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What is ACEA oil classification?

By 2021-04-13July 25th, 2021Glossary

ACEA standard

ACEA is an association of European automobile manufacturers.
The first letters of the ACEA standard indicate the class of vehicles for which the oil brand is intended.

A/B – oils for gasoline and diesel engines (before 2004 A – auto oils for gasoline engines, B – for diesel engines).

C – a class of oils for gasoline and diesel engines that meet Euro-4 environmental standards. Such oils may be used together with catalysts and particulate filters which reduce the level of pollutants in exhaust gases.

E – oils, designed for powerful diesel engines.

The number after the letter characterizes the oil subclass, and the last two digits after the hyphen indicate the time of adoption of the specification.

What ACEA means?

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