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During technical works and car maintenance it is often necessary to drain technical mixtures and materials.

Oils, antifreeze, brake fluid should be drained in special containers. Simple containers are not suitable for this purpose, as the active substances in the lubricants corrode ordinary plastic.

What kind of tray to choose for oil drainage?

In the garage, such a tray will become an indispensable device. It is wide enough, captures the entire perimeter of the technical liquids drain. It is made of a special type of plastic, resistant to destruction under the influence of petroleum products. The form is convenient for easy cleaning.

When choosing pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • purpose – there are products for special types of mixtures and universal;
  • production material – it is better to use hard plastic with thick walls;
  • shape and size – these parameters will affect the ease of storage and use;
  • the color of the material – light-colored products too quickly become unattractive;
  • Manufacturer – too cheap products will not last even a few months.

Plastic should be somewhat elastic since the work in the garage is carried out in the winter and summer. If the plastic is too stiff, cracks may occur when hot grease is collected.

Oil Drain Pans for Car Best Choice

Best choice

Lumax 15 Quart Drainmaster Drain Pan

Ideal for oil recycling, drain direct – no oily tub, funnel, or mess. No mess to clean-up on top or side. Comes complete with wheels for slosh-free mobility.

5,0 Rating
15 Qt. (14. 25 L)
Ideal for oil recycling
No mess to clean-up on top or side
Heavy-duty construction with e-z handle design and e-z roll wheels

How To Choose Drain Pan and Waste Oil Storage

Drain pan review

Best 5 Oil Drain Pans


ATD Tools Drain Pan

ATD Tools Black Drain Pan
  • 6″ deep x 15.25″ diameter
  • Anti-splash lip contains fluid

4,9 Rating

Check Best Price


FloTool 16-Quart Drain Container

FloTool Drain Container
  • Heavy-duty caps and seals
  • Robust Handles Ergonomic handgrips for easy transport and handling large oil capacities

4,9 Rating

Check Best Price


WirthCo Funnel King Black 4 Gallon Oil/Coolant Drain Pan

WirthCo Oil:Coolant Drain Pan
  • 5-1/2″ Deep
  • with E-Z Grip Handles and Pour Spout

4,8 Rating

Check Best Price


FloTool Hopkins Crude Control Oil Drain Pan

FloTool Oil Drain Pan
  • 58 Quart
  • Rugged, durable design for long lasting product use

4,5 Rating

Check Best Price


GarageBOSS Quart Oil Drain Pan with Funnel

GarageBOSS Oil Drain Pan with Funnel
  • 12.5 Quart
  • Easy transport and storage

4,5 Rating

Check Best Price

We have tested the oil drain pans for car and selected the best products for you.

Car oil trays: description, characteristics

Mobile rolling trays hold from 20 to 95 liters of waste, equipped with a heavy-duty handle and reinforced wheels for easy movement around the worksite. A long handle makes it easy to place the tank under the vehicle. Basically, the oil drip tray empties by gravity, but some products are equipped with a manual pump to pump out the viscous product.

For installation in the inspection pit, there are special designs that can be mounted on rails. Drainage is by gravity, for which a drain cock is provided. For pumping out oil and grease using a pump, the tank can be equipped with a hydraulic connector and adapters.

Designation and application

Oil collecting pans are used for engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, lubricants of mineral and synthetic origin, transmission fluid.

These devices are in demand at points of service and repair of motorcycles, boats, cars, passenger and freight vehicles, and other vehicles when extracting waste mixtures from differentials, engines, gearboxes, and other units of equipment.

Overview of the benefits of oil collection trays:

  • wide area of use;
  • practicality, fast payback;
  • affordability;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • durability.
David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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