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Spot welding cutters

Here we offer you helpful information on some of the best spot weld cutters on the market. Read on for help selecting the most suitable tools for your working styles and metal projects.

Best spot welding cutter

Best choice

Blair 11096 Cutter Set

This kit comes with three (3) 3/8″ cutters, a mandrel with a «skip-proof†pilot and an additional pilot. Blair spotweld cutters guarantee fast cutting of spot welds. The 3/8″ double blades cut holes more efficiently and fit 3/8″ and ½†chucks.

  • 4,9 Rating
  • Extra pilot included. Made of M2 high speed steel
  • Burr-free cutting & fast and precise assembly

Top rated spot welding cutters

Top choice

Zinger Spot Weld Cutter

  • 4,8 Rating
  • Wide range use: iron, cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, die steel, die grinder, fix vehicle, drill holes, auto body renovations
  • High-quality heat resistant steel

Best choice

Blair 11096 Cutter Set

  • 4, 9 Rating
  • Extra pilot included. Made of M2 high speed steel
  • Burr-free cutting & fast and precise assembly


Bewant 13pcs Spot Weld Cutter

  • 4,7 Rating
  • Made of M2 High Speed Steel
  • Double-sided blades allow for twice the efficiency

Spot weld cutter

The Best Spot Weld Cutters

Best rated spot weld cutters





5. Bewant 13pcs Spot Weld Cutter, 3/8″ Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool w/replacement Blade Kit




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This is another quality spot welding cutter that is included in the scope of delivery. As mentioned earlier, it is extremely convenient to have extra bits at hand when a cutter becomes blunt or breaks.

Blair spot weld cutters are the first choice for professional use when removing spot welds. The Blair 11096 is one of the best-selling kits.

This kit comes with three (3) 3/8″ cutters, a mandrel with a «skip-proof” pilot and an additional pilot. Blair spotweld cutters guarantee fast cutting of spot welds.

The 3/8″ double blades cut holes more efficiently and fit 3/8″ and ½” chucks.

The kit is manufactured in the good old USA. The spot welded cutting bits are made of high quality steel, so they stay sharp much longer. These drills are also designed to cut only the outer layer of the sheet, which makes it easy to weld new sheets back onto the underlying layer. The chisel has a so-called “ring-shaped construction” which, in contrast to conventional drills, enables very smooth and burr-free holes. The blades are made of stainless steel, which seems to keep them sharp longer.

The Blair 11096 spot welder always gets good marks from the professionals who use it. This is a high quality spot welding torch set, but given the long life and good workmanship of the bits, it’s worth the money. It should be on the list of the best spot welding cutters.

In addition, the multiple cutting teeth of the cutting tool make it a durable tool. For the reason that you will find too many positive reviews about this spot welder. This is a great product for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and will be a beautiful spot welder for today. Although there is no guarantee, the quality of the product is so high that you do not need a guarantee.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which seems to keep them sharp longer.


  • Extra pilot included
  • Made of M2 high speed steel
  • These ring tools cut clean, burr-free and round holes quickly, unlike twist drills that press or punch saws thattear through materials.
  • Burr-free cutting
  • Fast and precise assembly
  • Durable tool


  • Use lubricant to keep it sharp and don’t go fast and watch your depth
  • Limited Warranty
  • Not very cheap



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The DR4402 Value Pack contains 2 shafts with cutting blades plus 2 spare cutting blades.

You get long-lasting, double-sided 3/8″ high-speed metal cutting blades made of high-quality, heat-resistant steel.

3/8″ is an ideal size for removing spot welds. This is ideal for cutting spot welding panels quickly and distortion-free.

The 1/4″ standard size mandrel with flat spots helps prevent twisting in the chuck (suitable for 1/4″ and larger drills).


  • Premium Quality Heat Resistant Steel Blades Allow for Reliable Cuts Over and Over Again
  • Bundle Pack that Includes 2 Arbors with Cutting Blades PLUS 2 Extra Blades
  • Alleviates the Need to Pry and Break Welds


  • Would be even better is there was more spring preload available on the needle



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This precision spot weld cutter is not supplied as part of a kit, but it is one that you must take into account. It is a double-sided 3/8″ rotary cutter that is also suitable for most ¼” drills.

The Kauthof spot welding cutters are known for precisely drilling out spot welds. They leave a clean hole without the need to remove metal burrs.

The unit comes with a double sided rotary blade so when one side gets dull you do not have to go buy a replacement spot cutter; you simply have to flip the bit around on its arbor assembly. It is spot-weld bit that not only cuts clean but it’s non-invasive too, so it does not distort the pieces of sheet metal that you are drilling through. That is a very important aspect of any spot-weld cutter.

It is a spot weld bit that not only cuts cleanly but is also non-invasive. This means that it does not deform the pieces of sheet metal you are drilling through.

It is a very inexpensive tool and works very well for the small price you pay for it. Hands down, it’s one of the best spot weld cutters for the money.


  • This spot weld cutter drill bit to easily separate spot-welded panels, without distorting the sheet metal
  • This a very good buy to cut spot welds


  • It takes some finnese to stop it from walking
  • Blades didn’t work very long



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This is another standalone spot weld cutter that offers value for time and money. It is a double-sided 3/8†rotary cutter blade that will fit most ¼†drills, too.

When one end loses its sharpness, you just flip the bit around without needing to go out and buy a new spot cutter.

It is very affordable and will last you a long time. However, it is best to use it at low drill speeds and with cutting oil to help prolong its lifespan.


  • Use slow drill speed & cutting oil, will last a long time
  • Very good for the price


  • The teeth break off from use

5. Bewant 13pcs Spot Weld Cutter, 3/8″ Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool w/replacement Blade Kit

Buy Bewant 13pcs Spot Weld Cutter, 3/8″ Rotary Spot Weld Cutter Remover Drill Bits Tool w/replacement Blade Kit

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The Grizzly T10296 is one of the highest rated spot welders on the market today. This is one of the highest rated spot welders you will find. It’s exactly the type you want, because it doesn’t cut all the way through the two sheets welded together. It is efficiently cut through the top of the sheet but not through the underlying part. This makes it a lot easier to attach a new piece of sheet metal to the underlying plate.

What else is there to appreciate about this well-made spot welding cutter? This spot welding cutter is supplied in a very practical set. This spot welding cutter comes in a very useful set. This includes six 3/8″ double head cutters and three spring-loaded centering tips.

The centering tips are convenient to guide the blade into the center of the spot weld to make the cut smooth and precise.

The kit itself is light and compact enough to fit even small toolboxes.

It is moderate in price, but with all the extras in the kit, the Grizzly T10296 will give you excellent value for money.


  • Made of M2 High Speed Steel
  • These ring tools cut clean, burr-free and round holes quickly, unlike twist drills that press or punch saws that
  • break through materials.
  • There is no dead zone, so less thrust is required and no deformation of the material or jagged edges occur


  • None



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The spot welding cutting set includes: 2 pieces x 3/8 inch rotating spot welding drill + 4 spare metal cutting blades.

It fits for the 3/8″ spot welder remover fits most 1/4″ drills, mandrel with flats to avoid twisting in the chuck. Made from the High-quality, heat-resistant steel for high strength and durability separates spot-welded plates quickly and distortion-free. You can use it for working with iron, cast iron, alloyed steel, carbon steel, die steel, die grinding machine, repair vehicle, bores, bodywork renewals, etc.

Guarantee: No reason to return or replace if our spot welding cutters do not match your spot welding drill.


  • Wide range use:iron, cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, die steel,die grinder, fix vehicle,drill holes,auto body renovations,etc.
  • High-quality heat resistant steel


  • Did not last long

Spot Weld Removal Tool

Are you looking for the best spot welder that can give you maximum satisfaction? Have you tried different spot welding guns, but it didn’t work? Are you looking for the reliable spot cutter that works just like the best selling product? If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, you’ve come to the right place. Do you travel often? So you need a good trunk organizer. Read our review about this!

Choosing the best spot welder is difficult because there are… Also. Many. Decisions.

Here is the solution:

We have inspected almost every spot welding cutter and find out the top products for you. Simply go through the product comparison table and find the best product for your needs. We will also give you detailed instructions on how to select the best spot welder and use it correctly. Now select the best one…

Metal makes up a large part of the entire world landscape. It is involved in so many parts of our lives, and if you are a fan of this site, you probably manipulate it regularly as a professional or hobbyist. Read our review The Five Best Cheap Welders und choose the best welder for home.

Top rated spot weld cutter bit

Spot welding is a technique often used to join two metal parts, especially sheet metal. This can be for a temporary weld or a weld on thin material such as auto body parts.

Spot weld cutter advance auto

Here we are talking about a small but basic tool that is handy when you need to remove these spot welds.

If you are a person who likes to work with sheet metal, there are some tools that are an absolute must for you. One of them is a spot welding cutter. This is especially true if you like to work on old cars or other projects that carry a lot of sheet metal medal with spot welds. Here it is.

Hot tips Spot Weld Cutter

There is one thing that is very important when it comes to cutting out spot welds. Be sure to drill a small pilot hole through the center of the spot weld before using the cutting bit. This serves as a guide for the spot welding cutter and you will get a nice straight hole every time.

Most people also find that a spot weld cutter works best when you apply cutting oil to the chisel and cut the hole at a slower speed. This ensures that smooth holes remain burr-free and also extends the life of the cutting tool.

If you are the type of person who does a lot of metalwork, a spot welder can be an invaluable tool that should be added to your inventory. You can never be wrong if you buy one of the above spot weld cutters and put it in your toolbox.

What Is Spot Welding

Spot welding is often used for certain types of sheet metal or wire mesh. It is not such a good method for thicker structural steel structures because the heat flows more freely into the surrounding metal. Spot welding can be seen on sheet metal products such as metal buckets or car panels.

Aluminium alloys can be spot welded, but since aluminium has higher thermal and electrical conductivity, it requires higher welding currents.

For this you need larger, more powerful and more expensive welding transformers. It can be done although it is not recommended. The same applies to copper or copper alloys.

The automotive industry is the most common area in which spot welding is used. It is the most common way to weld the metal sheets to form the outside of the car. Spot welding can even be fully automated. It is one of the applications of robotics on the assembly line.

Spot Weld Cutter Reviews

makes best spot weld cutter

Spot weld cutters for sale

When you need to separate spot-welded panels without destroying the sheet metal, the most efficient way to do that is to drill some holes along the weld using spot weld drill bits or cutters we offer. They cut around spot welds leaving the underlying panel undamaged, so you can reuse it for another application.

Spot welding can even be used in orthodontic clinics, where small spot welders are used to resize metallic “molar bands”. However, we do not recommend that you use a spot welding cutter to adjust your own braces! Another application of spot welding is the production of batteries. The cells in batteries are connected to the battery terminals by spot welding thin nickel strips. Spot welding can prevent the battery from getting too hot, which is a possibility if you use conventional soldering instead.

The advantages of resistance spot welding are manifold. On the one hand, it ensures a faster process time. In addition, a smaller amount of consumables such as soldering materials, solder or welding rod is used.

As it uses less energy and material, it is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. After all, it makes very reliable joints.

Spot weld cutter princess auto

The spot welding cutter you are looking for leaves very little burr when cutting and leaves the holes drilled with it extremely smooth. This will make it much easier to continue your work on the piece of metal you are working on.

Spot welder cutters are usually supplied as a kit. It is best to get your spot weld cutters in sets of three or more. The extra blades or bits mean there is no downtime in your project while you wait for the blade to be sharpened. It is also ideal for obtaining a kit with blades of different sizes.

Some kits are also supplied with centering tips. These centering tips are very useful to guide the chisel into the center of the spot weld and achieve a precise and smooth cut.

What has to be considered before buying spot weld cutters?

It is very difficult to define the best spot welding tool in one word. But with some of the following elements we can get an idea. We justify it with strength, durability, compatibility, stability, cost, length, warranty and others. First of all, you need to consider the customer’s evaluation. If a cutter can meet these requirements, then we can select that by closing our eyes.

1. Brand

There are several popular brands on the market for spot welding cutters. The different brands offer different materials and sizes. Most of the popular brands offer a smooth surface and maximum stability. Therefore, the popular brand has a high price than other brands. Here are some of the most popular brands that are shown below.

  1. Blair
  2. KCC Industries
  3. grizzly
  4. Zinger &
  5. Bewant

Most of the popular brands also sell the cutters as retailers. So, it might be helpful for you if you need a large amount of instruments. You will need to consider the price and reviews of each product. Because you can use the spot weld cutter for an extended period of time at a reasonable price.

2. Materials

The material is an important factor in selecting the best cutting tool. You need to know the advantages of the high quality material of the spot welder. Only Blair spot weld guns offer the M2 Steel, which is very durable and stable. KCC Industries also offers high quality steel metal. If you spend some money to buy the best cutter, you will get a high quality product. So choose your preference by checking the price.

3. Number of cutting blades

There are different types of spot weld cutters on the market and you need to choose the perfect type that can be easy and fast for your work. Normally, each brand provides at least two cutting blades inside the packaging. Some offer a large number of blades at an affordable price. You must try the features before buying. Depending on your ability to work, you will need to select exactly the cutter you are looking for.

4. Price

Which is the perfect spot welder for the money? The price is variable from brand to brand. According to the budget you should check the current price. In our review list we have already shown you all the reliable products for the money. The more money you spend, the more security products you get. Create a budget for your desired tool. You can’t find a reliable workbench plate with a cheap and affordable price.

5. Warranty

The different brands offer a different kind of guarantee. You should think about the warranty function. Otherwise your money will be ruined. We have thought about this factor carefully. Your product will never get old if it has a long warranty. Check the description of your desired product in our article.

what is the best spot weld cutter

What to Look For In a Spot Weld Remover

Now that we have an idea of how resistance spot welding is performed, we know that spot weld interfaces will be very robust and reliable.

However, some projects require the removal or tearing of solder joints.

This is very likely if you are working with auto repair or other projects that involve a lot of sheet metal with spot welds.

Spot welding requires thorough care when removing, especially if you want to save as much as possible of the original metal. There are several ways to remove spot welds, but the difference lies in the tools you need to do the job.

A good spot weld remover will help you cut easily around the spot weld and expose the plate while keeping the underlying plate intact.

In today’s market, double sided spot weld cutters are widely used. These cutters quickly remove spot welds without damaging the underlying panel. With double ends, you can cut twice as many holes as with one-sided spot cutters.


Resistance spot welding is used in tons of projects with sheet metal. It is a particular favorite for working on patch panels on your car or restoring this old classic.

Whether you are in automotive restoration, furniture art or any other spot welding business, you will definitely want a high quality spot welder to be able to cut the section you have replaced without damaging the rest of your part.

Spot weld cutter how to use?

Spot welding (also known as resistance welding) is one of the simplest and at the same time most frequently used technologies for joining metals and polymers. It’s a fast method that allows you to make a permanent connection.But what if you need to disassemble a structure welded with resistance welding? How do you remove the weld spots? Professionals often use a drill to drill out spot welds with their own hands. And often such work has to be done in the car service center. After all, many cars are assembled using the contact method.  Drills for contact welding are different from the usual construction drills. They have a special shape that allows them to be used to drill out contact welding spots. This type of drill can be used on most types of thin sheet metal, from copper to zinc. Polymer products can also be drilled through. As we pointed out above, the spot welding drill has a special, different shape from the usual drill. The spot welding drill has a flat face and a small cone-shaped projection. The protrusion is sharpened at a 90-degree angle and allows the drill bit to be quickly centered relative to the welding spot.

You can use an ordinary household electric drill as a tool. It is better if it is low-powered and with a low number of revolutions. The ideal option – a drill with manual adjustment of the number of revolutions. So you will be able to remove the welding points without consequences, without deforming the part. Regardless of what kind of tool you use (whether it’s a special drill bit or a regular drill bit with a shiv), put it in the drill and crank it a few times. Make sure that the drill is securely fastened and ready to work.

The Best Spot Weld Cutters

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