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2 Stroke Premix Oil

1. Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil
2. Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix Oil
3. Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil
4. Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil
5. Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate
6. VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil


So which is the ideal 2-stroke premix oil to get your dirt bike running smoothly?

In terms of oils, you can choose from a great variety, and each producer maintains that they offer the finest products. Based on experience and after many years of trying out various brands, we are sure that a lot of these producers are actually lying!

Here we will explain to you what oils you have to be careful about and the reasons why. You will find out everything you have to pay attention to get premium quality 2-stroke oil, and we also take a closer look at the choice of leading drivers.

2 Stroke Premix Oil Best Choice

Best choice

Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

Maxima Castor 927 is a highly developed ashless formulation that mixes a proprietary gear base with exotic ester synthetic fibers to deliver the definitive 2T racing motor oil.

    • 4,9 Rating
    • The perfect lube for 2-stroke racing motors
    • The best organic decomposable 2-cycle oil

Top Rated 2 Stroke Premix Oil

Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate-1

1. Klotz
R50 Racing TechniPlate

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Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil-1

2. Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil

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Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil-1

3. Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil

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Best two-stroke premix oil

What is premix?

Premix is an oil lubricant that you add to your fuel for two-stroke engines to preserve your top-of-the-range engine.

Oil injection vs. premix

Both variants of the 2-stroke oil are generally referred to as “premix” in colloquial language, but technically they are different.
Some modern bicycles today use oil injection systems that automatically mix your oil and fuel when they enter the combustion chamber. This is practical because the mixing ratio is progressive and you do not have to choose a specific ratio.
True premixing is more common on early two-stroke models. You have to mix the fuel and oil manually before you fill it into your gas tank. Each motorcycle will recommend a certain ratio of Oil to fuel. Refer to your motorcycle owner’s manual to determine which ratio is required for your motorcycle. A safe standard is 32:1, but some modern motorcycles recommend much less oil.

Two-stroke premix oil

Best Rated 2-Stroke Premix Oil

Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil-1

1. Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil

Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix Oil-1

2. Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix Oil

Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil-1

3. Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil

Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil-1

4. Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate-1

5. Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate

VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil-1

6. VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil

Top-rated 2-stroke premix oil

1. Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil

Review of Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix OilBuy Maxima (20901) Super M 2-Stroke Premix Oil

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Maxima Super M Pre-Mix oil is a low-ash, ester-based synthetic mix having a superior clean-burning formulation that helps reduce corrosion and oxidation of 2-stroke heavy-duty motors. It offers superior wear/anti-scuff performance and practically no carbon build-up. Super M is an eco-friendly formulation that helps keep rings from adhering and maintains pistons and exhaust systems without any carbon deposits. Super M premix oil complies with or surpasses API TC, ISO-E-GD, and JASO-FC as well as all OEM specifications.


      • Ultimate hardware protection for all critical engine parts
      • Surface active esters and anti-wear additives together provide anti-abrasion protection
      • The ultra-pure burning, smoke-free formulation ensures maximum engine cleanliness
      • Surface-active chemicals bind aggressively to motor surfaces and keep them clean and protected
      • The advanced, low-ash additive system prevents ring closure, corrosion, and wear

2. Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix Oilt

Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix OilBuy Klotz Super TechniPlate Synthetic 2-stroke Premix Oil

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Klotz Super TechniPlate is a mixture of 80% TechniPlate Synthetic Lubricant and 20% BeNOL Racing Castor Oil and is based on decades of experience in racing. Specially developed for 2-stroke premix racing engines. Formulated to combine the superior film strength of castor oil with the clean combustion properties of synthetic block lubricants.


      • The formula contains Klotz Rot with traditional racy fragrance
      • Improves throttle response
      • Extreme film strength protects engine parts from metal-to-metal contact
      • Clean Burn for low smoke development and prevents plug contamination
      • High-temperature stability reduces deposits from power valves
      • Mixtures with petrol, methanol alcohol, and nitromethane fuels

3. Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil

Review of Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil

Buy Motul 104034 710 Synthetic Premix Oil

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Motor oil 2 T Motul 710 synthetic is a new development of a well-known French manufacturer, focused on the service of a two-stroke motor transport. The product shows itself excellently in service of cross-country motorcycles, sports bikes, and mopeds, which are operated at high speeds. The oil can be used in a direct injection system or pre-mixed with fuel. When added to petrol, it forms a stable mixture that does not form sludge and deposits. It combines well with both leaded and unleaded fuel.


      • Quick and efficient blending with gasoline
      • Ensuring a smooth start at different temperatures
      • Preventing overheating under extreme loads
      • Ensuring quality lubrication of all engine segments
      • No deposits in the system
      • Catalytic filter compatibility

4. Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

Review of Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

Buy Maxima (23901) Castor 927 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

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Maxima Castor 927 is a highly developed ashless formulation that mixes a proprietary gear base with exotic ester synthetic fibers to deliver the definitive 2T racing motor oil. The bio-degradable formulation is fortified with clean-burning agents to minimize performance engine service valve life, reduce corrosion and oxidation, reduce ring clogging, and decrease carbon deposits. Increased horsepower with enhanced ring packing and greatly lower wear and tear. Only premix.


      • The perfect lube for 2-stroke racing motors
      • The best organic decomposable 2-cycle oil
      • New additive helps maintain performance valves and rings finer

5. Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate

Review of Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate

Buy Klotz R50 Racing TechniPlate

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A synthetic lube formulated specifically for application in Hi-RPM racing motors. TechniPlate RTM The racing lube system is designed to provide engine lubrication that prevents motors from overheating and effectively reduces motor wearing. The R50 film resistance is similar to castor oil with the advantages of clean-burn performance.


      • The TechniPlate lubrication formula provides excellent oil film strength and engine overload protection
      • Exceptional ability to withstand loads and minimize wear on bearings and piston rings;
      • Clean Burn technology reduces carbon soot (sludge) formation.
      • Contains the well-known KlotzTM Red-Smells component for easy mixing;
      • Antioxidant protection against corrosion

6. VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil

Review of VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil

Buy VP Racing Fuels X2 1050 Full-Synthetic 2T Premix Oil

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VP X2 1050 Fully synthetic 2T premix oil is produced by the use of the finest ester-based synthetic materials. These sophisticated base oils are mixed with proprietary, advanced ingredients to produce a blend that provides outstanding results in the harshest racing conditions. X2 1050 is an ultra clean-burning oil that greatly minimizes friction and maintains the performance of your motor at maximum efficiency. It is designed to be used in the powerful motors of modern 2-stroke sport utility vehicles. Low emission for better throttle response, better smoke, and reduced ash for cleaner burning. Stops carbon build-up and assists in removing excess debris.


      • Reduces friction for optimum performance
      • Helps to reduce engine temperatures
      • API TC and JASO FD

Various kinds of premixes:

      • Petroleum-based

Usually, you might prefer to avoid 100% petroleum-based premixes. Therefore, petroleum-based premixes should be produced from exactly the exact ingredients of the fuel to which you add them. This means that the premix slowly starts to be part of your fuel and shows only minimum lubricating characteristics. It is not advisable to use a 100% petroleum-based blend in your motorcycle at all times.

      • Castor based

Castor oil is something that all classic vehicles love, an oil that has been the finest in their lineage for the durability of your motorbike. The original two-stroke cars were basic, and the discharge opening had a fixed dimension without any moving pieces, so the castor oil was able to provide lubrication with no harm from deposits. But most advanced two-stroke motors have been equipped with high flow valves that allow the outlet channel to expand and retract smoothly depending on motor revs. This is where castor oil starts to gum up your performance valves and affect engine performance. We do not suggest applying a complete castor oil premix in your advanced two-stroke motor, however, if you prefer to stick with the traditional method and get maximum lubrication, a lot of people continue to use Klotz Benol 2-stroke castor oil as it was engineered to show fewer deposits than conventional castor oils.

      • Synthetic

Fully synthetic premix is our absolute preference, although it does carry a degree of uncertainty if you don’t have much previous knowledge of bike engines and proportions. Synthetic premixes provide the most effective lubrication if used in the right proportions. Neither will they gum up your power valves, because the oil burns clean and will not leave a film or deposit, as castor oil does. Since they do not produce the lubricating film and deposits that castor oil does, there is a danger to your motor if you let the motor run overheated or your jets are undersized. We recommend a fully synthetic premix once you are skilled and maintain maximum jetting performance. Your motor will operate cleanly and give the highest power.

      • Castor oil/synthetic mixture

Castor oil/synthetic compounds are now the number one option available to riders. That’s why we suggest it to anybody at all who is fresh to two-strokes. This formulation brings the two worlds together by offering clean-burning and full synthetic lubricity that leaves your power valves free of gum and also provides some Castor resistance if your motor runs too hot or lean. Since Castor is mixed in, there is still a little debris remaining on the power valves, although this is very small and offers a great guarantee that you won’t harm your motor. Be aware that this premix is likely to split from your fuel at low temperatures. Therefore, check that it is perfectly blended first before turning on your motor on a chilly weather condition.

The best 2-Stroke Premix Oil

How to choose 2 stroke premix oil

Buyer’s guide: How to choose a good quality two-stroke engine oil

In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss all the important factors you need to consider when buying a two-stroke engine. These include factors to consider and also some frequently asked questions.

Factors to consider when buying a 2-stroke engine oil

1. Type of oil

Basically, engine oils are available in three different types, and each of these types has its own purposes and uses.
Natural mineral oil: As the name suggests, mineral oil mostly comes from natural sources and is an extract of processed crude oil. Mineral oil is also called castor oil, as it is usually extracted from castor oil. These types of oil are very cheap and easy to find. However, as cheap as they are, they may not be very efficient for well-oiled machines. The best thing to do is to use these oils on an old bicycle or something. In fact, mineral oil is excellent for oiling your garden or other household appliances.
Semi-synthetic oil: Semi-synthetic oil is midway between synthetic oil and mineral oil. It is a blend of premium mineral oils with synthetic polymer oils. These oil kinds have improved lubrication characteristics due to the different ingredients they contain. Although they are a more cost-effective option to full synthetic oils, they provide superior power than mineral oils and maintain your engine cleaner and smoother lubricated. Most often they are applied in two-stroke motors of the bottom and sometimes upper-performance range.
Synthetic oil: Synthetic oil is among the finest kinds of oil and is manufactured from mineral oil with a lot of synthetic ingredients. In this case, the mineral oil is taken as the main oil, and afterward, additives like stabilizers, surfactants, and other octane boosters are mixed with high-quality mineral oils. Such oils combust better than any motor oil and generate considerably less and virtually smokeless exhaust emissions. In addition to purification, they tend to have greater purity levels and will provide your bike, or any 2-stroke motor, with the ability to rev your engine. But the one issue is that you need to consider the price of quality.

2. Smoke emission

It is unavoidable and evident that a degree of smoke is generated when burning the oil. However, increased smoke can eventually harm not just your car or motor, it can also harm the world around you.
Advanced oil producers include specific agents that reduce the overall quantity of emissions to a minimum. Low-cost oils (usually mineral ones) have a tendency to release a high amount of smoke, whilst synthetic oils (in the premium price direction) have a tendency to produce an extremely low level of smoke (when present). According to the equipment your motor is designed to run on, select with care.

3. Smell

Fuel blends with oil to create an odor that is perhaps not disturbing, but it does indicate the quality of the 2-stroke motor oil. No smoke formulation not only ensures proper burning, but it also prevents you from getting a nasty smell. To be able to smell nicer (or avoid smelling at all), we recommend choosing oils that include surfactants as additives. In addition to minimizing smoke, they also contribute to lowering the total odor of the emissions.

4. Long-term

For the majority of us, it is fine to purchase a 2-stroke oil in a small amount. In those circumstances, there is no reason to be concerned about the durability or lifespan of the product. However, if you are somebody who has to purchase it in big volumes or store it on a shelf, you have to take careful note of the build-up of the oil.
The blend that is used in the composition of the oil is crucial to determine if the oil is durable or not. For extended storage, 2-stroke motors are delivered with oxidant supplements that are mixed into the blend. The oxidizing additives avoid decomposition of the oil and enhance the total durability of the product.

5. Cleaning characteristics

2-stroke motor oils are used not just to enhance the burning of your motors, they also serve to maintain the lubrication and, most importantly, the engine’s internal purification.
The oil you select must possess considerably improved purification characteristics. 2-stroke engine oils with outstanding lubrication and purification characteristics also contribute to improving the durability and power of your motor over the long term.


When you are searching for oils, knowing the various types that are available is essential. There are various oils for differing uses, and using the incorrect oil in the incorrect place can result in physical breakdowns and badly performing bikes.
Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful hints on the various facets of dirt bike oils and will assist you in selecting the correct oil for your bike. Keep in mind to follow what really functions. Purchasing oil cheaply is very rarely a wise choice. Use high-performance liquids in your off-road bike to ensure long life and outstanding operation.
You should also consider reading your handbook to know exactly what is advised by the producer. They made the bike, therefore they can tell you exactly which one is appropriate for the bike. If you purchase any of the oils on this list, you can’t go wrong.

Best 2 stroke premix oil – Video

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