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Side Step Nerf Bars are structures made of steel pipes, which can be equipped with metal plates, attached, as a rule, to the frame of the car, designed to protect the body in the door area from mechanical damage, as well as from dirt from under the front wheels.

In addition: The accessory will emphasize the lower contours of your car, giving it solidity, dynamism, and overall more complete appearance

The design of the fasteners and the material of the products allow you to stand on them, which makes it easier to get in and out of the car.

In parking lots, the paint coating of the car equipped with nerf bars is more protected from accidental contact with another vehicle.

SUVs of off-road enthusiasts also need this accessory – even a few people can comfortably stand on it to weigh the trailing side to pull out the SUV stuck in mud or snow.

Nerf Bar Hoop Steps are complete with everything you need to install on your car. Fasteners, as well as the material, determine the capacity of the products, their ability to act as a force dodger. Mounting elements of nerf bars from different manufacturers differ significantly. The brackets of the first accessory guarantee its reliable attachment, and the last picture shows a product that, due to the peculiarities of the fasteners, can perform mainly decorative functions and provide a comfortable fit.

Dodge Ram Nerf Bars – Best Choice

Best choice

APS iBoard Running Boards

Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, the iBoard is
super light and super strong. The iBoard starts as a solid block of aluminum and is then machined, milled, de-burred, and surface treated to culminate in a finished product. These aluminum end caps are robotic arm welded, which means zero plastic parts. 

5,0 Rating
Corrosion resistance
UV resistance
Anti-slip protection
Compatible with Ram 1500 2009-2018 Crew Cab & Ram 2500 3500 2010-2021
Easy to install Rocker Panel Mount

Best Side Steps for Dodge Ram


Table of contents:

  1. Tyger Auto 4inch Black Side Step Nerf Bars
  2. MaxMate 4 inch Oval Stainless Steel Side Step Rails Nerf Bars
  3. TAC Side Steps Running Boards
  4. Tyger Auto Textured Black Side Step
  5. Rough Country Nerf Bar Hoop Steps

How To Choose Nerf Bars for Dodge Ram

side steps for dodge ram

Best 5 Nerf Step Bars for Dodge Ram


Tyger Auto 4inch Black Side Step Nerf Bars

Tyger Auto 4inch Black Side Step Nerf Bars

  • Carbon Steel
  • Easy Bolt-On installation

4,9 Rating

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MaxMate 4 inch Oval Stainless Steel Side Step Rails Nerf Bars

MaxMate Compatible with 2009-2018 Ram

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy Bolt-On installation

4,9 Rating

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TAC Side Steps Running Boards

TAC Side Steps Running Boards

  • UV-Resistant and anti-slip
  • E-coating & A+ grade heavy texture black powder coated finish

4,8 Rating

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Tyger Auto Textured Black Side Step

Tyger Auto Textured Black Side Step

  • Minor drilling required for 1/4” holes through the pinch weld for support brackets
  • Dual stage powder coated textured black finish

4,5 Rating

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Rough Country Nerf Bar Hoop Steps

Rough Country Nerf Bar Hoop Steps

  • Zinc base coat and black finish
  • Material Steel

4,5 Rating

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We have tested the nerf bars for Dodge Ramo and selected the best products for you

Why side steps are installed

Nerf bars (side sills or arches, platforms, steps, power sills, car platform, etc.) – all these names refer to the same accessory for tuning trucks, vans, and SUVs. This is a power (protective) dodger. Already from the name itself, it becomes clear why it is needed.

What are its main functions?

  • Protecting a car body from damages

If running boards (nerf bars) are installed on a car, just on them accumulates road dirt in snow and slushy weather. And pebbles and other road particles fly away from them, not from body paint. If you run into the side of your truck of another vehicle, or if you hit a deep hole or rut, only the side steps will be damaged, and the body metal will not suffer (if the impact is not too strong).

But if your car is not equipped with side steps, collisions with other vehicles and road obstacles (big stones, stumps, etc.) often immediately bend standard sill and central door pillar. As a result, the door usually jams and the motorist will have to wait for an expensive repair. Wouldn’t it be better to think about it beforehand and buy inexpensive side steps to save on repairs in the future?

  • Driver and passenger comfort

For pickups (SUVs, trucks), Side Steps Running Boards are vital when the passengers of the car are elderly people or small children – it will be much easier for them to get into the cabin in the presence of a special step. In addition, lateral car sills allow you to keep your clothes clean when getting into the car in slushy conditions. Also under the nerf bars, you can install a jack or just stand on them in order to, for example, fix the load on the rails or wipe the roof of dirt.

  • Make the car more aggressive and individual

Agree, a pickup or SUV, equipped with such a protective dodger, looks much more solid, spectacular, and aggressive. And for the real motorist, it is as important as the above-mentioned functions of the accessory.

Nerf bars: types and features

  • Nerf bars with a bend – the basis, in this case, is a tube made of stainless steel, which at a distance of 8-12 cm from the edges have bends at an angle of 20 degrees (in some cases 90 degrees). Additionally, can be equipped with anti-slip overlays, treads.
  • Another type of straight pipe steps with treads is straight steel pipes, which are attached treads – rubberized or plastic pads, providing a comfortable landing in the car in inclement weather (do not slip). Sometimes they are made of aluminum profile.
  • The step rails nerf bars are made of steel, and more often of aluminum. It has several anti-slip pads made of plastic. It can be perforated.

The installation of the thresholds is quite easy if you buy not a universal model, but a set for a particular brand of car. The delivery set includes all the necessary brackets and fasteners, so there is no need to drill the body – the footrests are installed in the regular body holes provided by the car manufacturer.

Correctly installed side sills can easily withstand a load of 150 kg.

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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