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Motorcycle riding is stimulating and exhilarating, but this fun can turn into a fair deal of risk. Riders are at high risk due to cars, trucks, and other hazardous roads. For that, it is advised to wear different safety gear to protect from unpleasant accidents.

The foot plays an important role when riding a motorcycle. Like other elements of our body, your feet need to be protected properly. In that case, wearing boots would be a great way to protect your feet and ankles while riding a bike. But the fact is that just wearing regular boots will not ensure maximum protection.

You will need the right pair of motorcycle boots to secure your feet and ankles while riding. As the market is flooded with different types of boots, we will tell you what you should consider before buying a motorcycle boot.

What Are Motorcycle Boots?



Motorcycle boots have been invented to be worn while riding a motorcycle. These boots are usually extended just up to the ankles and below the knees. Unlike regular boots, motorcycle boots are designed with particular functions to secure riders’ feet while riding. Safety and comfortable quality typically vary depending on the manufacturer and price. Most motorcycle boots have soles that are both bonded and sewn.

This feature helps to protect the feet better when the rider’s foot is dragged to the ground. Although motorcycle boot soles are usually thicker, it reduces the perceived vibrations in the rider’s feet. Lower-quality motorcycle boots offer soles that are secured only with glue. As a result, the soles likely come out easily in any crash. So wearing quality boots will ensure the maximum protection of your ankle and feet.

If we talk about the price range of motorcycle boots, they vary entirely in brands, styles, and many more things. You will find some motorcycle boots under 100 dollars that are waterproof and ensure the highest safety while riding. Regardless of price, most aspects of these boots are comfortable. Wearing this boot, you will not feel too tight or loose, which could directly impact your riding.

Why Should You Wear Motorcycle Boots While Riding?

Wearing motorcycle boots will help the rider feel comfortable while riding. Apart from being comfortable, there are several advantages these boots offer. Some significant benefits of wearing motorcycle boots are demonstrated below to help you understand why you should wear this boot.

Impact and Open Wound Protection

Your legs may be unprotected while riding a motorcycle. You may get injured by rolling or falling vehicles (including your own) onto your feet. Wearing motorcycle boots will help you to protect yourself against such incidents. These boots also help reduce the risk of injury in accidents.

Full Ankle and Foot Support

When you need to stop at a point, you have to balance your own weight as well as your motorcycle. You will need sufficient ankle support to do this at this stage safely. Besides, your feet may get extreme twisting or contouring in the case of an accident. To keep your ankle and feet intact in this situation, wearing a good pair of boots will be the best choice.

Good Traction

Sometimes you may find yourself losing control of your motorcycle. In that case, you will tend to stick your feet on the surface to balance yourself. You have to wear boots that will offer adequate traction to grip the road to do this easily. This is very crucial to have control during wet or rain situations.

Look Awesome

Style is a crucial aspect of a motorcycle rider’s get-up. Motorcycle boots come in diverse designs, colors, and styles. You can choose your desired color and stylish boots that will match your riding style.

Different Types of Motorcycle Boots



You will find four basic types of motorcycle boots that are designed for specific riding. Below we have demonstrated which boots are better for which riding styles.

Touring and Cruiser Boots

These types of boots are classic motorcycle boots and are made to protect the rider’s feet. Besides, touring and cruiser boots offer the height needed to protect the rider’s ankles as well. Most of this boot contains side zippers without any laces.

Dual Sport and Adventure Boots

This motorcycle boot is designed for both cruising and racing. Dual Sport and Adventure Boots come in different heights and styles, focusing on good looks and comfort. This type of boot is equipped with protective shells and skid-resistant soles.

Regular Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are specially designed for varied smooth roads and terrain. This boot opens lengthwise and reaches up to the knees for complete protection. During rough rides, these boots provide maximum comfort.

Racetrack Boots

Racetrack boots are protective and tall, reaching up to the knees and sometimes even beyond. These types of boots are usually striped with plastic or metal plates to shield the rider’s feet in case of any accidents. Typically, motorcycle boots are made for concrete and asphalt rather than off-road.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Boot 



There are different factors you have to consider before buying a motorcycle boot. This is because not all shoes are suitable for everyone.


For ensuring maximum protection, your boots should come with at least up over the ankle. Although high-top boots may be less comfortable or stiffer, they will protect your ankle. During an accident, your feet can be trapped, which may cause your feet to break, sprain, and injure an ankle. In that case, you can wear the proper height motorcycle boots to prevent such injuries.


Regular shoes are made of soft leather or canvas that are not stable enough to hit the asphalt. That’s why motorcycle boots are made of thick leather ensuring high abrasion resistance. However, some boots are designed with textile materials. These types of boots provide both abrasion resistance and breathability. As leather boots can be expensive for someone, choosing nylon or PU leather boots will be a good option.


How the boots open and close completely depends on the rider’s preference. Laces motorcycle boots are trendy because removing this boot is very easy. The downside of this boot is it may come undone while riding, or the laces may snag on the part of the bike. Some motorcycle boots come with a buckle to strap the laces down, which is a good safety feature.


When buying motorcycle boots, you need to consider how they are constructed. High-quality boots are combined with double or triple stitching to remain together even in a horrific accident. How the sole is connected with the boot is also a massive factor. Sole that is glued on the boot will not be long-lasting. On the other hand, soles sewn with the boot will protect your feet and last longer.


Soles are crucial for motorcycle boots that provide riders with the proper grip. Although a softer sole offers a better grip on the footpeg, it may be damaged a lot faster. On the other hand, a stiffer sole offers better durability but doesn’t provide enough grip. However, make sure your boot’s sole is oil-resistant so that you can ride on the streets smoothly.


Your chosen boots should be comfortable to wear while riding a motorcycle. However, low-budget motorcycle boots do not offer much comfort as high-priced boots. While selecting motorcycle boots, you must ensure they offer proper balance, protection, and cushion to provide much comfort.


Your feet will be largely exposed while riding a motorcycle. As a result, rain or shine can negatively impact your feet. In that case, wearing waterproof boots will protect your feet from getting wet and warm. So, you should ensure your chosen motorcycle boots are waterproof before purchasing.


Wearing boots during motorcycle riding is a good practice to ensure your feet and ankles are protected. But not all shoes will provide the maximum safety of your feet while riding. In that case, you have to choose a pair of motorcycle boots that contains all the safety features.

For your help, in this context, we have outlined all essential factors that you should consider before buying motorcycle boots. Typically, while choosing boots, you have to check out the boot’s height, materials, closures, construction, waterproof, comfort, and many more things. Consider the factors discussed above for purchasing the best motorcycle boots.

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

David Muench (Carnes Mechanical)

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