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When buying a new motorcycle battery, choosing the best one for your vehicle is important. Unfortunately, there are many different types and sizes of motorcycle batteries on the market. So, how do you know which one is right for you? In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best motorcycle battery for your needs.

We’ll cover everything from battery size to critical terms like “cold-cranking amps” and “CCA.” Hence, both beginners and seasoned riders alike will enjoy our tips!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Battery

Manufacturer, chemical makeup, voltage, and cold-cranking amps should be considered when choosing a motorcycle battery. You should know these factors and how they relate to your needs to find the best motorbike battery for you.

  1. Manufacturer: Which brands do you trust the most? Consider manufacturers with some of the industry’s highest quality batteries in various chemistries. Looking for an alternative option? Check out our Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews with recommendations for batteries from reputable manufacturers!
  2. Chemical makeup: Motorcycle batteries have two types based on chemistry: flooded (wet) and sealed batteries. Each type has its unique properties that will affect performance and maintenance.
  3. Voltage: Motorcycle batteries produce 12 volts of power. But some vehicles may need batteries with a higher voltage output for the engine to run well. Extra cold-cranking amps may help if you have difficulty starting your motorbike in cold weather.
  4. Cold Cranking Amps: This is a basic spec for any rider who lives in colder climates! CCA means how well your battery can turn over even at lower temperatures. So, it’s essential if you ride during the winter months or other parts of the year where it gets chilly outside!

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The Top 3  Best Motorcycle Batteries of 2022

  1. Yuasa YTX9-BS Maintenance-Free Battery: Yuasa YTX9-BS is a popular motorcycle battery with good reviews from satisfied customers. It’s built from high-quality materials and comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. This model is also completely sealed. So, no need for regular maintenance or watering after it has been installed in your vehicle.
  2. Odyssey PC545 Powersports L-16 Battery: The Odyssey PC545 is a versatile option that will work great in most bicycles, motorcycles, and other vehicles you can think of! We love this model because it has a higher CCA than most other batteries on the market. It also boasts a large reserve capacity. PC545 also has built-in mounting brackets, so you won’t have to worry about setting it up.
  3. Exide Edge FP-AGM24F AGM Motorcycle Battery: Exide Edge FP-AGM24F is one of the highest-performing motorcycle batteries in the market. It has a 99-minute reserve capacity. So, it can hold enough power for several hours, even at freezing temperatures. We love this battery because it performs well in colder weather. It’s also spillproof and leakproof, so you won’t have to do regular maintenance or cleanup!

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FAQs About Motorcycle Batteries

What is a motorcycle battery?

A motorcycle battery is a power source that you can use to start up and power up your motorbike. In most cases, your bike will come with a standard 12-volt lead-acid power source from the factory. But if you’re experiencing issues, you may need to buy a new one! Consider purchasing an “extra cold” model with a higher CCA if you ride in colder climates or prefer starting up your bike during the winter months. This spec correlates with how well a battery can turn over when low on juice.

Do I need to maintain my motorcycle battery?

The best car batteries are “maintenance-free.” This means that they don’t need regular maintenance like watering throughout the year. Meanwhile, a non-maintenance-free battery needs constant checking and maintenance to prevent leaking. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you should water this type.

How long will my motorcycle battery last?

A 12-volt lead-acid motorcycle battery will usually last for two years. But this estimate varies depending on your riding habits and where you live! For example, those who ride often or live in icy climates may need to replace their unit sooner than those who ride less or live in warmer conditions. Check with your local dealership for instructions on when exactly you may need to replace your model.

Wrapping Up

Motorcycle batteries come in four sizes: small, large, extra-large, and universal. Smaller units are usually reserved for smaller bikes with lower output engines. Meanwhile, rider prefers larger ones with high-performance models. There’s no rule regarding battery sizes. Find out which type of battery your vehicle needs before purchasing one! Some motorcycle models require a different style compared to others.

Not all power sources are built the same. You must get one that suits all your needs! So, do your research first before shopping for a unit. Different people have varied needs and wants. Some people prefer “maintenance-free” or sealed options, while others may buy an extra attachment. It’s all up to your own needs and preference.

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