Best oil for generators

1. Quaker State Heavy Duty SAE 30 Lubricant Motor Oil-1
2. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil
5. Pro Honda GN4 Oil 10W-30

A portable gas generator can be a very important tool in your household. Usually these generators are purchased for a sudden knock out of electricity due to e.g. severe weather conditions. This portable gas generator is an important part of your camping trip planning. Like any other complicated mechanical device it needs to a regular check of its functions and it needs a correct maintenance to ensure this thing is running.

Top rated oil for generators

Engine oil is one of the most important items to check, the proper model of oil, the regular oil change and checking the oil level is vital for the functioning of an engine.

Not all generator oils are equal good and here we try to find out, what oils to look first at when looking for oil to change in the engine.

The best oils for generators

The best oils for generators review 2020

1. Quaker State Heavy Duty SAE 30 Lubricant Motor Oil-1

2. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil – 32 Oz.

3. Cummins Power Generation Motorhome Trailer RV and Automotive Engine ONAN SAE 30W Oil

4. CUMMINS NW 3265339 1QT ONAN SAE 30W Oil

5. Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil 10W-30 32 oz.

What is the best oil to use in a generator?

Are you looking for a new oil for your generator but have no idea how to choose it? Are you wondering about what kind of oil does a generator take? Then take a detailed look at our comprehensive shopping guide. Besides tips and features to look for, you will also learn about the best and most reliable brands of oils we recommend.

How to Choose the Best Oil for Generator

1. Quaker State Heavy Duty SAE 30 Lubricant Motor Oil-1

Buy Quaker State Heavy Duty SAE 30 Lubricant Motor Oil-1Buy Quaker State Heavy Duty SAE 30 Lubricant Motor Oil-1

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These oil is designed for a consistent wear and viscosity protection throughout the service life of the oil. It is specially formulated for working in air cooled motors like portable generators are. This property of oil is very important when your engine has to deal with high engine operating temperatures. The high temperatures are are an often case here. The oil contains also detergent to constantly wash the engine from inside and keep the harmful residue from building up in the engine.

Test results from independent laboratory show that HD motor oils saves engine with 3 times better wear protection.

The most important features of the oil are: the Quaker State HD motor oils are engineered to reduce wear and protect against high temperature and severe service operation; This motor oil meets or exceeds API SN and prior API SM, SL, SJ service categories; HD motor oil contains acid neutralizing additives to stop combustion acids from corroding your engine; HD Motor Oil used oil (standard oil for the vehicle), still passed the Industry wear requirements; provides a constant grade in viscosity throughout the oil service life.

2. Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil

Buy Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor OilBuy Briggs & Stratton SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Small Engine Motor Oil

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Synthetic oil provides a better wear control of an engine, even under heavy operating conditions. This oil has the ability to keep functioning at the highest level for the longest possible time. Synthetic Oil gives your engine better viscosity temperature response, better low temperature fluidity, better thermal stability better oxidation stability, lower volatility, better deposit control, and better wear control. This in return reduces risk of equipment failure, promotes trouble free operation, reduces maintenance costs, extends service life, and long term engine durability.

This oil for small engines is proven to meet the demands of 4-cycle engines.



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ONAN is in a similar fashion to Briggs & Stratton just another well-known company when it comes to manufacturers of quality oil for small engines. The manufacturer guarantees it will its job well. This oil’s ideal viscosity stands for its well distribution throughout the engine quickly and thus to lubricate all the parts. It keeps the engine parts from running dry for long. Oisl without this grade of quality will take longer to lubricate your generators engine, which could lead to faster wear and to higher temperatures inside of the engine. People who have used this oil faithfully for years have remarkable fewer breakdowns with their equipment. This oil is so well-made to this manufacturer’s specifications that they even consider it to be an OEM part.



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This oil could be a little more expensive, but there are reasons for the price. This is a specialty from Cummins. This engine oil is specially manufactured to provide maximum protection with minimum oil consumption. This is a good product it is also considered an OEM part.

This oil does a great job at lowering friction in your generators engine to ensure it has a long working life. All Cummins oils are extensively factory tested to make sure they maintain quality engine performance when using them.

The main features of the oil: it is designed for RV Generator Engines; viscosity grade: SAE 30W; formulated to reduce consumption and engine wear due to high temperature due to oil oxidation and viscosity increase.

5. Pro Honda GN4 Oil 10W-30

Buy Pro Honda GN4 Oil 10W-30Buy Pro Honda GN4 Oil 10W-30

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Oil for generators

The name Honda itself means the state of art technologies together with high quality and high precision. The above is also true of this oil. Honda selected the highest-quality base stocks and developed an additive package specifically designed for the unique requirements of gas generators engines. GN4 has better shear-resistance, viscosity stability and cleanliness to meet the requirements and stresses of a new era of engine technology. The oil is known to lubricate engines working parts faster than most motor oils. They also make excellent cold weather oils if you are going to be using your generator during the colder winter months.

Thought about controlling engine oil

The best practise is to change the engine oil once a year in all the machines with small engines you have around your house (chain saw, lawn mower, generator and so on). The best time to change the oil is before a big amount of seasonable tasks for the machine. The most obvious example for is a spring for a lawn mower. If you not the oil is contaminated with water of debris, it makes sense to check the sources of this dirt and to change the oil. Always make sure the oil level in each gas powered item you own is always at the recommended fill level too.

Best oil for electric generators

It usually makes sense to change not only engine oil, but also change the gas filter and change the spark plug. This won’t cost much and in most cases you will note a better running of the engine.

Best oil for natural gas generators

All the engine oils are different, prior pouring the oil in your generator read the properties and the recommendations both of the generator and of the oil manufacturer. It is very important for a small engine to run with the correct oil, which will ensure the best lubrication, temperature control and prevent depositing inside of the engine.

Best Oil for Portable Generator

If you’re looking for a back-up power source, the best option is a generator. They come in all sizes – with some big enough to power your home five times over. For most people, the smart option is to choose a portable generator. They combine an ample power source with convenience and mobility. Portable generators are also great for camping and RV enthusiasts. Above all, they’re a great tool to have in case of emergency.

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The Best Oils for Generators
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