed. A windshield can protect your body from the outflow of air and prevent fatigue.
  2. A Windscreen can safeguard you from front impacts such as large rocks, birds, or small animals.
  3. When it comes to motorcycles, aerodynamic drag can cause loss of speed and fuel efficiency. One of the most effective ways to reduce drag is using a windshield.

What To Consider Before Purchasing the Best Road Glide Windshield

There are a few things that you should take into your account while purchasing a windshield for your Road Glide.

  1. When choosing a windshield, the initial thing you should consider is the design. You can either choose an aesthetic design to the aerodynamics of a recurve that is more advanced.
  2. Windshield size and height directly affect the ride. That’s why you have to choose one that’s height is perfect and gives you advanced protection against bad weather, bugs, and debris.
  3. Road Glide windshields come with different materials such as acrylic plastic, which is less expensive; polycarbonate, which is 20x more durable than acrylic; and expensive polycarbonate with a hard coating that is the most flexible, durable, and scratch-resistant material out of the three.
  4. Color is another important thing that you should consider. Road Glide windscreen comes in different colors such as charcoal, gray, and various tints of black.
  5. Installation should also be considered to express how simply you can install it on your motorbike.

Final Thought

So, this was all about how to measure a Road Glide windshield. Measuring windshields is one of the most important things as the well-fitted windshield can protect you from several harmful things when riding, such as wind, hot and dry weather, dust and debris, and bugs. If you don’t get the proper height of a windshield, you won’t benefit at all from installing a windshield. We have given the entire procedure of measuring the windshield size above; hopefully, you won’t find complications anymore.

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