Best rolling tool boxes review

1. Heavy duty rolling toolbox with foldable comfort handle & removable top storage
2. Stalwart stackable mobile tool box with wheels
3. Oversized Portable Tool Chest-3 Tool boxes
4. Goplus 3 In 1 Rolling Stacking Portable Tool Box Chest
5. NewAge Products 50241 Bold 3.0 Rolling Tool Cabinet, Red

Portable Rolling Tool Box

Good DIYer is happy for another new tool. Over the years a big number of tools arises with different purposes, shapes and frequency of use. To keep the whole stuff in a one place and to have always an overview on what do you have – a tool box is a good solution. The organized tools spare you time when you start working. You won’t have to waste your time searching for some tools what are kept in different places or corners. You always know for sure what tool do you have and what tool you are missing. Show also our review about The Five Most Used Torx Sets from 2019.

Rolling Toolbox For Sale

The best rolling tool boxes

The Best Rolling Tool Boxes – Review 2020

1. Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox with Foldable Comfort Handle & Removable Top Storage 

2. Stalwart Stackable Mobile Tool Box with Wheels

3. Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest, Three Tool boxes in One

4. Goplus 3 In 1 Rolling Stacking Portable Tool Box Chest, Metal Trolley Portable Tool Chest

5. NewAge Products 50241 Bold 3.0 Rolling Tool Cabinet, Red

Top rated rolling tool boxes for sale

A good rolling toolbox is hard enough to keep many of wrenches and ant the same time it enables you to drag the whole bunch of tools to the working area, so there is no need to run twice or more because of a small wrench which you didn’t suppose to use at the very beginning. A toolbox spares space in your workshop.

Rolling tool boxes black

Here is a short overview on five of the best and most offered tool boxes on wheels. Each of the rolling tool boxes has its own advantages and we believe you will find a best one for you.

1. Heavy duty rolling toolbox with foldable comfort handle & removable top storage

Buy Heavy duty rolling toolbox with foldable comfort handle & removable top storageBuy Heavy duty rolling toolbox with foldable comfort handle & removable top storage

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This toolbox is good and it is sold for a reasonable price. You can keep here your tools and supplies organized for off-site jobs. This wheeled upright toolbox offers three small parts storage boxes with 24 total compartments, two removable tool trays, removable top storage and cable hooks for keeping extension cords neat and organized. The extensible handle with a grip are designed for easily moving this mobile workshop to different work locations. The high quality polypropylene and metal construction protect your tools and equipment when on travel. The deep bottom compartment is a good solution for power tools

The main features: this tool box has two 4.2” nylon wheels which makes the tool box highly movable and you can easily take it where your tools are needed; 24 total small parts compartments, two removable tool trays and a deep bottom compartment give you plenty of room for all your essential tools and supplies while on the go; the storage trolley is made of tough polypropylene and metal to keep your power and hand tools safe and secure; cords can be nice kept thanks to installed cable hooks.

This tool box is one of the best options on the market for its price.

2. Stalwart stackable mobile tool box with wheels

Buy Stalwart stackable mobile tool box with wheelsBuy Stalwart stackable mobile tool box with wheels

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This mobile toolbox houses two separate layers, each designed to store different types of equipment. You can easily bring all necessary tools to any job site with the stackable mobile tool box. Easy rolling wheels and the secure locking handle allow you to take your tools conveniently and safe. The wheels and handle on this tool box make it easy to get around smoothly. Your tools won’t get crowded while transported. Even if you’re bringing your toolbox over rough surface, the tools stay in place. This rough design and mobility makes it easy to get every tool when you need it, even after a long journey into the field. The design of the tool box enables you to use it as a set of two storage layers or you can take the boxes out of the set and use them separately as two individual boxes for more convenient work, if you don’t need many tools for specific small jobs.

The main features: durable plastic construction; interlocking toolboxes are stackable or separable.

3. Oversized Portable Tool Chest-3 Tool boxes

Buy Oversized Portable Tool Chest-3 Tool boxesBuy Oversized Portable Tool Chest-3 Tool boxes

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Even the best rolling tool boxes can take much place. When you put the tools in all the compartments the box can get heavy. Moving a big box full of metal equipment is tiring and requires a lot of time. Especially when it’s hot outside and when you have to move the toolbox over a rough terrain. In winter with ice on a road bringing a heavy and big toolbox can also cause difficulties.

The rolling tool box allows you to detach boxes when not needed so you can make the box smaller and easier and configure its size exactly for your needs. This unit is actually made up of three different boxes, each of them can be easily removed.

All of the boxes are roomy. There’s enough space to keep saws, drills and work belts, along with more standard and smaller hand tools. This unit also contains several trays to store additional small items.

The main features are: easily detached boxes for easy handling; extensible carrying handle in back; easy glide wheels; sturdy steel construction with reinforced injection molded polymer and a spot on each box for a lock.

4. Goplus 3 In 1 Rolling Stacking Portable Tool Box Chest

Buy Goplus 3 In 1 Rolling Stacking Portable Tool Box ChestBuy Goplus 3 In 1 Rolling Stacking Portable Tool Box Chest

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With the Rolling stacking portable tool box you can keep your tools organised. It’s a perfect helper to contribute to your work efficiency and to spare you a bit of time and work when preparing your tools for a job. The box is made of premium PP, iron and aluminum alloy. The tool box chest was designed and manufactured for a durable use. This trolley case has 3 boxes which can be easily stacked over each other or some of the boxes can be removed if necessary. The tool box chest has a flip cover type storage top compartment; a large pull out drawer and one bottom compartment offer plenty of storage room for your tools and projects. Plus, two large rubber swivel wheels are for easy maneuverability.

The main features are: 3 boxes structure for easy stacking or disassembled; two large rubber wheels for easy maneuverability around the work space; an ergonomic handle.

5. NewAge Products 50241 Bold 3.0 Rolling Tool Cabinet, Red

Buy NewAge Products 50241 Bold 3.0 Rolling Tool Cabinet, Red

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The Ultra Heavy-Duty 4-Drawer Cabinet has many features that will draw your attention. Firstly, the nice looking outer appearance, the container has a classy and elegant look. Secondly, the construction is welded with 24-gauge steel and has a large weight capacity. The cabinet drawers are crafted from high-quality steel and the stainless steel handles.

When it comes to aesthetics, it’s practically a work of art. Although the heavy-duty 4 drawer cabinet looks good, it’s still fully functional and capable of keeping all your tools. These 4 full extension drawers provide access to all your tools and drawer liners prevent tools from shifting. The drawers have 2 walls and can be fully locked for secure keeping of the tools. Side handlers make it easy to move the cabinet through your workshop to the place where it is needed. With many space in drawers and convenient separators your can organise your job-specific tools.

The main features of the cabinet: The rolling tool drawer has a total weight capacity of 600 lbs; full-extension drawers provide easy access to full storage space; built with 24-gauge steel frames and double-walled doors; doors are fully-lockable and have easy-to-grab stainless steel handles.

Reasons to buy a tool box

Selecting a good rolling tool box is important if you want to stay organized. Even if you have a small tool collection, it’s a good idea to invest in one of these. When you work with your tools often this thing will spare you time. Another benefit is you save yourself the headache of losing tools and start getting organized today.

Best tool box with wheels

It doesn’t matter if you make your living working on cars or turn wrenches for a hobby-you take pride in your tools and you can never have enough of them. A storage box is a bad solution since it’s hard to move around and lacks proper compartmentalization. Fortunately there are a wide variety of rolling tool boxes on the market that make it easy to store and transport your tools conveniently.

Best portable rolling tool box

There is another way. Small rolling cabinets and tool chests have come a long way in the last few years. Even the high dollar premium brands are building rolling tool cabinets. The fact is, when you want to stay organized, but also want to always have the tools you need at your fingertips, there isn’t a better way than by using a rolling tool cabinet or cart.

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